YelaWolf - Way Out

  • Published: 05 February 2013
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  • Daniel Strickland
    Daniel Strickland  1 months back


    • von jon
      von jon  7 months back

      More than life

      • Ga Zound
        Ga Zound  9 months back

        Yelawolf the best!!

        • Jennifer Cole
          Jennifer Cole  12 months back


          • Jennifer Cole
            Jennifer Cole  12 months back

            ALL THE WAY 333

            • Charles Madden
              Charles Madden  2 years back

              This fuckin song grew on me. Low key thumper!

              • Slick Nick
                Slick Nick  2 years back


                • Cardiacc Cardiacc
                  Cardiacc Cardiacc  2 years back


                  • Katrina Figueroa
                    Katrina Figueroa  2 years back

                    Sapphire Skills It was just a joke it is not real it's just me that i like Yelawolf a lot because i like some of songs.

                  • Katrina Figueroa
                    Katrina Figueroa  2 years back

                    I'm just kidding he's not gonna bite my butt and that is just a joke. ☺😹

                    • SXVPHIRE
                      SXVPHIRE  2 years back

                      Lol you came back to this video 7 months after your first comment to say it's a "joke"
                      You really want your ass to be bitten wtf.

                  • HOK1N
                    HOK1N  3 years back

                    am i the only one who sees the image movin?

                    • HOK1N
                      HOK1N  3 years back

                      great cover, matches the context, its a space trip

                      • Stephen Sturgis
                        Stephen Sturgis  3 years back

                        Mannnn I love this shit!

                        • Derek Shumate
                          Derek Shumate  3 years back

                          just took an eighth..way out

                        • Katrina Figueroa
                          Katrina Figueroa  3 years back

                          If Yelawolf sees my butt and thinks it is big. He will bite my butt with his white teeth! Ow!!!😥😯

                          • Kimberly Whitney Perez
                            Kimberly Whitney Perez  3 years back

                            spoke too soon but there is still faith I know that Im not like that though I could be... but if you don't don't care let me know please?

                            • Kimberly Whitney Perez
                              Kimberly Whitney Perez  3 years back

                              Im Love so me know when and where I'll go ... its to vs Rock metal show you showed up that been a few years now and so far Ive found you Michael when I challenged you a rap/rock vs metal/rock live show.... you showed up live... I give you that heart Most others wouldn't have the courage or heart....

                              • Kimberly Whitney Perez
                                Kimberly Whitney Perez  3 years back

                                We have now reached the outer limits I know my own can handle myself even if I fall Ill get back up... a lesson learnt don't party with too many strangers make sure your, friends are closer they will try to catch you if you fall... and if you do they will still tell you that you look beautiful... not everybody can have the best of both worlds its real life but im feeling like a fuckin alien  I've got my Native American Status I American born Birth Certificate and all... I have too much fun with you... I love my rocker friends don't get me wrong but... my style can be found and working in the music business it can come with frienships but I don't want anyone crashing... I will take my side Ok so Im having too much fun free stylez these others are kinda slow may not be the way thinking faster makes me feel happy.... these lyrics living on a prayer half way there and within each bible we find the happiness  read between the lines of defense when those demons try to take control... let me be one who can tell where my heart leads me, they can try to act as if but my feelings are true and im not a side show I know when there is nobody to call ill send out a message see if anyone bites...

                                • Andrew Gruhn
                                  Andrew Gruhn  3 years back

                                  it would help if youtube didnt block all the songs on this album except two

                                  • Jarrod Patrick
                                    Jarrod Patrick  4 years back

                                    I want more Catfish Billy shit. Hope the next album is rocking. all classics. Trial by fire. best believe I'm buying that shit. Always support True #Slumericans

                                    • Stefano
                                      Stefano  1 years back

                                      Trunk Muzik 3 is coming boiii

                                  • teka nina
                                    teka nina  4 years back

                                    Cops pulln up to tell me turn it way down! Im on my catfish billy shit

                                    • Jessy Wicht
                                      Jessy Wicht  4 years back

                                      My favorite Rappers.(no order)
                                      Yelawolf, Eminem Tech n9ne Kendrick Lamar MGK

                                      • Jessy Wicht
                                        Jessy Wicht  3 years back

                                        I love Hopsin

                                      • Dreswag 105
                                        Dreswag 105  3 years back

                                        ŠÅDßØÌ Ğ Same here

                                      • Creepy Coupons
                                        Creepy Coupons  3 years back

                                        jessy Wicht u said yelawolf and MGK!?!? U can only choose one, personally I choose yelawolf

                                      • Kool_ninja69
                                        Kool_ninja69  4 years back

                                        have you tried listening to hospin? I just started really feeling his music like acouple of months ago but I put him in that same group lol

                                    • Chilli Redluv Hillier
                                      Chilli Redluv Hillier  4 years back

                                      I'm more of a Metalhead, but this ain't bad

                                      • Steven  Case
                                        Steven Case  5 years back

                                        Yea is the shot a lot of his music hits home

                                        • D I L L I O N x
                                          D I L L I O N x  5 years back

                                          seen this dude 3 times and met him twice #slumerican  

                                          • Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson
                                            Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson  3 years back

                                            I mean I'm country too, but I've seen him 3 times as you have yourself. When I met him, he told me fuck you when I extended my hand, so it's whatever.

                                          • brian Evans
                                            brian Evans  3 years back

                                            D I L L I O N x It was the same for me, only thing that loosened him up was telling him I was Bama bout 2 hrs from where he grew up in Gadsden, Al., then he opened up.
                                            Ironically I was in a county south from home, a small town, walkied into a gas station and there he stood.. Michael Wayne Atha in Cullman, Al at a convenience store buying Monster and smokes.. so we chopped it then too.. hes laid back out of the spot light... cool ass dude

                                          • Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson
                                            Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson  4 years back

                                            Did he talk to you or just said whatsup, signed your thing, and moved on? he barely said anything to me when I met him

                                        • Samantha Summers
                                          Samantha Summers  5 years back

                                          Way outttt

                                          • Amanda Fisher
                                            Amanda Fisher  5 years back

                                            Love this dude!!!

                                            • john kapusovic
                                              john kapusovic  5 years back

                                              sounding good made me move, way-out

                                              • Blake Hebert
                                                Blake Hebert  6 years back

                                                This shit clean AF!!! Keep doin ur thang yellr!!!

                                                • Arty High
                                                  Arty High  6 years back

                                                  fuck kottonmouth aint got nothin in my backpack its just me

                                                  • Bryce Moore
                                                    Bryce Moore  6 years back

                                                    We havent heard MMLP2 yet :) I have alot of faith in that album haha

                                                    • Kaylan Harden
                                                      Kaylan Harden  6 years back

                                                      THANK YOU!

                                                      • Austin Travis
                                                        Austin Travis  6 years back

                                                        shit knocks if you got subs.

                                                        • Michael Jarvis
                                                          Michael Jarvis  6 years back

                                                          Que? Are you Deaf or perhaps your mind just can't keep up ? I understand every word lol

                                                          • Activist
                                                            Activist  6 years back

                                                            lyrics? what lyrics?

                                                            can't understand one word

                                                            • Sharia Moore
                                                              Sharia Moore  6 years back

                                                              love that shit

                                                              • salguodwons
                                                                salguodwons  6 years back

                                                                Hell ya, way out is out of this world

                                                                • Dakota Hoard
                                                                  Dakota Hoard  6 years back

                                                                  i agree with everything you just wrote

                                                                  • harrystcecilia
                                                                    harrystcecilia  6 years back


                                                                    • Courtney Truesdale
                                                                      Courtney Truesdale  6 years back

                                                                      Way outttttt<3

                                                                      • corey skooly
                                                                        corey skooly  6 years back

                                                                        Way OUT YELAWOLF ALL THA WAY

                                                                        • Josh Freeman
                                                                          Josh Freeman  6 years back

                                                                          Damn! oldschool catbishbillys back

                                                                          • Rjis Mhr
                                                                            Rjis Mhr  6 years back

                                                                            not about gangsters not about suckerz

                                                                            • Toonike94
                                                                              Toonike94  6 years back

                                                                              I prefer tech's delivery, but lyrically no one can touch em.

                                                                              • Neftali Casilla
                                                                                Neftali Casilla  6 years back

                                                                                IM SO FAMOUS COUNTRY FRESH , that i cant take one step in the fucking street when im public ,so i get em in!!

                                                                                • Brandon Hinton
                                                                                  Brandon Hinton  6 years back

                                                                                  Catfish billy shit motherfuckas!!!

                                                                                  • Brandon Hinton
                                                                                    Brandon Hinton  6 years back

                                                                                    All yelawolf slaps wit some subs!

                                                                                  • master123214
                                                                                    master123214  6 years back

                                                                                    huge tech fan but sorry bro hes not better than em man lyricaly em destroys everyone.