The Man Put His Head In a Particle Accelerator, See What Happened

  • Published: 14 November 2018
  • A particle accelerator is something that scientists use to study the behavior of particles and conduct physics experiments. These machines use an electromagnetic field to make tiny particles move at practically the speed of light: a whopping 186,000 miles per second! So, yeah, a guy stuck his head in one of those… and actually survived!

    The incident happened in Russia on July 13, 1978. Anatoli Bugorski was a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics and worked with the U-70 Synchrotron, the biggest Soviet atom smasher of the time. On that unfortunate day, the scientist was trying to figure out why a piece of the equipment wasn’t working as it should. As he was leaning over the machine, the safety mechanism failed at the worst possible moment. It turned out that the scientist’s head was right in the path of a powerful proton beam moving at the speed of light. You ready to hear all about it? Then watch the video!

    What particle accelerator do 1:05
    The most famous particle accelerator 1:33
    Where and ahen the incident happened 2:59
    What happenes with that man 3:31
    Why doctors couldn't predict the consequences 4:27
    What were the consequences 4:57
    What if he had stuck his head in the Large Hadron Collider? 5:37
    Where the Large Hadron Collider is located 6:01
    Can is pose a serious threat to Earth? 7:43

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    - The most famous particle accelerator in the world is the Large Hadron Collider, which is located near Geneva, Switzerland and crosses the border into France. It was invented in 1929 by physicist Ernest Lawrence, who was just 27 years old at the time by the way.
    - The incident happened in Russia on July 13, 1978. Anatoli Bugorski was a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics and worked with the U-70 Synchrotron, the biggest Soviet atom smasher of the time.
    - Bugorski later mentioned that he felt no pain at all but saw a light that was, in his words, "brighter than a thousand suns." The proton beam entered the back of his head and exited through his nose. Within minutes the left side of the scientist's face had swelled up like a balloon, and he was immediately rushed to the hospital.
    - Nobody had ever come in contact with radiation traveling at light speed before. That's why doctors couldn't predict the consequences of such an encounter. They could only wait and observe their patient for any changes in his condition.
    - But despite all grim expectations, the physicist survived! In fact, as of 2018, the 76-year-old still feels pretty energetic! Over time, the left side of Bugorski's face became paralyzed, which has actually prevented wrinkles from forming on that side of his face. On the bright side, the physicist’s intellect remained intact.
    - Situated in CERN's accelerator complex, where CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the Large Hadron Collider is an impressive construction to say the least. It consists of a circular tunnel that’s about 17 miles across.
    - The Hadron Collider consists of more than 9,600 super powerful magnets. In fact, they’re 100,000 times stronger than the gravitational pull of our planet! This makes protons move around their circular track at a seriously staggering speed.
    - Some scientists, however, believe that the Large Hadron Collider can pose a serious threat to Earth. Dr. Otto Rossler from the University of Tubingen is sure that the collider can trigger a small black hole that may have enough potential to destroy the planet.

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      Watch The Flash Series its incredible with the particle accelerator

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                  Particle collider uses light speed on russian scientist. it was not very effective..

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                    I put my head under a flashlight and I survived too!

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                      wow, what a good story and a happy ending! so glad he survived and still does science to this day!

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                                What actually happened is that the particles reversed and accelerated the accelerator instead and blew it up.

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                                  Yall really should have mentioned that the danger from x# of greys of radiation to a human body ASSUMES constant exposure over a 5 minute period.

                                  3,000 greys of ionizing radiation would have UNDOUBTEDLY killed him and anyone else if we assumed a 5 minute constant exposure (even 5 greys is almost always fatal for such a prolonged exposure) — however, this guy's exposure time can only be measured in planck-scale time increments, and that's a really significant factor as to why he wasn't literally fking melting by the time he made it to the ER

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                                    This video watching give my head a feel of hit by giant partial accelerator 😌😌

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                                      This is the kind of story to have on Ripples Believe It or not. shout out to Kelly Packer we miss you on that series.

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                                            Rule #9999
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