UFC on ESPN+ 10: Kevin Lee full media day interview

  • Published: 16 May 2019
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Comments • 74

  • Warriorlike 1
    Warriorlike 1  4 months back

    I think he can beat RDA but maybe not many more at welter

    • K Scratch
      K Scratch  4 months back

      Kevin Lee: Let me tell you why me an chuck Liddell makes sense.

      • Victa Nguyen
        Victa Nguyen  4 months back

        Kevin da phaggot Lee 🤡

        • Shuggah84
          Shuggah84  4 months back

          Wooooooooooooow, that was really fucking cool, wow☝️🙏👌

      • rocky ruane
        rocky ruane  4 months back

        Lee is done. Very unsatisfied career.

      • Steven Paul
        Steven Paul  4 months back

        Everyone hating is a joke. He obviously loves his sport and even wants to give the fans a show. Nothing wrong with that! Good look Motown!

          THE KING SULTAN  4 months back


          • Rob Eye
            Rob Eye  4 months back

            I like Kevin Lee but after this fight, which I don't think he'll win, there is nothing but pain waiting for him at 170. He's just too small for the big dogs at welter. He admits he didn't really put on any size for this fight.

            • Christinanadia
              Christinanadia  4 months back

              I’m pulling for Kevin!!! 👊🏾👊🏾

              • kenny kappa
                kenny kappa  4 months back

                Only way Kevin Eubanks wins is if he uses his explosive wrestling, RDA's striking is way better than Sijara's brother

                • dominik leopold
                  dominik leopold  4 months back

                  True, but rda has very good groundgame too, people forget he is a blackbelt in jiu jitsu

              • No Place To Hide
                No Place To Hide  4 months back

                I am wondering what he is going to say if he gets destroyed by RDA!
                All depends on RDA TD defense.
                I don't blame him for being so young. Time will teach!

                • No Place To Hide
                  No Place To Hide  4 months back

                  @dominik leopold 5****

                • dominik leopold
                  dominik leopold  4 months back

                  @No Place To Hide yeah, but damn, was my prediction correct.

                • No Place To Hide
                  No Place To Hide  4 months back

                  RDA proved to us he is still one of the best in the division!

                • dominik leopold
                  dominik leopold  4 months back


                • dominik leopold
                  dominik leopold  4 months back

                  @djbobbydjable idk about that.
                  Colby and usman didnt really ride him. Also they are a lot bigger.
                  Its more they controuled him with clinching and wresrling /weight advantage threat.
                  Yes, khabib outwrestled rda for 3 rounds straight, but none of this guys is on khabibs level of grappling

              • C Wel
                C Wel  4 months back

                This should be a Spice-E-Banger.

                • A B
                  A B  4 months back


                  • Brett Morris
                    Brett Morris  4 months back

                    I wonder if he'll cry again if he loses

                    • Brett Morris
                      Brett Morris  4 months back

                      @Shade 45 wow, you were a dumb dumb before, imagine how dumb you feel now

                    • Shade 45
                      Shade 45  4 months back

                      i wonder if you will when he win ?

                  • IAmVenom
                    IAmVenom  4 months back

                    Kevin *"I Have All The Tools"* Lee

                    • Cody Smith
                      Cody Smith  4 months back

                      Kevin weighing in at 165 is his last opportunity to have an excuse for losing

                      • dominik leopold
                        dominik leopold  4 months back

                        He weighed in at 170.2
                        And hw looked drained as fuckk

                    • Joshua Torres
                      Joshua Torres  4 months back

                      Another wrestler for RDA. Khabib in 2014, Colby in 2018, Usman and now Lee in 2019

                      • Joshua Torres
                        Joshua Torres  4 months back

                        Robert L I know but has he done anything now to change that. He’s still isn’t doing well against wrestlers and is not that well off his back and even worst at 170 against bigger men.

                      • R M L
                        R M L  4 months back

                        Lol the Khabib fight is irrelevant because it was in 2014 that’s a big difference in time

                      • Frankie Cal
                        Frankie Cal  4 months back

                        He beat Eddie Alvarez

                    • Apex Gaming Exclusive
                      Apex Gaming Exclusive  4 months back

                      Kevin lee is using the weight thing as a crutch, but it is a huge factor. A few good examples are Anthony Pettis, DC, hell Anthony Johnson used to fight at welterweight. Kevin lee won’t have to worry about an L, it’s time for the phenom to get that DUB (W)

                    • Masrur The Father
                      Masrur The Father  4 months back

                      Y'all some haters man be happy this man grew up some . win or lose he definitely grew mentally he's not the same idiot he used to be . alot of you guys can relate if you stop being dicks.

                      • Seagull23
                        Seagull23  4 months back

                        Please God let Kevin Lee win this fight so he can shut all of these haters up.. LET’S GOOOO LEE!!!

                        • A N
                          A N  4 months back

                          👀👀 😂

                        • Paul Cheang
                          Paul Cheang  4 months back

                          Lee is terrible and consistently sounds like a moron. I want to like him because he seems like a good dude, but Jesus he needs to stop talking, he's and idiot and sucks!!!

                        • BOXING/ MMA_50-0
                          BOXING/ MMA_50-0  4 months back

                          He did a mcgregor

                        • Mystic Mac
                          Mystic Mac  4 months back

                          Nope got his ass kicked again..

                      • RX 4REAL
                        RX 4REAL  4 months back

                        If Lee loses this fight(and I think that he will) what will his excuse be because he won't be able to blame the weight cut anymore! Nobody forced Lee to fight at LW and it gets real old hearing him blame the same weight cut that his opponents are doing for his losses.

                        • fiqipraramadhan
                          fiqipraramadhan  4 months back

                          Al humbled him

                          • dominik leopold
                            dominik leopold  2 months back

                            @Gremblo Humperdink oh lol this is english LOL
                            Yes i underrated el cucuys wolverine recovery, and overrrated cowboy afer his last 2 performances

                            Btw my comment had few likes before the fight, after they disliked it again hahshhs

                          • dominik leopold
                            dominik leopold  2 months back

                            @Gremblo Humperdink ja hab el cucuy's wolverine recovery unterschätzt, und cowboy nach seinen letzten performaces bissl überschätzt.

                            Aber lol der kommentar hatte 3 likes oder so vor dem Kampf, danach haben sie entliked lmao

                          • Gremblo Humperdink
                            Gremblo Humperdink  2 months back

                            @dominik leopold lol

                          • R M L
                            R M L  4 months back

                            dominik leopold I never lose

                          • dominik leopold
                            dominik leopold  4 months back

                            @R M Lrobert take this L

                        • Jonjo McQuillan
                          Jonjo McQuillan  4 months back

                          He keeps talking about if we don't have to cut weight we get better fights and perform better YOU DONT HAVE TO CUT THE WEIGHT. He was doing it to try get the advantage over smaller men fs guy talks shit all the time

                          • QC M0nster
                            QC M0nster  4 months back

                            "When you dehydrate and bring yourself close to death to fight, it really makes you stronger" - Kevin the Mo town idiot lee

                            • QC M0nster
                              QC M0nster  4 months back

                              I went to southfield high school with kevin and he used to get in trouble for looking under the Girl bathroom stalls ha i kniw because i overheard him getting in trouble for doing it one time I was in the office same time as him

                              • R M L
                                R M L  4 months back

                                M0nster Kevin “the toilet cubicle phenom” Lee

                              • QC M0nster
                                QC M0nster  4 months back

                                @Mixedhero I hope shmo asks him about it one day

                              • QC M0nster
                                QC M0nster  4 months back

                                @Mixedhero i truly wish i could Make that memory physical and show it somehow its almost Unbelievable to me too, ha I once knew this guy also its crazy

                              • Mixedhero
                                Mixedhero  4 months back

                                That's weird and funny as fuck but i cannot believe it, it would be fun if this became a big thing and someone asked him about it

                              • QC M0nster
                                QC M0nster  4 months back

                                @Ymk *Your Money King* dude im not kidding lee was straight up weird i think it happened cause someone said he never seen a vagina or someshit like that and took it to heart at least thats how the story goes behind it

                            • Soft Hard
                              Soft Hard  4 months back

                              Nobody forced you to cut that much weight ffs !!