Kitchen Nightmares - S04E03 Rococo

  • Published: 09 March 2015
  • Kitchen Nightmares - S04E03 Rococo
    Kitchen Nightmares - S04E03 Rococo

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Comments • 10

  • Dion Loxton
    Dion Loxton  3 months back

    Fuck her hair I know its tuff but dude its cheaper to do a guy then have children with one

    • Ann Williams
      Ann Williams  6 months back

      Pride, living on past glory, so used to spending someone else's money, my way or the highway, ego instead of responsibility, doesn't know how to run a business vs being a cook....

      • Jai666666666
        Jai666666666  3 years back

        Liver and fat and saussages in guts with cream and lard and snails with muscles and frog legs in butter-garlic..., someone`s going to fucken go extinct here, may I give a clue who`s next..., it won`t be the fucken dinos...

        • YoungBrada
          YoungBrada  3 years back

          Damn too bad they didnt make it

          • Mike Younes
            Mike Younes  1 days back

            @Paul Pietschinski for real?

          • Paul Pietschinski
            Paul Pietschinski  4 months back

            @Ot3p no sadly. Nick is now a crack head and his wife does lesbian porn.

          • Ot3p
            Ot3p  8 months back

            They didn't?

        • Jeremy Jolivet
          Jeremy Jolivet  4 years back

          one think i don't get .... they serve food in a restaurant the same day that they paint the walls? lol

          • UKGEEZER247
            UKGEEZER247  4 years back

            Why is half of the fucking screen cut?