Spooky DIY Science Experiment w/ Slime Food & How To Make Mystery Liquid Glow Challenge

  • Published: 27 October 2018
  • Learn how to make the top 5 best new DIY spooky Halloween science experiment projects with slime food from this mystery wheel of slime challenge game with a crazy funny oobleck liquid glow slime switch up prank with tiny Devan.

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    Brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in this awesome do it yourself squishy foam slime making challenge where chemistry and dress up costumes collide to make amazing and simple fun easy tips & tricks you can do at home. They pick slime ingredients like edible pumpkin in this cool tutorial you can try with your friends which is sure to make you laugh. They’ll test, try and carve pumpkin slime with many items in this entertainment Trick or Treat monster / life hack prank comedy education compilation viral video series.

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    Ingredients / Tools and supplies used:
    Pumpkin Slime
    Carving tool
    Pumpkin seeds
    Clear elmer's Glue
    Blow dryer
    White glue
    Corn starch
    Glow in the dark neon paint
    Dawn dish soap
    Cooking pan
    Water bottle

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