Ten Greatest Women's MMA Fights

  • Published: 18 November 2017
  • Since making it's mainstream debut in 2007, Women's MMA has transformed from a novelty into one of the pillars of the sport, and ten years after it's debut, it's time to look back at the best the division has given us.

    These are ten of the greatest women's fights held by mainstream promotions, based on fight quality, entertainment value and historical importance to the sport.

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  • Reaper12Bravo
    Reaper12Bravo  17 hours back

    I swear in the fight between Torres & Namajunas, Torres knocked Namajunas out from her back? You see Namajunas just drape her arms over onto Torres after a good blow from her. Anyone else see that or think this as well & therefore confused since it was a decision victory for Torres? Or did I miss something?

    • prof. x
      prof. x  2 days back

      Amy's theme (My Sweet Passion) in this video? Lol.

      The Waterson fight and Lee vs Yamaguchi fight were definitely great.

      • george mendoza
        george mendoza  3 days back

        angela lee lost that fight no doubt....

        • It's Not Cagefighting
          It's Not Cagefighting   3 days back

          If it used the UFC's scoring (round-by-round) I would've gone 3-2 Angela (1, 4 and 5)

      • The Future
        The Future  3 weeks back

        Meisha Tate vs Julie Kedzie was a female fighting classic must see.

      • John Hiltner
        John Hiltner  4 weeks back

        Cat vs Amanda was bad ass

      • sodapopibc2
        sodapopibc2  4 weeks back

        Too brutal for me.

        • Geoff Shaw
          Geoff Shaw  1 months back

          These women are absolutely safe on date nights,that's for sure.Only a fool would try anything.

          • wovfm
            wovfm  1 months back

            Not valid without a Cyborg, the GOAT.

            • It's Not Cagefighting
              It's Not Cagefighting   1 months back

              Its hard to call a squash match a great fight. The only one I would've considered was Carano for its historic importance.

          • Everest John Alexander
            Everest John Alexander  2 months back

            Angela Lee vs Lena Tkhorevska is one of the best MMA fights I've ever witnessed!

            • Gary Johnson
              Gary Johnson  2 months back

              What happened to the bullet...shes been one of the best and strongest women mma/ mui thi fighters I've seen...she has pretty much dominated every fight.. anyways, good collection of great fights . All the girls deserve recognition... peace

              • Gary Johnson
                Gary Johnson  2 months back

                @It's Not Cagefighting perhaps; but in my opinion the mark of a great fighter is soneone the orhers avoid because she in a league of her own, shes like a cat toying with most of her opponents, and it easy to seriousky hurt someone in this sport. An as for being a slugger, she a very strong and talented fighter who is not out to kill her opponents. Peace

              • It's Not Cagefighting
                It's Not Cagefighting   2 months back

                Dominating a fight doesn't make it a great one. I love Shev but she's not exactly a slugger.

            • Ratpack 74
              Ratpack 74  2 months back

              Cupcake is my favourite.
              She is sexy as hell and heart of a lion!

            • Trent Downer
              Trent Downer  2 months back

              Julie kedzie vs meisha tate

            • Joe VAN DIJK
              Joe VAN DIJK  3 months back

              You showed  nothing of the fights you mentioned

            • Seth Pujol
              Seth Pujol  3 months back

              Go check out Michelle Waterson in a bikini! That ass is A1! It looks like it was personally handcrafted by God himself!

              • Seth Pujol
                Seth Pujol  3 months back

                Damn Rose was a cute lil thing when she had long hair!

                • Fundamentalist American.
                  Fundamentalist American.  3 months back

                  I’m here for the jiggles.

                  • Erick Smith
                    Erick Smith  3 months back

                    Ronda vs Holly was top nothing. Losing to Meisha after means she got lucky.

                    • markmartel
                      markmartel  3 months back

                      I’m a wrestler, and find MMA ugly

                      • E Bayne
                        E Bayne  3 months back

                        follow up - Rhonda - drool :) Yea we know her generational presence is over-time for a new champ. Rhonda will always be hot tho :)

                        • 4c00h
                          4c00h  3 months back

                          Do women get tested for androgens?

                          • Valery Spasov
                            Valery Spasov  3 months back

                            Women fights are ugly picture. Whoever like that isn't normal.

                            • TruthSurge
                              TruthSurge  3 months back

                              6:53 "Few wivawies in MMA have been more competitive..." Your father was a "W"oman? Stwike him, centuwion!

                              • Paul Drysdale
                                Paul Drysdale  3 months back

                                Most female's sport is inferior not as good as men mostly. But female mma has evolved brilliantly.alot of the fight's are better than the men and proves that the naysayers were wrong to doubt and belittle because it looks like the heart and ability is as good or better than the men.

                                • Aiden Nelson
                                  Aiden Nelson  3 months back

                                  I like that nobody is mentioning the sonic music at the beginning. That "fa fa fire fi-re" song is Amy's theme from sonic adventure

                                  • Jacob Masters
                                    Jacob Masters  3 months back

                                    Ref waited too long to call- he should lose his license to call fights.

                                    • Dat matt mat
                                      Dat matt mat  3 months back

                                      Cat is Queen.

                                      • Ariadnne Alatriste
                                        Ariadnne Alatriste  3 months back

                                        Time to update this list

                                        • RaIdErNaTiOn 74
                                          RaIdErNaTiOn 74  3 months back

                                          Wether u like Rousey or not(she's 1 of my favs) women's MMA would not be where it is without her. She's the Ali of MMA. Some ppl loved Ali, some hated him. Either way ppl paid alot to see his fights in person. Ronda is/was the same. She talked enough shit you either wanted to see her break someone's arm or you wanted you see someone shut her up. But you wanted to see it.

                                          • Joshua Gaffney
                                            Joshua Gaffney  3 months back

                                            DUUUUDE, Nobody can take heaps of punishment like Miesha Tate!!

                                            • Joshua Gaffney
                                              Joshua Gaffney  3 months back

                                              yeah I know it! she fights like a dawwwwg dude!

                                            • It's Not Cagefighting
                                              It's Not Cagefighting   3 months back

                                              If you need another example check out the Julie Kedzie fight. Kedzie is lighting Tate up in the first round, but Miesha grits it out, gets the fight to the ground and pulls a late sub.

                                              Strikeforce was the golden age for WBW IMO.

                                          • Charlie ZzZ
                                            Charlie ZzZ  3 months back

                                            3:00 Did he say Lithuanian?

                                            • It's Not Cagefighting
                                              It's Not Cagefighting   3 months back

                                              He did. Rose was born in Milwaukee, but both of her parents were from Lithuania before moving to the US.

                                              Lithuanian-American is the correct term, but it's also a mouthful.

                                          • cris lim
                                            cris lim  3 months back

                                            No Cyborg? Nice video, anyway. Thank you.

                                            • It's Not Cagefighting
                                              It's Not Cagefighting   3 months back

                                              Cyborg fights were more "great performances" rather then "great fights".

                                          • James Cline
                                            James Cline  4 months back

                                            Tate is the sexiest female mma fighter

                                            • Darthreloy
                                              Darthreloy  4 months back

                                              Gina is the greatest, lover her. Ronda had incredible judo and arm bars. Tate's tits. Holley had one mind blowing devastating win along with many meh wins. Nunez scares me. Angela Lee has the best show, the best BJJ, the best technical matches, and is more amazing to watch than any of the rest, even if she never makes it to the top top.

                                              • Matthew Wood
                                                Matthew Wood  4 months back

                                                All tough and skilled fighters! That said,Gina Carano will forever be my favorite and the Only reason I started watching. Beautiful azz kicker lol. Thanks for the upload.

                                                • SmurfinWeaver
                                                  SmurfinWeaver  4 months back

                                                  Why always sonic adventure music?

                                                  • Wild Bill
                                                    Wild Bill  4 months back

                                                    Misha has the best rack in women's MMA

                                                    • DarkSpark
                                                      DarkSpark  3 months back

                                                      Or Gina. Both are great!

                                                  • Turbo 86
                                                    Turbo 86  4 months back

                                                    I'd never normally say this about a fighter but carano is hot!

                                                    • sum body
                                                      sum body  4 months back

                                                      Damn. Rose looks about 13 in that clip.

                                                    • kerstin thomas
                                                      kerstin thomas  4 months back

                                                      At 2:41 than girl reminds me of napoleon dynamite jumping up and down like that 😂

                                                      • squwiid p
                                                        squwiid p  4 months back

                                                        Good job ending it with rose

                                                        • Cazimir Silkovich
                                                          Cazimir Silkovich  4 months back

                                                          Women's self defense courses are correctly abandoning the prospect of expecting a woman to out punch a man consistently, but arm bars and triangle chokes from the guard represent the quintessential scenario where a woman finds herself realistically triumphing

                                                          • Dave N
                                                            Dave N  4 months back

                                                            Damn, Tate's arm was broken by the arm bar of Rhonda.

                                                            • First Name Last Name
                                                              First Name Last Name  4 months back

                                                              Joanna vs anyone

                                                              • Valentina the savior Shevchenko

                                                                I'm glad you did other promotions and not just UFC with that being said my favorite one is UFC 196 2016 congratulations to Meisha I knew she would win

                                                                • Chad Dickerson
                                                                  Chad Dickerson  4 months back

                                                                  Great list, great narrator

                                                                  • toney3229
                                                                    toney3229  4 months back

                                                                    Rousey and Tate are MMA Legends. The Legendary Fights between Rousey vs Tate should never be forgotten in MMA!

                                                                    • Macs Simpson
                                                                      Macs Simpson  4 months back

                                                                      Great video, lists fights I will watch. Love Roses flying arm bar technique

                                                                      • Richard ter Veen
                                                                        Richard ter Veen  4 months back

                                                                        You missedso many fights, a bit to USA minded I believe