Strange Things We Ignore About Spider-Man & Venom's Relationship

  • Published: 22 June 2019
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    These two have a long, complicated history and every time they meet it's always a coin toss to see how they're going to react. Will they fight? Will they work together? Keep watching to learn more about the bizarre relationship between Spider-Man and Venom.

    In 2007's Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker's bonding with the Venom symbiote does more than change the color of his costume and enhance his powers, it makes him a jerk. The symbiote boosts destructive emotions in Peter, like anger and jealousy.

    Among other things, he hunts and attempts to kill Sandman and brings Gwen Stacy to a nightclub in a manipulative plan to make Mary Jane jealous. He even gets in a fight with the club's bouncers, which ends with him accidentally hurting Mary Jane. It's this last act that makes Parker realize what's happening and finally take action to get rid of the symbiote.

    In the comics, however, things worked out a little differently. While the symbiote made Spider-Man do things against his will, it didn't do so by turning him into an evil version of Peter Parker. Rather than finding the costume on Earth like he did in the film, Peter picked it up out in space during the events of Secret Wars, and shortly after he returned to New York with his new suit, the symbiote apparently decided that its host was a little too lazy. Most nights, the symbiote waited until Parker was asleep, took over his body, and went out to find more crime to fight, all the while controlling its human host's unconscious body like a puppet. One of the first clues Parker has that something is wrong is when he constantly wakes up exhausted even though, as far as he knows, he's been asleep in bed for hours.

    Watch the video for more Strange Things We Ignore About Spider-Man & Venom's Relationship!

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    The Dark Passenger | 0:14
    Breaking up is hard to do | 1:36
    The one that got away | 2:53
    Never leaving his circle | 3:52
    Spider-Man → Family | 5:13
    Best frenemies | 6:41
    Miles | 8:36
    This… Space Vampire?! | 9:59
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  • Looper
    Looper   4 months back

    What do you think will happen the next time we see Spider-Man and Venom in a movie together?

    • green panda
      green panda  4 months back

      Galvin Stanley a

    • Andrew McFaul
      Andrew McFaul  4 months back

      Enjoyable video, but misleading title...

    • Himalaya Prasai
      Himalaya Prasai  4 months back

      venom and spiderman team up to beat carnage

    • Galvin Stanley
      Galvin Stanley  4 months back

      In Venom 2 there probably will be a 3rd symbiote character to help fight Carnage.There were several symbiotes in the first movie,so it's possible.

  • Pixelander
    Pixelander  3 months back

    I wonder what happen if the symboites came into the stranger thing world
    Would Eleven work with Spider-Man
    What would happen?

    • Foxy Gamer
      Foxy Gamer  3 months back

      very good

      • Brash Smurf
        Brash Smurf  4 months back

        That isn't a spider on Venom's chest, its a perversion of Knull's dragon. learn some venom history

        • bbsy1
          bbsy1  4 months back

          Uh the costume copied the look of Spider-Woman

          • Antonio Febres
            Antonio Febres  4 months back


            • Shiyama Marikkar
              Shiyama Marikkar  4 months back

              When will the MCU do:
              Spider-Man Vs Venom

              • Eric Coldfire
                Eric Coldfire  4 months back

                Think of the Venom symbiote as just Peter Parker's alien Ex.

                She came with him to Earth, got a little too clingy, and when she got dumped she got possessive. So much so she tried to date Peter's friends and dress them in his clothes to make him jealous. Even after all these years, she still carries a torch for him.

                • Matt
                  Matt  4 months back

                  Um...Flash was either the school bully or just a bully to Peter Parker. They were never friends in school at least

                  Who does research for You guys?

                  • Stormphrax
                    Stormphrax  4 months back

                    VENOM = Extreme Yandere

                    • 5 minuets to live
                      5 minuets to live  4 months back

                      I'm thought the reason why venom teams w/ spider man is because he is more good than evil

                      • ChrissyB
                        ChrissyB  4 months back

                        *Caressing peter's cheek*

                        • Falcon Awesomeness
                          Falcon Awesomeness  4 months back

                          As excited as I am to see carnage, I can’t help but see the symbiote bonding with Ronald McDonald.

                          • Alvarez
                            Alvarez  4 months back

                            Can’t wait to see what carnage will look like in venom 2

                            • Andrew Sepulveda
                              Andrew Sepulveda  4 months back

                              Isn’t the genocidal Maniac Deadpool?

                              • LaRon Taylor
                                LaRon Taylor  4 months back

                                MAXIMUM CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                • Paul Hirscharm
                                  Paul Hirscharm  4 months back

                                  I no expert in comic book lore, but didn't venom absorb/copy Spidey's powers before meeting Eddie Brock? So SONY introducing Venom without the symbiote bonding to Spider-Man before does not make any sense to me. Also the very tragic and interesting relationship between Eddie and Peter has been missing out.

                                  • Slipknot Shady
                                    Slipknot Shady  4 months back

                                    They have a Catwoman/Batman relationship (minus the romantic part, duh) where its just unpredictable. They fight a lot but they work together as well.

                                    • mudbeast21
                                      mudbeast21  4 months back

                                      Greedy $ONY Really Shit The Bed with their Venom Movie , MCU could have introduced Venom with all the back story and history involving him and sider-man !

                                      • oblivion42 Pralaya child of oblivion

                                        Poison would have been a great twist, they fully merged on a genetic level, Peter is separated from the evil half, Peter, is more like anti venom, and venom is blasted onto Eddie. Because dr. Strange used his magic to separate the evil of the symbiotes from peter. Peter looks like the zombie like poison peter, and used the shape shifting powers to look like his old self, venom looks the same and venom has the same hate and relationship with peter as usual. But peter changed his look to a white and red look so people stop thinking he’s venom. Venom kept more of the power and Eddie working out makes the symbiote stronger like it does in canon

                                        • Belletaina
                                          Belletaina  4 months back

                                          I wish Spiderman's powers or abilities could be upgraded. Let him spit venom or be able to shrink to the size of a spider or something! He needs to be able to do more than just shoot webs.

                                          • Waffles Wafflson
                                            Waffles Wafflson  4 months back

                                            Carnage was always a genuinely terrifying character to me. Like he wasn't the first legit pyschopath in Comics but you didnt see a lot of that kinda thing out of Spider-Man stories.

                                            • Logan Sikorski
                                              Logan Sikorski  4 months back

                                              MCU Flash Thompson is trash.

                                              • postshift19
                                                postshift19  4 months back

                                                Wrong. Every time they meet they fight. Sometimes they work together, but only after the fight.

                                                • Elsz
                                                  Elsz  4 months back

                                                  Why so much focus on the much belief Spider-Man 3? And no mention of the 90s animated series, which was probably a big influence on the movie, and maybe a little on the Venom movie as well. Also Brock wasn't a photographer in comics.

                                                  • Andrew Singleton
                                                    Andrew Singleton  4 months back

                                                    kinda hoping for a secret wars/battle world and it being animated so we can explicitly have spidervers's Miles show up.

                                                    I mean you have spiderman having the technical/engineering bits and since he's still in high school he'd already have experience having to 'dumb it down' for other people, or even just him just going 'nah that's a mouthful just call it the goober and be done with it' Then Eddie's angle is learning the human element of where they are the history and depending on the setup it could be they're stuck on a cyberpunk or some other despotic hellhole and venom's trying to carve out a niche keeping people safe and spiderman's at first tricked into helping the establishment because all he sees are the cool flying cars and whatnot so 'there is this creature in the undercity where the criminals are. they are criminals but they are still our people. Help us capture this thing'

                                                    so there you go excuse for the two to fight and reconcile and a common enemy. Even better if the world was a place the grandmaster from the mcu set up shop at because he's a FUN villain.

                                                    More importantly he's a KNOWN villain we don't have to spend too much time on setup for.

                                                    • outdatedboat
                                                      outdatedboat  4 months back

                                                      How could you not mention that the homicidal maniac that originally led the symbiote to lose its mind was Deadpool?

                                                      • voteDC
                                                        voteDC  4 months back

                                                        The Carnage symbiote is the child of the alien costume, not a scrap of it.

                                                        • Osian Coleman
                                                          Osian Coleman  4 months back

                                                          I rlly hope Tom Harry’s Venom isn’t in the MCU. It’d just be weird and it wouldn’t fit.

                                                          • Dishinshoryuken
                                                            Dishinshoryuken  4 months back

                                                            I ain't gonna lie...I did enjoy the Guardians version when they found out they were kinda like space cops/Green Lanturns....and then they undid that with the whole Symbiote God thing....
                                                            I remember that comic since it was Mark Bagley art (one of my faves as a growing lad...and still is to this day). You didn't mention anything about Deadpool being the first host to that symbiote or that this version is female even though you hinted at it with the saving Parker and the caress.

                                                            • rudy marquez
                                                              rudy marquez  4 months back

                                                              my she shed burned down :/

                                                              • Kodak Black
                                                                Kodak Black  4 months back

                                                                Got me on this one chief.. I thought this said “stranger things”

                                                                • Blackorwhite
                                                                  Blackorwhite  4 months back

                                                                  I hate venom.

                                                                  • Tevya Smolka
                                                                    Tevya Smolka  4 months back

                                                                    Man What-if stories are really weird

                                                                    • jz35
                                                                      jz35  4 months back

                                                                      other hero,s used a machine to make new costumes in secret wars , if i remember rightly reed richards told him about the new costume machine , or cap america ? i forget .spidey thought he used the same machine as they did to get his black one , he didnt tho thats probably why he didnt question it at 1st

                                                                      • danarenafilms
                                                                        danarenafilms  4 months back

                                                                        Now that would be a great movie.. all what you said.. lol

                                                                        • Psiberzerker
                                                                          Psiberzerker  4 months back

                                                                          The Venom movie was so bad. It's obvious that they knew people wanted a Venom movie, so they slapped one together, "Here you go." The action was okay, ish. No idea what was going on, but lots of things moving around. Also, how it got a PG-13 rating with all the decapitations, and talking about decapitations. I would think that biting someone's head off would have more blood, or some blood. Just make it R, then you can have blood. Riot cut an entire room full of people in half, no blood. I'm pretty sure an Alien that posesses people, and enjoys biting off heads is not a children's movie, let's go ahead and make it R.

                                                                          • blackphoenix77
                                                                            blackphoenix77  4 months back

                                                                            The symbiote should still be with Flash Thompson IMO: they only switched it back to Brock because of that shit Venom movie

                                                                            • Shadow Stephen
                                                                              Shadow Stephen  4 months back

                                                                              You realize the personality change was also in the animated series right?

                                                                              • Blah Anger
                                                                                Blah Anger  4 months back

                                                                                Carnage RULES (green jello) :D

                                                                                • JUS FRANTIC
                                                                                  JUS FRANTIC  4 months back

                                                                                  We need Tom Holland with him

                                                                                  • Futon Flex
                                                                                    Futon Flex  4 months back

                                                                                    Eric Forman you’re a DUMBASS

                                                                                    • so _weird
                                                                                      so _weird  4 months back

                                                                                      I just hope venom and spider man work together on later spider man 3,with the Tom hardy version of Eddie brock

                                                                                      • matthew styles
                                                                                        matthew styles  4 months back

                                                                                        Flash Thompson run was a joke. Venom is Eddie. Eddie is venom..trex venom is Kool too

                                                                                        • matthew styles
                                                                                          matthew styles  4 months back

                                                                                          Y? Y even mention sm3 like it's part of the story... yyyyy??? Just ignore it like the rest of the world does

                                                                                          • Kadren Wolf
                                                                                            Kadren Wolf  4 months back

                                                                                            Venom 2 should be rated R, like we need to see carnage doing carnage

                                                                                            • david macdonald
                                                                                              david macdonald  4 months back

                                                                                              really learned a lot and enjoyed this, thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with us:)

                                                                                              • Mark Hollas
                                                                                                Mark Hollas  4 months back

                                                                                                Oh no... can no longer recall which pronunciation is correct....