• Published: 02 November 2019

    I bet you haven’t known how many handy crafts you can make using disposable gloves. Stop doing everything and watch this video!
    Are you preparing for traveling? You will love the ideas on how to pack your suitcase and save a lot of space. Forget about big shampoo bottles and pack shampoos and liquid soap into the balloon. Also, you can store toothpaste in a balloon. If there are no balloons at home, you can replace it with disposable gloves.
    The most popular method of making touchscreen gloves sensitive while it’s cold is to use metallic thread. Make a few stitches!
    You may start from a handmade soap that looks so cool hand-shaped soap. You will need soap base, coloring, disposable glove, and suction cup. Start from melting soap, add any coloring you like and properly stir. Take a vase and place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour soap base inside, attach a suction cup as it’s shown in the video and wait until it cools down. Remove the glove.
    I love outdoor parties and this video is full of cool ideas! Check out how to decorate a party and serve snacks. Use plastic cups to serve different snacks and appetizers like veggies, chips, nachos. You can easily make cold coffee. Freeze coffee in ice cube silicone mold. Put coffee cubes into a glass and pour milk. Ready! It’s a perfect idea when it’s too hot outside. Cool party idea is to freeze balloons with water as a substitute for ice and keep your party drinks cold for the whole evening.

    00:01 Brilliant packing hacks
    00:52 DIY Hand-shaped soap
    01:46 Use balloons to pack beauty products
    09:09 Cool hacks for outdoor party

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  • David G Gomez
    David G Gomez  3 hours back

    What he said 😝😝

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      Sofia Duran  7 hours back

      haven't you heard of Greta thunberg

      • Lance Mclaughlin
        Lance Mclaughlin  8 hours back

        If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have these ideas

        • Marisol Smedley
          Marisol Smedley  9 hours back

          Just brush your teeth normally so that way u don't have to eat toothpaste tide pods

          • Scarlet Forsyth
            Scarlet Forsyth  13 hours back

            Sub to lazarbeam

            • Scarlet Forsyth
              Scarlet Forsyth  13 hours back

              Who watches these and actually does them?😐

              • Uasa Maybe
                Uasa Maybe  13 hours back

                9.16 deniyicem

              • Асема Жакыпова

                А вот и тот русский коммент который ты ищешь

                • Belad Abdi
                  Belad Abdi  15 hours back

                  I thought there was no soap

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                    Brenna Trevon  21 hours back

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                      • Fidan Ibrahimova
                        Fidan Ibrahimova  1 days back

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                        • V S
                          V S  1 days back

                          Someone walks in the bathroom and sees you put deodorant on your face

                          • Bomba An
                            Bomba An  1 days back

                            If you are going to upload a new video make sure you are not using the same hacks

                            • Neto Barbosa
                              Neto Barbosa  1 days back

                              the is brisil

                              • amanda
                                amanda  2 days back

                                who else noticed that the old spice label went from saying lagoon to whitewater... oop

                                • MadJanitor88
                                  MadJanitor88  2 days back

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                                  • Huang Kirk
                                    Huang Kirk  2 days back

                                    9:45 reaction between vinegar and baking soda produce carbon dioxide, whose density is higher than air. That ballon physically should not float upwards

                                    • Kyle Cook
                                      Kyle Cook  2 days back

                                      The double toothbrush one I can’t do because my teeth aren’t straight I need braces and I’m only eight

                                      • CooKie Gacha
                                        CooKie Gacha  3 days back

                                        0.23 jak to cudnie wygląda POLSKA 🇵🇱🇵🇱 jak jesteś z Polski daj łapkę w górę pod moim komętarzem

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                                          amazon Kindle  3 days back

                                          I wahct all those hackes

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                                            Why is fair on thumbnail

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                                              Zoe Allise  3 days back

                                              They get so mad about one thing

                                              • WhiteSpino Animations
                                                WhiteSpino Animations  3 days back

                                                1:45 "i am so dumb i don't use the bottle of soap so instead i waste my time taking a ballon to make soap" ;-;

                                                • Prince Othniel
                                                  Prince Othniel  4 days back

                                                  .I'm trying the first life hack

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                                                    • Daisy French
                                                      Daisy French  4 days back

                                                      There is something called hand wash

                                                      • TheEnderBoiz
                                                        TheEnderBoiz  4 days back

                                                        1:43 how u gonna do that with no soap huh???

                                                        • Shea King
                                                          Shea King  4 days back

                                                          For the first hack......um why cant u just BRING the toothpaste

                                                          • Jack 1D1 PS
                                                            Jack 1D1 PS  5 days back

                                                            I only had to look at the first six items to lose complete interest, they make no sense in the effort be more realistic with your ideas! Take a look at: 33 Brilliant DIY Decor Ideas For Your Home as inspiration, short, simple, doable and cool music, good luck.

                                                            • Ronica K
                                                              Ronica K  5 days back

                                                              First of all why would we keep a bowl of nailpolish

                                                              • Amber Dudley
                                                                Amber Dudley  5 days back

                                                                I tried that that and it didn't work.

                                                                • salman mujeeb
                                                                  salman mujeeb  5 days back

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                                                                    *never saw this in a different channel that’s way better and does not lie*

                                                                    • queen squid
                                                                      queen squid  5 days back

                                                                      At 4:13 I'm wondering how they actually made the baby cry its a bit concerning

                                                                      • Taylor Britt
                                                                        Taylor Britt  3 days back

                                                                        Fun fact!
                                                                        Babies often cry all on their own, no prompting needed!

                                                                    • Peggy91193
                                                                      Peggy91193  6 days back

                                                                      Without a doubt, the most worthless hacks on YouTube. Clearly shown ONLY to earn money from advertising.

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                                                                        NiniPrice 31  6 days back

                                                                        Stop ussing plastic straws!!!

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                                                                          • Poppy Farrar
                                                                            Poppy Farrar  6 days back

                                                                            Why did they use chopsticks to dip a fried potato into marinara sauce?

                                                                            • Arelia Thierry
                                                                              Arelia Thierry  6 days back

                                                                              who is dipping chips in ketchup?

                                                                              • Rain S
                                                                                Rain S  7 days back

                                                                                Mom: were are you
                                                                                Me :playing game and see horror movies
                                                                                Dad :good

                                                                                • Taylor Britt
                                                                                  Taylor Britt  3 days back

                                                                                  I'm sorry but
                                                                                  What was the point of this comment
                                                                                  How does this relate to the video

                                                                              • sanila mohyuddin
                                                                                sanila mohyuddin  7 days back

                                                                                Where do you even get soap base from

                                                                                • KM VEJAYA PRASHATH KM VEJAYA PRASHATH

                                                                                  Super super

                                                                                  • KM VEJAYA PRASHATH KM VEJAYA PRASHATH


                                                                                    • Komal S. Singh
                                                                                      Komal S. Singh  7 days back

                                                                                      6:03 What's that plasticky thing in the ketchup? I'm out!

                                                                                      • Amaya Patel
                                                                                        Amaya Patel  7 days back

                                                                                        I only watch this cause I’m board. Lol 😂

                                                                                        • Gem Cooking
                                                                                          Gem Cooking  7 days back

                                                                                          It's great, Vietnamese food is also great, you can go to my channel to learn more about Vietnamese food :)

                                                                                          • FlooxdZ
                                                                                            FlooxdZ  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Bruh these are the most worst life hacks I’ve ever seen

                                                                                            • Sammy Cruz
                                                                                              Sammy Cruz  4 days back

                                                                                              FlooxdZ u need to learn to spell