10 How To Hide Your Stuff DIY Ideas and More Back To School Hacks

  • Published: 22 August 2019
  • Are you eager to secure your most precious items? Perfect! We came up with a bunch of hiding techniques that will keep your stuff safe! Discover ways on how to send top secret messages to your agent friends using lemon juice or red filters. Learn how to hide your belongings within double drawers, hidden pockets, notebooks, plastic bottles and more! Hide and Seek - Here we go!

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    00:04 Lipstick Fingerprint Hack
    01:12 Red Pen Filter Message
    02:30 Phone within a Notebook
    03:31 Hidden Soda Bottle Pocket
    05:02 Secret Message with Lemon Juice
    06:26 Secret Garden Spare Key
    07:53 Dual Shelf Drawer Stash
    09:50 Secret Jeans Pocket
    10:42 Corn Jar Secret Stash

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