Steve Lacy Quintet - Italy 1984

  • Published: 15 June 2010
  • Steve Lacy Quintet - Italy 1984
    Arjen Gorter on bass

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  • Markus Breuss
    Markus Breuss  7 tháng trước


    • Matteo Maida
      Matteo Maida  9 tháng trước


      • 3340steve
        3340steve  9 tháng trước

        The European / American super group plays herbie Nichols in Italy.

        • UltrafiAV
          UltrafiAV  Năm trước

          Misha Mengelberg (piano), Han Bennink (drums), George Lewis (trombone), Arjen Gorter (bass), Steve Lacy (soprano)

          • Brad Maiani
            Brad Maiani  4 năm trước

            That's GOTTA be George Lewis on trombone...

            • John Bishop
              John Bishop  3 năm trước

              +Brad Maiani hi Brad, that is indeed George Lewis.

              • Speedy
                Speedy  4 năm trước

                I am floored! Thanks!

                • Alino Ogg
                  Alino Ogg  5 năm trước

                  Thank you. Really awesome and made in occasion of the recording of "Change Of Season". Very bad VHS quality for a precious footage of Masters at work. I have it too

                  • mike farmer
                    mike farmer  5 năm trước

                    Darn it, that should be Oliver Jackson on drums re my previous comment.Sorry bout that.

                    • bruno romani
                      bruno romani  Năm trước

                      drummer is han bennink

                      • mike farmer
                        mike farmer  5 năm trước

                        A superb video which reminds me a gig in Paris I went to at the Riverbop, which must have been one of the worlds' smallest Jazz clubs.Steve had his regular quintet with Bobby Few. Oliver Johnson, and Steve Potts who had to stand at the bottom of the stairs due to lack of space. Potts and Lacy got into some amazing stuff that night,lots of empaphy.

                        • gibrandroide
                          gibrandroide  7 năm trước

                          lacy rules!!! economic and creative.... amazing

                          • cardboardmusic
                            cardboardmusic  8 năm trước

                            maybe someone posted this already, but the musicians are : steve - soprano, george lewis - tmbn, han bennink - drms, micha mengleberg - pno. Ihope that's a good guess!

                            • bruno romani
                              bruno romani  Năm trước


                              • Tom Varner
                                Tom Varner  8 năm trước

                                bass player is : Arjen Gorter ( born 2 januari 1948, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

                                • vulvatronic
                                  vulvatronic  9 năm trước

                                  haha, the cigarrets hanging ...this we don´t that anymore! lacy´s playing always astonishes me...he´s able to say cunning things so economically and has great sound... misha mengelberg, han bennik, george lewis, right?...who´s on bass? and the song? it´s not monk? never heard this one.

                                  • John Bishop
                                    John Bishop  7 tháng trước

                                    @bruno romani the tune is Terpsichore by Herbie Nichols

                                    • bruno romani
                                      bruno romani  Năm trước

                                      i think it's an herbie nichols tune but i'm not shure