10 Things Shawn Mendes Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Published: 27 March 2018
  • Shawn Mendes shows off the ten things he absolutely cannot live without. Hair paste, a guitar, a Louis Vuitton wallet, and more make appearances in the singer's must-carries.

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    10 Things Shawn Mendes Can't Live Without | GQ
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  • mvgical
    mvgical  1 days back

    they forgot camilla cabello....

    • Pratik Brahma
      Pratik Brahma  1 days back

      And then there's Lewis Capaldi, carrying a shirtless pic of Shawn.

      • Tamie Aguilera
        Tamie Aguilera  2 days back

        I love you Shawn you are so inspirational. So much amazing content

        • lokesh rao
          lokesh rao  2 days back

          shawn mendes eye colour seems like it is light green...................................................so you remember camila
          in south of the border;he got the mmm green eyes

          • Samya Bakr
            Samya Bakr  3 days back

            The intro my heart💓💓

            • Кристина Ch
              Кристина Ch  3 days back

              I agree with Shauwn because these are really necessary things. For example, the "10 things I can't live without" are perfume, my phone because I like listening to music on it, my planner because I really need to plan my day and make notes, my BB cream that saves my skin every day, without my favorite rings because they bring me good luck. Also, I need to take vitamins. Moreover, for me is an important thing lenses and without them I can not, because I have poor eyesight. I also can not live without sneakers, because they are very comfortable. Ican not without documents, without a wallet, because they are always with me.

              • Ekaterina Korshunova
                Ekaterina Korshunova  3 days back

                I agree with Shawn Mendes because these things are important for our life. I also have 10 things that I cannot live without:
                1) my perfumes, since I feel insecure;
                2) listening to songs because I'm starting to drown in silence.
                3) hair balm, otherwise my hair becomes dry and looks like a washcloth;
                4) without glasses, because I have poor eyesight, and since I live in a city that is not familiar to me, I need to constantly read the inscriptions on the buildings;
                5) without sweets, because I adore sweets;
                6) I can’t live without a phone, since it contains most of the necessary information.
                7) without YouTube, because there are so many interesting and entertaining videos.
                8) without films, I like watching the movies
                9) without manicure, because without them my nails look awful.
                10) without learning, because I like learning somthing new.

                • Диана Засыпкина

                  I like the video.And I also agree in some points like I have my favorite journal but not one I actually have a collection of cute notebooks and go course I like to write my thoughts there or some plans. another thing is sunglasses I had my favorite sunglasses and I was always wearing them but they broke so Im looking for new one.I don't like wallets because usually I just don't have a room for them in my bag cause all wallets which I have are pretty big.What I want to add is that I have favorite jeans but I have only one pair but its really comfortable to wear them.I have a collection of books and I think I can't live without it and I always buy new books to make my collection bigger.About things I can't live without there are some simple cute things for example pretty pen or something not important but I love it very much. As well I have a boots which Ive been wearing for a quite long time. my laptop phone and headphones are those things without which I cannot stay for a long time because I like listen music use some apps and of course watch some videos or movie.next thing is my backpack it is big beautiful and very comfortable. I have a ring and its very special for me because it was my mother's.

                  • Дарья Шаталова

                    I agree with Shawn because shoes and things are necessary so that there is something to walk on. I also agree that you need a magazine, you can make important notes in it so as not to forget anything. It’s much more convenient to store money in a wallet, therefore it is needed and I agree with it. But I think that the clock is not so important because you can watch the time on the phone.First, I need a phone so that I can connect with people. Secondly, I need a computer, because on it I can watch movies, look for information and do homework. Thirdly, I need a wallet because I don’t like to store money and cards in my bag or briefcases. I love when they are in one place. Fourth, my teddy bear, with whom I sleep because he is cute. Fifth, clothes, because without it I won’t have anything to wear. Sixth, I need money to spend on my needs. Seventh, I need a house or apartment where I could live. Eighth, I need a car to make it easier to move around. In the nineties, I need books because I don’t like reading electronic books. In tenths, I need medication so that in case of illness I can be cured.

                    • Darya Smakova
                      Darya Smakova  3 days back

                      10 things that I can't live without:
                      1. My phone- because I just need to be in touch with the world.
                      2. My earphones- because it is very important for me be able to listen to music anywhere and at any time.
                      3. I agree with Shawn about ring, I have such ring too, it's have an important value to me.
                      4. I can't life without the admission in the University and social card, because without these things I can't get to University.
                      5. My stationary and note book. This is another thing that I agree with Shawn. I like spend my evenings writing something.
                      6. My glasses, because of that I can't see anything.
                      7. My bag. I like to bring it with me everywhere, it makes me feel more confident.
                      8. Music. It is connecting with earphones actually. Because I can't live without music.
                      9. My favourite book, paper book or audio book. Because I think it is important to develop yourself.
                      10. Finally, I can't live without meditations, I think it makes my mind and soul stronger. It is also important.
                      Thank you for your attention!

                      • Eugenie Ignatenkova
                        Eugenie Ignatenkova  3 days back

                        Honestly, he is so cringe i just cant say anything
                        if i was making such list it would be probably nothing but my beloved wife and pills cause this is only thing that make me feel fine
                        (sorry i can't really do anything better than this)

                        • KirillMart
                          KirillMart  3 days back

                          I agree with Shawn about clothing because it will be strange to go for a walk without boots for example. And also about wallet because it is suitable.
                          1. I can't live without football, because i like it very much
                          2. I can't live without funny situations happening with me because my life will be boring as I think
                          3. I can't live without communicating. I am close person but sometimes I like to communicate with my friends.
                          4. I can't live without computer (and it is not only about games) also sometimes I need to do some presentations or texts on it.
                          5. I can't live without food because I will die.
                          6. I can't live without backpack because I need something to bring my notebooks and food
                          7. I can't live without jokes because it is my favourite way of communication
                          8. I can't live without friends because they can understand my jokes. Or we can help each other in difficulties.
                          9. I can't live without razer because stupid goatee beard on my face growing with increadible speed.
                          10. I can't live without my clothe because i need to wear something to go for a walk or to university.

                          • Диана Свинцова

                            I agree that he cannot live without wallet and vitamins. In my opinion, he wears a lot of unnecessary things. As for me, I can’t live without such things as: a phone (I need to get in touch with relatives), a wallet (no money nowadays because I need to pay for travel and much more), pills (I have low immunity), headphones ( when I travel in transport I like to listen to music or watch some movie), perfume (for me the smell of a person plays a big role and I also remember about myself), a notebook (it contains all my homework and day plans), cosmetics (I like and many girls prefer to do makeup, I also dance and training should be easy makeup), juice (when I do not get enough sleep, juice helps me a lot), food (I leave early for study and arrive late and I need a light snack), portable charging for the phone (this is also related to my studies. Midday I need to charge the phone)

                            • Alen N’Rich
                              Alen N’Rich  3 days back

                              I’m a fan of Shawn Mendes, but also I’m a singer too. So I totally agree with the things that he always picks with him. For example, I would like to take my guitar, my planner,my songwriter (with all my songs and poems),also I would like to take my lucky necklace with sun, my favorite hoodie, my phone and headphones( because sometimes different melodies start to play in my head,so I always have to remember it and have a record). In addition I always keep my documents and wallet with me. I don’t have any healthy stuff like Shawn because I use it only when I need it.
                              It was very interesting to hear about important things of different people!I really liked this)

                              • Jacob Besser
                                Jacob Besser  4 days back

                                Can’t live without hair gel.

                                • Chellani Gaming
                                  Chellani Gaming  4 days back

                                  Who all went back and saw his credit card numbers

                                  • BSSV ES
                                    BSSV ES  5 days back

                                    I think i'm the only person in the world who dosen't like Shawn Mendes like at all!
                                    Sry got to say it.

                                    • Adam One
                                      Adam One  5 days back

                                      Now youre gnna have to blurr out the credit card information
                                      -i got u
                                      Doesn’t blurr out anything😆

                                      • Mendes Gacha
                                        Mendes Gacha  5 days back

                                        1 thing i can’t livs without!
                                        Shawn Mendes

                                        • That boi Brian
                                          That boi Brian  6 days back

                                          I bought you that book

                                          • Quang Huy Nguyễn Thạc

                                            C'mon, I'm dying to see the person who gave Shawn the journal to comment in this vid.

                                            • OatmealBoi
                                              OatmealBoi  6 days back

                                              40 guitars PFFT I have 87 mental diseases.

                                              • ThatMule
                                                ThatMule  7 days back

                                                March 26 my b day

                                                • jeffy tdm
                                                  jeffy tdm  1 weeks back

                                                  You had the black Jeans in nothing holding me abck

                                                  • wolfperloss
                                                    wolfperloss  1 weeks back

                                                    you need to add Camila

                                                    • James Games
                                                      James Games  1 weeks back

                                                      I can’t live without my insulin

                                                      • Chloe Field
                                                        Chloe Field  1 weeks back

                                                        This is really Weird and funny at the same time

                                                        • Naila Farhan
                                                          Naila Farhan  1 weeks back

                                                          Shawn Mendes making me feel poor In 10,000 different languages 😂😂😂

                                                          • Joy Chadwick
                                                            Joy Chadwick  2 weeks back

                                                            Your welcome

                                                            • Mario Mooz14
                                                              Mario Mooz14  2 weeks back

                                                              He wears the same boots all year long, I can’t even wear 1 pair of shoes for a month, I get bored of my shoes quick

                                                              • Bossman28 2001
                                                                Bossman28 2001  2 weeks back

                                                                Who else thought Camila would be on the list?

                                                                • Marvin Lopez Rosas
                                                                  Marvin Lopez Rosas  2 weeks back

                                                                  Rex Orange County

                                                                  • Kevin Higgins
                                                                    Kevin Higgins  2 weeks back

                                                                    #1: Camila Cabello

                                                                    • Ale
                                                                      Ale  2 weeks back

                                                                      40 guitars for 3 chords

                                                                      • Tabish Rahman
                                                                        Tabish Rahman  2 weeks back

                                                                        f**ing 10000 pairs of jeans

                                                                        • Suamae Singhsnaeh
                                                                          Suamae Singhsnaeh  2 weeks back

                                                                          Shawn:I have 30 or 45 guitars..

                                                                          Me:hey mom can I have a ukulele?

                                                                          • DaniGirl Challita
                                                                            DaniGirl Challita  2 weeks back

                                                                            I need to get into that journal!

                                                                            • Mr Emojie
                                                                              Mr Emojie  3 weeks back

                                                                              This is what Shawn Mendes Could not live without......

                                                                              Being Handsome

                                                                              • Allison Kwan
                                                                                Allison Kwan  3 weeks back

                                                                                10 things I can’t live without

                                                                                Shawn Mendes

                                                                                • Jonas
                                                                                  Jonas  3 weeks back

                                                                                  what a boring person

                                                                                  • nisyaso
                                                                                    nisyaso  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Hi Shawn mendes l love you so much 💋💋💋💋💋💋

                                                                                    • weebest
                                                                                      weebest  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Shawn Mendes can't live without:
                                                                                      1. A brain
                                                                                      2. a heart
                                                                                      3. a head
                                                                                      4. a body
                                                                                      5. a soul
                                                                                      6. a spine
                                                                                      7. a rib cage
                                                                                      8. a face
                                                                                      9. hands / arms
                                                                                      10. legs

                                                                                      • Sandhya Dubey
                                                                                        Sandhya Dubey  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Guy = Shawn what is your most important thing .
                                                                                        Shawn = my senorita

                                                                                        • Carole A
                                                                                          Carole A  3 weeks back

                                                                                          6:00 *everytime you see a guitar case at the airport, check the tag, might have all of his info on it* 😂

                                                                                          • Tanupriya Biswas
                                                                                            Tanupriya Biswas  3 weeks back

                                                                                            0:00-0:05 what's that song????

                                                                                            • Maria Villanueva
                                                                                              Maria Villanueva  3 weeks back

                                                                                              Yusss Shawn!!!

                                                                                              • Anix xD
                                                                                                Anix xD  4 weeks back

                                                                                                He is so talented, handstome, cute and nice. He is just perfect

                                                                                                • g636
                                                                                                  g636  4 weeks back

                                                                                                  6:12 whats that song please:(