4 YelaWolf x Dj Paul PARTY PROPHET ft DJ Paul

  • Published: 31 October 2013
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  • shanos antwanos
    shanos antwanos  2 months back

    Samples...tool? Mettallica nothing else matters..pink floyd?

    • Theinsomniac826
      Theinsomniac826  3 months back

      Bitch I'm leaning back in my skullcap.


      • WoolaMartian
        WoolaMartian  5 months back

        Yela is the greatest poet of our fuckin time. Bitches needa recognize.

        • Mike Halbert
          Mike Halbert  5 months back

          No clue how this didnt get any bigger. Fuckin masterpiece

          • 602ViSiON
            602ViSiON  7 months back

            #1 MIXTAPE OF ALL TIME💯🐐

            • Tara khan
              Tara khan  7 months back

              Both rocking! 2019 stilll dawgs!! one of the best wolfs albums....

              • tha 1 an only ko artist
                tha 1 an only ko artist  6 months back

                Tara khan yea u can't go wrong with Dj Paul he's 1 of the best producers n the game.

            • Bray Jay
              Bray Jay  9 months back

              First verse is MEAN!!!

              • 3
                3  9 months back

                I really just find the screams annoying

                • Justin Inman
                  Justin Inman  10 months back

                  Chalotte North Carolina Stand up if u #Slumerican

                  • Randall Wray
                    Randall Wray  1 years back

                    Paul Makin room solo, yella rolling on da 6 mix ,omg

                    • Colin Smith
                      Colin Smith  2 years back

                      Pissed ina bush what i thought was a bush if it ain't a bush that's cool

                      • Slick Nick
                        Slick Nick  2 years back


                        • Baebee Roo
                          Baebee Roo  2 years back

                          Comfortably numb on the beat

                          • Dylan Leafloor
                            Dylan Leafloor  3 years back

                            ill rock with justin bieber if eminems involved!

                            • jaybouva 1978
                              jaybouva 1978  3 years back


                              • V Arch
                                V Arch  3 years back

                                this ish right here is my fave!!!

                                • Sancho Music
                                  Sancho Music  3 years back


                                  • MONEYBAGS603
                                    MONEYBAGS603  4 years back

                                    this song is perfect

                                    • Ryan Chilcoat
                                      Ryan Chilcoat  5 years back

                                      Yelawolf is so underrated it's not even funny he fucking rips the second verse like no other crazy how people sleep on him and guys like rittz the underground is alive and well

                                      • Darren Windham
                                        Darren Windham  2 years back

                                        He a good raper

                                      • Jake Thomas
                                        Jake Thomas  4 years back

                                        Yela, Rittz and Big K.R.I.T all deserve more recognition.

                                    • casey2347
                                      casey2347  5 years back

                                      Yeller goes off on thiss shit !!

                                      • Lyrics1080p YelaWolf
                                        Lyrics1080p YelaWolf  5 years back

                                        Anyone recognise the sample?

                                        • sippinantokin
                                          sippinantokin  4 years back

                                          i stand corrected thanks

                                        • William Morgan
                                          William Morgan  4 years back

                                          +sippinantokin No, It is "Sign of the Southern Cross" by Black Sabbath. With Ronnie James Dio on Vocals

                                        • sippinantokin
                                          sippinantokin  4 years back

                                          +Lyrics1080p YelaWolf metallica nothing else matters i believe..

                                      • caseyann Gregory
                                        caseyann Gregory  5 years back

                                        man this is jam tonight..........any comment?????

                                      • Theinsomniac826
                                        Theinsomniac826  5 years back

                                        "Bitch I'm leaning back in my skullcap."  Lyrics like these are why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yelawolf.  This man is everything!!!

                                        • joe barnes
                                          joe barnes  5 years back

                                          no rapper can compare to back wood home grown hoodlums

                                          • Alan C
                                            Alan C  1 years back

                                            This is facts.

                                        • grandchaser91
                                          grandchaser91  5 years back

                                          How do people say Yelawolf has the same style as Eminem? They sound completely different to me...

                                          • tha 1 an only ko artist
                                            tha 1 an only ko artist  6 months back

                                            Chad Riedel he's not there yet.

                                          • Troy McAvoy
                                            Troy McAvoy  1 years back

                                            grandchaser91 it’s annoying as hell

                                          • Chad Riedel
                                            Chad Riedel  2 years back

                                            He's better.. Em knows it but won't show it..

                                          • chrstphr
                                            chrstphr  3 years back

                                            People just lump them together because they are both white rappers. Oh people.

                                          • Hunter Lorenz
                                            Hunter Lorenz  5 years back

                                            They are very different but very similar in lyrically meaning. I look at it like if eminem was from the south he would be a lot like yela

                                        • colton norris
                                          colton norris  5 years back

                                          Hard as fuck

                                          • Chrystal Goodrich
                                            Chrystal Goodrich  5 years back

                                            Dusted charcoal mounds lmao

                                            • JENNIFER JONES
                                              JENNIFER JONES  5 years back


                                              • sergio tapia
                                                sergio tapia  5 years back

                                                Hard as fuck yelawolf and dj paul representin dat mafia 6ix perfect combo they both live up to there names

                                                • D Silva
                                                  D Silva  5 years back

                                                  Yelawolf isn't getting views because he isn't controversial like Em, or popular through kids like well you know

                                                  • Jennifer Clausius
                                                    Jennifer Clausius  6 years back

                                                    Does anyone know when the video is coming out ?

                                                    • Coda V
                                                      Coda V  6 years back

                                                      Way too underground.

                                                      • makel12
                                                        makel12  6 years back

                                                        lil sabbath

                                                        • David McClarren
                                                          David McClarren  6 years back

                                                          Steady spitting flames out his throat... This needs some promo

                                                          • Rad B
                                                            Rad B  6 years back


                                                            • Asstrologist
                                                              Asstrologist  6 years back

                                                              Another hit to bump in the trunk god i love getting crunk!!

                                                              • samir inco
                                                                samir inco  6 years back

                                                                plz anyone can tell me what song or name of the girl signing in the beginning ?

                                                                • Slick TheKid
                                                                  Slick TheKid  6 years back

                                                                  [Intro - Yelawolf]
                                                                  And I came into the house
                                                                  And I saw a party
                                                                  And it was good
                                                                  And I walk upon it
                                                                  A King of it
                                                                  And I saw that it was good
                                                                  So I filled up my cup
                                                                  Lord, I am the party prophet!
                                                                  I am, the party prophet!

                                                                  [Verse 1 - Yelawolf]
                                                                  Bitch I'm leaning back in my skull cap
                                                                  Picture me rolling inside a jet-black spaceship
                                                                  Sitting high like a white bitch's nose
                                                                  Over Beverly Hills caught by the Wolf's fragrance
                                                                  Ya smell that Slum-
                                                                  Merican arrogance in the air again I'm carrying a drum
                                                                  Waking up the dead like, Hello Mr. Jackson
                                                                  Zippers in the red jacket, who's bad? Mr. black? gun!
                                                                  Is it you, is it you, is it you, is it you?
                                                                  Tell security we steppin up in this motherfucker strapped
                                                                  And he ain't bout to check none it's done
                                                                  All hail to the crew Lord
                                                                  I'm hotter than the blue steel of a Bruce sword
                                                                  Swinging through clowns like butter
                                                                  You talking goons you gonna need another room for us
                                                                  Wolf-pack rolling deep, no sleep, rolling 'neath where they smoking on leaf
                                                                  Till I can't see straight, till I need a rebate, till I'm rolling my sleeves
                                                                  Some of these motherfuckers are still in their pajamas
                                                                  Alot of their mommas in the parking lot hollering
                                                                  "Now please please, give me my baby back in one piece!"
                                                                  I send them back puzzled, what did I see

                                                                  [Hook X2 - Yelawolf]
                                                                  The party prophet, party prophet
                                                                  The party prophet, party prophet
                                                                  The party prophet, party prophet
                                                                  The party prophet, Yelawolf is a party
                                                                  The party prophet

                                                                  [Bridge: Yelawolf]
                                                                  Welcome to the church of Rock 'N Roll

                                                                  [Verse 2 - Yelawolf]
                                                                  Treat this grown ass party like I did school
                                                                  I don't give not a single damn, and I didn't then too
                                                                  Will Ferrell just put his nuts on your grandmother's favorite kitchen stool
                                                                  Then I took all thirty two of that cold blue and I didn't leave shit for you
                                                                  Pissed in the woods that I thought was a bush
                                                                  If it ain't a bush fuck it that's cool
                                                                  Drown her with a Jack D bottle drinking ass
                                                                  Cuss her like a sailor ass
                                                                  Catfish Billy looking silly with the hillbilly hat
                                                                  Stumbling through everybody trying to find a new shirt
                                                                  Acting most ridiculous but really
                                                                  I'm in your momams closet pushing through momos
                                                                  Oh wait, yes you do
                                                                  I'm the life of the party like voodoo
                                                                  Here's life to an otherwise dead doll
                                                                  So put the needle down in the motherfucker real deep in the heart
                                                                  Can I get a, "Yes yes ya'll?" (Yes yes ya'll)
                                                                  Pull up in a brand new Chevy I just bought and give you a pep talk


                                                                  [Verse 3 - DJ Paul]
                                                                  Jump up out the fishtail Cadillac
                                                                  With a bottle of yac on my back motherfucker get back
                                                                  Gotta snub nose and a switchblade
                                                                  That's a motherfucking fact but ya'll already know that
                                                                  Pack of cigarettes rolled up in my sleeve
                                                                  With a blunt of Cali hanging at the side of my mouth
                                                                  I'm so intoxicated I kissed a bitch and threw up in her mouth
                                                                  Fuck that, I've got some more shit for her mouth
                                                                  But that's later on, when I'm bout to roll out
                                                                  When I walked to the party red carpet rolled out
                                                                  Walking slow motion blowing smoke in my mouth
                                                                  You got molly? Damn right I got molly
                                                                  And I got a bottle of that folly in the dolly
                                                                  Can you please excuse my swag
                                                                  I don't mean to ruin the party I'm a nigga that's naughty
                                                                  Hanging with my nigga from another, Yelawolf
                                                                  Step up in the club, whole club got took
                                                                  Drink a metheglin, hundred bitches got took (Got took)
                                                                  Bang her til she yell like a wolf (ah-woooooooh)
                                                                  Than I jump back in the ride
                                                                  Still got my condom on but a nigga gotta slide
                                                                  Cause her boyfriend just came with thirty niggas ready ride
                                                                  Put a brother on the hoes holding up picket signs

                                                                  Edit lyrics (shift+L)
                                                                  Track 4 on Black Fall

                                                                  • elitemodservice
                                                                    elitemodservice  6 years back

                                                                    Rumor is that Em signed Yela so he could control his album release to benefit his own release so they wouldnt battle it out. Showing that Em was scared of his talent. Hate to say it dont think Em is #1 white rapper anymore I will listen to Yela, Jellyrolly, Haystack, Struggle, Lil Wyte before Ems newer stuff even though last album had his old school vibe

                                                                    • Carolina3489Panthers
                                                                      Carolina3489Panthers  1 years back

                                                                      elitemodservice that’s exactly what it was...a rumor. As much as I love yela when it comes to rapping he isn’t even close to the same level. Overall artist might be a different story. But those white rappers you named ain’t no where near yelawolf so the definitely ain’t on Em’s level

                                                                    • justletmesee
                                                                      justletmesee  1 years back

                                                                      elitemodservice You need a psychiatrist.

                                                                  • tee bone
                                                                    tee bone  6 years back

                                                                    rip lord infamous

                                                                    • romelishumble
                                                                      romelishumble  6 years back

                                                                      Yelawolf is next generation Eminem!!

                                                                      • Stephen G
                                                                        Stephen G  5 years back

                                                                        Eminem is the next generation Eminem. Lets hope they do more songs together

                                                                    • Emilie Hash
                                                                      Emilie Hash  6 years back

                                                                      So true yelawolf I'd dad party prohet

                                                                      • bigjohn6458
                                                                        bigjohn6458  6 years back

                                                                        Love the sample of Sabbath in the background

                                                                        • Jesse Daniel
                                                                          Jesse Daniel  6 years back

                                                                          am i the only one that can't see anything but teeth in the picture?

                                                                          • austin pendergrast
                                                                            austin pendergrast  6 years back

                                                                            I know a guy thats gonna be in the video tattooin people XD jake fujimura is awesome at tatts much love bro

                                                                            • Thebagel Isbuttered
                                                                              Thebagel Isbuttered  6 years back

                                                                              Yela's making a video for Party Prophet and Get Straight with DJ Paul, thumbs up so niggas can see. Quit sleepin' fools this shit is fire!!!

                                                                              • B. Stone
                                                                                B. Stone  3 years back

                                                                                Thebagel Isbuttered Does anyone know what happened to those two videos?

                                                                              • Thebagel Isbuttered
                                                                                Thebagel Isbuttered  5 years back

                                                                                @lagbag2620 They filmed both videos, just haven't released them.

                                                                              • lagbag2620
                                                                                lagbag2620  5 years back

                                                                                He still didn't do the video mate.

                                                                            • lprullzBG
                                                                              lprullzBG  6 years back

                                                                              This is getting mad slept on

                                                                              • yamato126
                                                                                yamato126  7 months back

                                                                                @Samuel Gonzalez one day later they still sleepin like its the 80s

                                                                              • Alan C
                                                                                Alan C  1 years back

                                                                                Legend says it still goes on.....10/10/2018

                                                                              • Jax Herbert
                                                                                Jax Herbert  1 years back

                                                                                Even 4 years later after yela and em's- best friend went viral... Still my fav rapper fr!

                                                                              • Michael de Tremaudan
                                                                                Michael de Tremaudan  2 years back

                                                                                Samuel Gonzalez I ain’t sleeping homie. I still bump this shit. Fucking incredible

                                                                              • Samuel Gonzalez
                                                                                Samuel Gonzalez  2 years back

                                                                                lprullzBG 4 years later and they still sleepin

                                                                            • kyle
                                                                              kyle  6 years back

                                                                              Yelawolf, please make an appearance at the next gathering. That would be sick.