2012 BMW 530d xDrive Walkaround

  • Published: 30 May 2012
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    Walkaround of a BMW 530d xDrive with 258hp (MY2012 / F10).
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  • Morten Eriksen
    Morten Eriksen  5 months back

    I got one. Mine is looking fart better interior. Putting up a video soon.

    • Uchiha Madara ZZ
      Uchiha Madara ZZ  1 years back

      ❤ the best

      • Elephant In The Room
        Elephant In The Room  2 years back

        does that oyster get dirty hows it hold up?

        • crazy driver
          crazy driver  2 years back

          very nice, but M paket is standing a way better and noticeble. This is just like every second f10.

          • Morten Eriksen
            Morten Eriksen  2 years back

            About to buy a similar one. Looking forward to it. :D

            • Andrei Sames
              Andrei Sames  2 years back

              I am sorry but this must be the most boring looking car from the 5 series, I have no idea where the designers were thinking .
              Even the e60 from Bangle looks way much better than this.
              Shame on you Bmw !

              • crazy driver
                crazy driver  2 years back

                Andrei Sames you are talking bullshit

            • Di Quib
              Di Quib  3 years back

              yatoba color?

              • Andrei Neculăeş
                Andrei Neculăeş  5 years back

                do you preffer this car or audi a6 c7 3.0 tdi quattro ?

              • Florent VILLATTE
                Florent VILLATTE  5 years back

                The finish of this car is perfect! I bought a F11 530D, there are still photos here: http://beltone-automobiles.fr/vehicules-BMW-occasion-Lyon.html. She is really beautiful.

                • William Wallace
                  William Wallace  5 years back

                  Cant believe how big and heavy the 5 series has gone

                • dobrze9
                  dobrze9  6 years back

                  BMW F10 The Best a car in the World.

                  • badryuken
                    badryuken  6 years back

                    sophitograu color?

                    • bumper
                      bumper  6 years back

                      Totally getting one!

                      • guitigefilmpjes
                        guitigefilmpjes   6 years back

                        Hi, thanks for your comment!

                        These wheels are the 18x8J V-spoke alloy styling 328 rims, so they are 18-inch.

                        • deniskatashkentskiy
                          deniskatashkentskiy  6 years back

                          what are those wheels 17 or 18 inch?

                          • deniskatashkentskiy
                            deniskatashkentskiy  6 years back

                            thanks for the vid dude!

                            • guitigefilmpjes
                              guitigefilmpjes   7 years back

                              What do you mean? The angel eyes come standard on the BMW 5-series F10.

                              The flickering is caused by the LED-technology, the lense of a camera is not able to capture it correctly so on the video you will see it flicker, but in the real world that is not visible to the eye (flickering is way too fast for a human eye to recognize).

                              • Besnik Memeti
                                Besnik Memeti  7 years back

                                at the 0:38 sec.. :)

                                • Besnik Memeti
                                  Besnik Memeti  7 years back

                                  what is calling this feature with the front lights ?? its so beatifull :)