UFC media day at UFC Performance Institute: Johnny Walker

  • Published: 25 May 2019
  • Archive of the livestream of Johnny Walker's UFC media day interview at UFC Performance Institute

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  • Justin Kovach
    Justin Kovach  2 ay əvvəl

    Johnny is the type of guy to get 3-4 more impressive wins and challenge for the title. :)

    • Luis Flores
      Luis Flores  2 ay əvvəl

      A killer

      • m.a.s123
        m.a.s123  2 ay əvvəl

        Johnny bones jones vs Johnny walker is a future fight at the end of 2020.

        • Frankie Cal
          Frankie Cal  2 ay əvvəl

          This dude got hurt by a worm....he's gonna ge eaten alive by Jones.

          • RonPaulClassics
            RonPaulClassics  2 ay əvvəl

            His English is getting really good. Love this guy.

            • TheDXJC56
              TheDXJC56  2 ay əvvəl

              Who Fhamed Hoger Habbit?

              • Simplistic Irony
                Simplistic Irony  2 ay əvvəl

                Get JW on the train!

                • Michael Morris
                  Michael Morris  2 ay əvvəl

                  scary fucker

                  • Java Eastern
                    Java Eastern  2 ay əvvəl

                    Jon vs Jon the winner still pickoGram

                    • Richard Franco
                      Richard Franco  2 ay əvvəl


                      • Don Shred
                        Don Shred  2 ay əvvəl

                        At 0:14 he starts spazzing out and sounding like a robot malfunctioning lol

                        • I Love Chelsea Fc
                          I Love Chelsea Fc  2 ay əvvəl

                          He should fight corey anderson would be a good test for him

                          • Cody Chambers
                            Cody Chambers  2 ay əvvəl

                            Good call.

                            • Will Costello
                              Will Costello  2 ay əvvəl

                              3 hounds 5 hounds I'll be ready

                              • TheDXJC56
                                TheDXJC56  2 ay əvvəl

                                Lmao it's a Brazilian thing like the way they ponounce Royce Hoyce

                                • GW1
                                  GW1  2 ay əvvəl

                                  Sorry ass reporters always trying to start shyt…..I hate that

                                  • MILES WRIDER
                                    MILES WRIDER  2 ay əvvəl

                                    I like this guy

                                    • ryan gee
                                      ryan gee  2 ay əvvəl

                                      Obviously has a ton of potential, will be fluent in English soon enough too by the looks of it. Reporters starting shit as usual though, good response by walker.

                                      • Leandro Santana
                                        Leandro Santana  2 ay əvvəl


                                        • HustleHardimon
                                          HustleHardimon  2 ay əvvəl

                                          I hate how these journalists use the most complicated words possible when talking to a guy trying to learn the language.

                                          • Elise P
                                            Elise P  2 ay əvvəl

                                            Exactly 😂. So annoying. And brazilians are very straightforward, at least the ones i've met but these reporters ask some retarded, entangled complicated questions that are pointless.

                                            • ryan gee
                                              ryan gee  2 ay əvvəl

                                              Yea, always lol, at least the American ones.

                                              • Best Fight Picks
                                                Best Fight Picks  2 ay əvvəl

                                                future champ

                                                • riccikinny2k10
                                                  riccikinny2k10  2 ay əvvəl

                                                  Scary man !!! Him and Michel Pereira are going to be scary men in the next few years !!!

                                                  • Alex Carvalho
                                                    Alex Carvalho  2 ay əvvəl


                                                    • Alek S
                                                      Alek S  2 ay əvvəl

                                                      He needs to get a celebration partner to train with lol

                                                      • Chiefs All day
                                                        Chiefs All day  2 ay əvvəl

                                                        Obrigado Johnny

                                                        • Helmut Schmacker
                                                          Helmut Schmacker  2 ay əvvəl

                                                          Is it true that he's dating Marc Raimondi?

                                                          • Richard Franco
                                                            Richard Franco  2 ay əvvəl


                                                            • James Turner
                                                              James Turner  2 ay əvvəl

                                                              Idk idek who that is I barley know Johnny walker he fought 3 times in the UFC and is somehow ranked number 12 dosent make sense he so hyped he gonna wind up like the rest of the hype

                                                              • Andrew Andrew
                                                                Andrew Andrew  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                Isn't this guy bigger than Jones and Gustafson?

                                                                • angrytacos
                                                                  angrytacos  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                  1 inch taller than jones, but reach is 1 inch shorter

                                                                  • SickKent
                                                                    SickKent  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                    Never trust someone who smiles all the time.

                                                                    • Cenyon
                                                                      Cenyon  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                      I like this guy!

                                                                      • Selling Silverman
                                                                        Selling Silverman  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                        Sweet Talker Johnny Walker

                                                                        • Jesse Richards
                                                                          Jesse Richards  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                          Oh yeah he forsure had a surgery the way he is moving that shoulder

                                                                          • IAmVenom
                                                                            IAmVenom  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                            Johnny *"REAL MOMO"* Walker

                                                                            • Mauquez Barnard
                                                                              Mauquez Barnard  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                              Work on mental stability and experiece in longer tough fights, id hate to see him lose an it mess him up on being able to be on top consistently

                                                                              • Albin Rosengren
                                                                                Albin Rosengren  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                                look at francis he knocked people out left and right until stipe and then he had some mental problems for a while now he is back and on fire

                                                                                • happy retired
                                                                                  happy retired  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                                  great genes

                                                                                  • Stilgar2
                                                                                    Stilgar2  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                                    "I clearly felt a snap." -Jonny Walker's shoulder.

                                                                                    • TheDarkCloudNC
                                                                                      TheDarkCloudNC  2 ay əvvəl

                                                                                      His english is starting to get a lot better.