• Published: 07 November 2019

    You woke up and don’t have time to style your hair? Do not panic, we prepared a collection of ideas that will help you get ready in minutes. Check out a collection of hairstyles that will help you to look stunning. You will find hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion - for a Birthday party, for a date, and work. Moreover, we share lots of beauty tips that will also help to speed up your beauty routine.
    Let’s start with a crazy idea of how to temporarily dye your hair using washable markers! Yes, it may sound crazy but this tip will save you lots of money. Firstly, choose the colors you like. Remove the ink tube from a marker. Next, dip the tube into the water for several minutes. Remove the submerged tube from water and blow the ink out of the tube into a container. Mix the ink with a hair conditioner. Wearing disposable gloves apply the dye on your hair. Wait a bit and wash. Enjoy your new style!
    Flaxseed is a magical ingredient for beauty recipes that are used in masks, creams and styling products. Try to make a natural flaxseed term protector gel. Take a pan and pour 2 cups of water, add 2 tbsp. of flaxseed and boil. Let it cool for some time. Squeeze out the gel using a clean pantyhose. Apply this gel before drying your hair. Omega-3 in a flaxseed will help to nourish your hair naturally.
    No time to prepare for the party? We will show you how to curl your hair super fast using creative ways. Learn how to make various kinds of curls such as spiral curls, beach waves, retro curls, and tight curls. You can curl your hair with the help of pencils, and bobby pins.

    00:09 Perfect hairstyles for a date
    01:37 A cheap way to dye hair
    02:51 Lemon for dark armpits
    06:23 DIY term protector for dry hair
    07:48 How to curl hair

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Comments • 313

  • Krystalyn Yeakley
    Krystalyn Yeakley  1 days back

    did she seriously put nail polish on her eyelids oh my

    • Adara McLaughlin
      Adara McLaughlin  1 days back

      5:38 umm her hair cut tho...do we still live in the 1900?

      • Adara McLaughlin
        Adara McLaughlin  1 days back

        3:27 isn't it super obvious that she is using fake nails?

        • GalaxyKittenOMG
          GalaxyKittenOMG  1 days back

          5- Minute Crafts. 5 MINUTE CRAFTS They don’t take 5 minutes anyway. They just time lapse it. It takes more depending on the hack.

          • Sofia Yakoob
            Sofia Yakoob  2 days back

            1:23 in that magazine it had a man’s face 1:26 another picture

            • funky jonesy
              funky jonesy  2 days back

              I swear I have seen all of these hacks before

              • ShugarIsntSmart
                ShugarIsntSmart  2 days back

                * accidentally colors on hair*

                Oh no! It's not like you should try to wash it out instead of just coloring on it more! Wowwwe

                • Crystal Marcena
                  Crystal Marcena  2 days back

                  I wouldn't put marker in my hair since she was using a wig

                  • CATE
                    CATE  2 days back

                    Italiani che nei commenti non capiscono una cazzo?

                    • michelle szkuta
                      michelle szkuta  3 days back

                      Thats not her ril hair 🙄

                      • Fun Sister Factory
                        Fun Sister Factory  3 days back

                        OMG when she was blowing the marker out it was so satisfying

                        • Angel The Superstar
                          Angel The Superstar  3 days back

                          6:20 anybody tell me that Is this girl Indian?

                          • Natural Beauty Tips
                            Natural Beauty Tips  3 days back

                            Subscribe my channel
                            I explain in easy step one by one

                            • AMAYAH 6519932
                              AMAYAH 6519932  3 days back

                              2:50 her face is creepy

                              Idk if I’m sleeping on a school night

                              Parents you will watch me stay up but what you can’t do is get me to sleep

                              • MollyPop 12I
                                MollyPop 12I  4 days back

                                5:09 ehh?

                                • Lexie Sawvel
                                  Lexie Sawvel  4 days back

                                  3:50 just use a scrunchie!

                                  • Selvam Kumar
                                    Selvam Kumar  4 days back

                                    Hello sister .. I am having hair damage will u pls give any remedy ie. Home made one

                                    • Cry Baby 139
                                      Cry Baby 139  4 days back


                                      • Ayan Saifi
                                        Ayan Saifi  4 days back

                                        Hack One I Am Like this

                                        • A Kitty
                                          A Kitty  4 days back

                                          Tried a few of these hacks, they actually work

                                          • Electra Kolombaki
                                            Electra Kolombaki  4 days back


                                            • Elisibeth James
                                              Elisibeth James  4 days back

                                              I saw that poster back there and I'm geeking out

                                              • Raeven Brooke
                                                Raeven Brooke  5 days back

                                                Click bait? Never seen the girl w balloons in her hair

                                                • Raeven Brooke
                                                  Raeven Brooke  5 days back

                                                  The music is SO loud and obnoxious. 20min of it too... Rn im watching on silent.

                                                • Rose Nora
                                                  Rose Nora  5 days back

                                                  You took off the eyebrow than draw it back..

                                                  • Moo !
                                                    Moo !  5 days back

                                                    First she seems annoyed that she coloured her hair
                                                    Then she goes ahead and colours it more


                                                  • Manjunath Kr
                                                    Manjunath Kr  5 days back

                                                    She uses lash glue to fix her eyes will it not pain

                                                    • Jacqueline Stein
                                                      Jacqueline Stein  5 days back

                                                      Too much hair?

                                                      Not enough hair

                                                      • Jenna Bartlett
                                                        Jenna Bartlett  5 days back

                                                        It is a weave

                                                        • Valeria Garcia
                                                          Valeria Garcia  5 days back

                                                          I got a hack if your hair is droopy in a ponytail. TYE YOUR RUBBER BAND TIGHTER. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙆

                                                        • Grace Pennington
                                                          Grace Pennington  5 days back

                                                          The fact that some of the "hacks" use wigs concerns me.

                                                          • AMAYAH 6519932
                                                            AMAYAH 6519932  3 days back

                                                            Grace Pennington they must not work that’s why I don’t do them

                                                        • corrina manolas
                                                          corrina manolas  6 days back

                                                          how do you get the hair dye out?

                                                          • Lucia
                                                            Lucia  5 days back

                                                            I dont think you can

                                                        • _ †Perchik† _
                                                          _ †Perchik† _  6 days back

                                                          0:38 cool

                                                          • Marija T
                                                            Marija T  6 days back

                                                            1:40 Wash your hair?

                                                          • Фидания Ахметвалеева

                                                            0:03 видно что это накладные волосы

                                                            • Alishba Hussain
                                                              Alishba Hussain  6 days back

                                                              HonEy please make some winter hacks

                                                              • Lillian Odiwuor
                                                                Lillian Odiwuor  6 days back

                                                                I ♥️ the beach wave and spiral curl best

                                                                • Tanuja. Jadhav.
                                                                  Tanuja. Jadhav.  6 days back

                                                                  1:05 that was not real hair

                                                                  • Marija T
                                                                    Marija T  6 days back

                                                                    No it was newspaper

                                                                • *Ellie *
                                                                  *Ellie *  6 days back

                                                                  8:06 I tried it and it worked and now it’s my FAVORITE curl! Thanks 5 minute crafts and 8:47 I didn’t try it yet but I want to because it look so good in the girl your doing it on

                                                                  • Lynette Jansen
                                                                    Lynette Jansen  6 days back

                                                                    If you watch five minute crafts but never actually attempt to try them

                                                                    Make this blue

                                                                    • kasa sonitha
                                                                      kasa sonitha  6 days back

                                                                      I watch video so many days ago please think new videos

                                                                      • Quido TOY
                                                                        Quido TOY  6 days back

                                                                        FUJ...škatule, škatulky hýbu sa

                                                                        • Ly Yana
                                                                          Ly Yana  6 days back


                                                                          • Julia Ashkar
                                                                            Julia Ashkar  6 days back

                                                                            Why do you add the highlighter and conditioner on fake
                                                                            Guys do not do cause it is not good for your hair I tried it, it was horrible 😨😨

                                                                            • Kitquest Cake
                                                                              Kitquest Cake  6 days back

                                                                              5:34 looks so fake... it definitely looks like it has been cut with scissors and stop being so cheap

                                                                              • Chotu Kids - Hindi Stories For Kids

                                                                                Very nice 😍

                                                                                • Charli Coe
                                                                                  Charli Coe  6 days back

                                                                                  Wax an old mans face!!

                                                                                  • *Miss Queen*
                                                                                    *Miss Queen*  6 days back

                                                                                    i dont shave my arm pits so i dont need this