Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History.

  • Published: 24 November 2014
  • The mighty Thor and Zeus face off in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. Who won? You decide!
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    np & eL
    #epicrapbattles #zeus #thor

    ▼ CAST ▼
    Zeus: Nice Peter

    Thor: EpicLLOYD

    ▼ CREW ▼
    Executive Producers:
    Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

    Directed by:
    Forrest Whaley

    Animated by:
    Forrest Whaley, Sean Willets & Zach Macias

    Production Assistance by:
    Paul Hollingsworth

    Written by:
    Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

    Staff Writer:
    Dante Cimadamore

    Writer: Mike Betette

    Song Produced by:
    Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

    Song Mixed by:
    Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

    Beat Produced by:

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  • ERB
    ERB   9 months back

    ERB Season 6 is coming in Spring 2019. Do we need another animated battle? Do we need more gods? What d'ya say? Let us know. Whilst you are waiting for S6 to arrive, please check out our ERB2 channel. We have uploading some 'flash in the pan' videos like Ronald McDonald vs Burger King and PewDiePie vs T-Series.

    • GAGOmeganon PH
      GAGOmeganon PH  2 weeks back

      could you do some joker vs batman with all their versions assembled

    • Nick Aparicio
      Nick Aparicio  2 weeks back

      Do this one live action

    • banana bunka
      banana bunka  3 weeks back

      Heres an animated battle idea i just thought of Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson with Stan Smith joining midway through.

    • Prafull Tiwari
      Prafull Tiwari  3 weeks back

      Can we have ERB between leo messi v/s cristiano Ronaldo

    • Nicholas Murwin
      Nicholas Murwin  3 weeks back

      King Triton vs. Imelda Rivera. Two of the most despicable Disney non-villains ever put onscreen.

  • Brotxz Studios
    Brotxz Studios  1 days back

    Kratos been looking from the distance like

    • Sierra Brooks
      Sierra Brooks  1 days back

      "id spit in your face but you'd probably like it."

      • Megan Harter
        Megan Harter  2 days back

        I want to see the avengers vs Justice league rap battle to see who is the better understanding universe
        Also Zeus stop being mean to Loki

        • why am i here
          why am i here  2 days back

          "I will drop you like Greece's GDP"

          *Zeus.exe has stopped working.*

          • SirenHound
            SirenHound  2 days back

            I always thought that one of the ships had a Mr Burns Minifigure head, but now I see it is just a brick built front.

            • Rem. J.
              Rem. J.  3 days back

              Sad that absolutely no one is talking about the insane quality stop motion here... The way they gave so much life in these minifigures is incredible

              • Licensed Rock4
                Licensed Rock4  3 days back

                EPIC R- ‘has a stroke’ I say that was a draw

                • HKpanzer
                  HKpanzer  3 days back

                  I'd spit in your face, but you would probably like it. And make like your father and swallow my babies. Thor owns Zeus hard.

                  • MenisTwister
                    MenisTwister  3 days back

                    Thor: Valhalla-atcha boy & we'll flyte it out. But keep your Asgard up I ragnarok the house.

                    *Avengers come make sure everything is okay since Thor is unleashing so much power*

                    • phoenix
                      phoenix  3 days back

                      shape shifting rapist...on point

                      • Clutch Master
                        Clutch Master  3 days back

                        Lol Thor ya know it

                        • Freddy Myres
                          Freddy Myres  4 days back

                          0:55 Jesus that was good

                          • Trunks
                            Trunks  4 days back

                            1:06 Kratos

                            • Revain Man
                              Revain Man  6 days back

                              This is seriously THE best battle you ever did! Plz try more creative ideas as this!!! SO GOOD

                              • Lu HeDi
                                Lu HeDi  1 weeks back

                                If Kratos came in and killed them both, then I would have name my kids after the creators. Lol

                                • MageSkeleton
                                  MageSkeleton  1 weeks back

                                  i'm pretty sure it was a "council" not "democracy". you have to remember that democracy always fails. people only like it because black mail forces people on your side hence democracy.

                                  • knight punch
                                    knight punch  1 weeks back

                                    I thought this would be so stupid but it's probably the most interesting one

                                    • Duarte Vader
                                      Duarte Vader  1 weeks back

                                      *_Pennywise (Stephen King's IT) vs The Joker (DC Comics)._*

                                      • el_ burritoslayer
                                        el_ burritoslayer  1 weeks back

                                        Me: trying to sleep

                                        My brain: “I’ll kick your wrinkly dick back in your toga like Opa!”

                                        • anthony rowan
                                          anthony rowan  1 weeks back

                                          Greece was allied to Egypt so I want to say Zeus, but being part Irish I'm part Norse so I should say Thor. Hard to pick

                                          • Simon Norman
                                            Simon Norman  1 weeks back

                                            They should try teaming up with story time animators such as TheOdd1sout, Domics, Wolfychu, or Emirichu to animate a rap battle. This rap battle's appearance stood out from the rest.

                                            • Obie Chan
                                              Obie Chan  2 weeks back

                                              16,000 triggered Greeks

                                              • Chris RJ
                                                Chris RJ  2 weeks back

                                                Then your dad walks in and steps on your Legos.
                                                All three of them lost.

                                                • Nightmarefuel Gamer
                                                  Nightmarefuel Gamer  2 weeks back

                                                  Hey Thor, that three headed bitch is yo momma.

                                                  • Wolfly Gaming
                                                    Wolfly Gaming  2 weeks back

                                                    "Who would ever worship someone as abusive as Zeus is, your ruthless to humans, your crew is like the clash of the douches" so clean and the flow was perfect

                                                    • Lady snake84
                                                      Lady snake84  2 weeks back

                                                      Thumbs up if you're watching this while there's thunder outside. ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

                                                      • Kushal Garg
                                                        Kushal Garg  2 weeks back

                                                        Gotta say.. very well researched. I'll put your crossdressing neck in a noose! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

                                                        It's a reference to a story in Norse mythology. Thor once dressed as Freya to get inside a Jotunhiem and get his hammer back.

                                                        • JCC
                                                          JCC  2 weeks back

                                                          1:02 Is Zeus holding up Percy Jackson?

                                                          • GhostWolf671
                                                            GhostWolf671  2 weeks back

                                                            My explanation of why thor won

                                                            Zeus is definitely badass, he is the father of the gods, will murder those who leer at him, and the part where he said he's a bull was a reference to him trying to have an affair with Europa as a bull. His Greeks are the fathers of philosophy, and built democracy.
                                                            Definitely king pin, and you really got to go in depth with the mc hammer struck twice by greased lightning.
                                                            Lighter for you ship cause a viking just died was the best line.

                                                            All of these are good points of why he could win. But he didnt. He talked more about himself then he did roasting thor.

                                                            Thor actually roasted the hell out of Zeus. Saying hes a rapist, Went on about how bad zeus is and how he killed for little reasons. The spit in face part references that the Greek gods are bisexual. He also says how tough the Scandinavians are saying no matter the conditions of the seas, they still conquered and discovered the continents. The GDP (Gross domestic product) part was what hit everyone the most. And the "make like your daddy, and swallow my babies" is really clever because Zeus's father swallowed all of Zeus's brothers and sisters. So thor was making a whole cum swallow joke.

                                                            In conclusion
                                                            Zeus is really cool and number one in power, but had a ton of flaws and were easy to point out. He mainly talked about how great he was.
                                                            Thor is A viking who doesnt abuse power, may not be as powerful as zeus, but he has morale. So it was hard for Zeus to point out a specific flaw.

                                                            Thor Wins.

                                                            • Jaseer M
                                                              Jaseer M  2 weeks back

                                                              I don’t know it’s a close tie

                                                              • peters corner
                                                                peters corner  2 weeks back


                                                                • Make it Happen
                                                                  Make it Happen  2 weeks back

                                                                  Thor won but Zeus's " Ill put your crossdressing ass in a noose" was savage.

                                                                  • qed
                                                                    qed  2 weeks back


                                                                    • Thor Odinson
                                                                      Thor Odinson  2 weeks back

                                                                      I think I won cause I did good.

                                                                      • Ocular Oasis
                                                                        Ocular Oasis  2 weeks back

                                                                        Who’s still bumping this shit in October 2019 ?

                                                                      • God Almighty
                                                                        God Almighty  2 weeks back

                                                                        I never liked my nephew

                                                                        • Shadow Warrior
                                                                          Shadow Warrior  2 weeks back

                                                                          I'm sorry Zeus, you tried...but Thor hammered you in this one.

                                                                          • Али ди
                                                                            Али ди  2 weeks back

                                                                            Very cool

                                                                            • IsaacBear
                                                                              IsaacBear  2 weeks back

                                                                              I love how this battle is in Lego, but goes harder than every other rap battle.

                                                                              • Lord Meric
                                                                                Lord Meric  2 weeks back

                                                                                *cough* brucelee vs Clint eastwood*cough*

                                                                            • The Dragon Legault
                                                                              The Dragon Legault  2 weeks back

                                                                              This was more epic than savage

                                                                              • Nikola Vukicevic
                                                                                Nikola Vukicevic  2 weeks back

                                                                                Zeus win!

                                                                                • JOB gaming
                                                                                  JOB gaming  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Thor win

                                                                                  • Killer Box12
                                                                                    Killer Box12  3 weeks back

                                                                                    It’s been a while since I’ve come back to watch this and holy sh*t it slaps hard.

                                                                                    • にたい私は死
                                                                                      にたい私は死  3 weeks back

                                                                                      this is underrated

                                                                                      • Sean Walter
                                                                                        Sean Walter  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Rain, old man? This is hardly a drizzle. You couldn't give the women in my home land the sniffles. *underrated line*

                                                                                        • Sandra Lewis
                                                                                          Sandra Lewis  3 weeks back

                                                                                          In real mythology, Zeus isn't the FATHER of the gods, Kronos is.

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