UFC 238's Valentina Shevchenko talks Jessica Eye, Training in Vegas & Jessica Andrade's Title Win

  • Published: 18 May 2019
  • Valentina Shevchenko (16-3) discusses her flyweight title defense against Jessica Eye (14-6) at UFC 238 on June 8.
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    Valentina also talks about her win over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, training in Las Vegas and who's next for her after this fight. UFC 238 takes place June 8th from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The main event features flyweight champion Henry Cejudo moving up to bantamweight to fight Marlon Moraes for the vacant 135-pound title.

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Comments • 44

  • Uran Chelci
    Uran Chelci  2 meses atrás

    Бронижилет Китайский а пуля Кыргызстанский

    • Reginald Workman
      Reginald Workman  2 meses atrás

      Smart girl too, not just a great fighter. Multiple languages, and seeing how smart she is during fights is fun to watch.

      • J
        J  2 meses atrás

        Even if Valentina wasnt the best skill wise, her level of focus is unmatched in the womens division, if Eye were to win this would be a gargantuan upset

        • Miguel Perez
          Miguel Perez  2 meses atrás

          Ra tat tat boom boom bang bang Schevchenko straight killa

          • Dale Phillips
            Dale Phillips  2 meses atrás

            Lets go Val.

            • Хусан Рахманов
              Хусан Рахманов  2 meses atrás


              • Keith Tee
                Keith Tee  2 meses atrás

                Beautiful + Terrifying = Valentina

                • Marco Simmons
                  Marco Simmons  2 meses atrás

                  Valentina is ready. I am one of her main sparring partners. I fight at 145. She will run through Jessica eye and the whole flyweight division.

                  • quinn osborn
                    quinn osborn  2 meses atrás

                    Oh. My. Gawwwd. You guys have her in lethal shape

                    • Marco Simmons
                      Marco Simmons  2 meses atrás

                      How about that KO though lol

                      • Marco Simmons
                        Marco Simmons  2 meses atrás

                        quinn osborn I appreciate that, thank you. I’m only 26, you’ll hear my name more very soon!

                        • quinn osborn
                          quinn osborn  2 meses atrás

                          Thats just bad ass. Good luck on your own career, my man. You learning skills from some masters

                          • Marco Simmons
                            Marco Simmons  2 meses atrás

                            quinn osborn all I can say is, she’s ready. Grappling, striking, cage work, great cardio. I don’t see anyone beating Valentina at flyweight.

                            • Carl Vickers
                              Carl Vickers  2 meses atrás

                              The best woman fighter at any weight .... Enjoy watching her fight..

                              • Tzar Leonardi
                                Tzar Leonardi  2 meses atrás

                                Valentina “Everything is beautiful, everything is tasty and everything is my favourite” Shevchenko

                                • enrique soto
                                  enrique soto  2 meses atrás

                                  Her vs Jessica Andrade would be awesome

                                  • Kenny Kenny
                                    Kenny Kenny  2 meses atrás

                                    enrique soto she is a threat but not on the feet

                                    • enrique soto
                                      enrique soto  2 meses atrás

                                      @Vijaykumar Yadav Andrade would be even stronger at 125 and could possibly be a real threat to Val

                                      • Vijaykumar Yadav
                                        Vijaykumar Yadav  2 meses atrás

                                        Hav u lost it....Valentina is much stronger then andrade ..rose has already beat andrade n was winning... valentina vl ragdoll andrade...nobody is taking this belt frm valentina...

                                        • No Place To Hide
                                          No Place To Hide  2 meses atrás

                                          Andrade is a natural 125 , same as Joanna In her last interview she said, she wants to challenge for the belt at 125, 135 and maybe at 145 I believe they will be meeting one day

                                          • Tzar Leonardi
                                            Tzar Leonardi  2 meses atrás

                                            Val is generally more stationary than Rose, but her reactions and counters are faster than anyone’s. I wonder how she’ll deal with Andrade’s takedowns too. Not the right time for the fight but very intriguing

                                            • Spunkymunky
                                              Spunkymunky  2 meses atrás

                                              I like her style. Not interested in being petty. Won't get drawn into useless gossip and negativity. She brushed those questions about Montano aside.

                                              • Trucker Bates
                                                Trucker Bates  3 meses atrás

                                                I can't understand her.

                                                • ClayDog MadMan
                                                  ClayDog MadMan  2 meses atrás

                                                  @Spunkymunky Yes l agree... And Valentina Shevchenko's broken English is something l've have become a custom to... Like when she say things like "l'm feeling me very strong right now" or like "I'm feeling me very ready like no one time before" now in translation like no one time before means, like never before... That's just a few examples on how l've becomes a custom to her broken English and came to love it...

                                                  • Spunkymunky
                                                    Spunkymunky  2 meses atrás

                                                    @ClayDog MadMan Some people are slower. A little not so quick on the uptake with comprehension and listening. The OP probably falls on that other end of the spectrum. I don't really have a problem with accents, though. I deal with enough people who have accents. So, maybe the OP is sheltered--maybe not from a cosmopolitan area. I understood her fine, though.

                                                    • ClayDog MadMan
                                                      ClayDog MadMan  2 meses atrás

                                                      Don't know why you can't understand, l mean she speak English but only with an accent and bit of broken English but it's English...

                                                      • theScoreMMA
                                                        theScoreMMA   2 meses atrás

                                                        Good news is I'll have an article on this interview out soon so it should be a bit clearer

                                                        • Elton Dorcas
                                                          Elton Dorcas  3 meses atrás

                                                          Valentina Bullet #ANDSTILL.....

                                                          • i'aint your nigga
                                                            i'aint your nigga  3 meses atrás

                                                            Jessica aint got a chance , bitch got merked by freaking miesha , won her last fight against an avarege fighter by a split decision , and she thinks she can beat valentina LOL

                                                            • Emay Kyuwo
                                                              Emay Kyuwo  3 meses atrás

                                                              Valentina and Rose' friendship ♡

                                                              • Sin City
                                                                Sin City  3 meses atrás

                                                                ❤️ Team Shevchenko ❤️

                                                                • artiew87
                                                                  artiew87  3 meses atrás

                                                                  Valentina's such a vicious fighter

                                                                  • bosaleh as
                                                                    bosaleh as  3 meses atrás

                                                                    P4P James 👊🥇

                                                                    • John Doe
                                                                      John Doe  3 meses atrás

                                                                      Awesome interview.😎

                                                                      • Efrainero Franciscello
                                                                        Efrainero Franciscello  3 meses atrás

                                                                        Valentina Shevchenko is the Perfect Woman!!!❤️😍❤️

                                                                        • Christopher McGregor
                                                                          Christopher McGregor  3 meses atrás

                                                                          P4P the most COMPLETE fighter today

                                                                          • Carl Vickers
                                                                            Carl Vickers  2 meses atrás

                                                                            @Dean Roddey Yes Rose is up at the top of the list to... Tough choices...

                                                                            • RJ.
                                                                              RJ.  2 meses atrás

                                                                              Jon Jones?

                                                                              • Dean Roddey
                                                                                Dean Roddey  2 meses atrás

                                                                                Complete doesn't mean undefeated. I mean Rose lost to Andrade. Does anyone here remotely believe that Andrade is a more complete MMA fighter than Rose? They don't make enough alternate universes for that to be true. I'd argue that Rose is probably the most well rounded. Great striking and great on the ground, both offensively and defensively. Valentina is very good but she's almost completely a counter striker.

                                                                                • Carl Vickers
                                                                                  Carl Vickers  2 meses atrás

                                                                                  @Daniel Smith Yes she did but Nunes is at least a full weight class above her and Valentina gave her a good fight... A lot of different thoughts on who is the best P4P fighter and many good choices..

                                                                                  • Carl Vickers
                                                                                    Carl Vickers  2 meses atrás

                                                                                    Agree 100 %

                                                                                    • Royal Pain
                                                                                      Royal Pain  3 meses atrás

                                                                                      She is awesome. I wonder if she's seen her dancing on mma digest, always love it lol. Great interview!