• Published: 18 May 2019
  • Hi Everyone :)
    Welcome back!

    I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.

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    I don't know why youtube take down my 4th may video! So, I reuploaded it
    Hope you all will enjoy.

    This video contains :

    👉 Perspective Puzzle

    👉 Double Pendulum with Glow Tracer Screen

    👉 Micro-Mirror Interactive Art

    👉 Infinity Mirror Tea-light Candle

    👉 Spherical Lens

    👉 Radiometer

    👉 Air Stream Levitation / zero gravity

    👉 Metal Balance Bird

    👉 Fused Optical Fiber Inverter

    👉 Fused Optical Fiber Image Conduit

    👉 Am-241 in Wilson Cloud Chamber

    👉 Hoberman Sphere

    👉 Kaleidoscope Symmetry Physics

    👉 Pixelated Playing Cards

    👉 Monorail Top

    👉 Diamagnetic Racetrack

    👉 Maxwell’s Dynamical Top

    👉 Hyperboloid Spinner

    👉 Mercury Maze

    👉 Rocking Seagull Kinetic Art

    👉 Flying Seagulls by Otagiri

    👉 Viewing the Feel Flux Magnetic Field

    👉 Aqua Drop Puzzle

    👉 Atomix

    👉 Spheres on Inclines

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  • physicsfun
    physicsfun   4 months back

    I don't know why youtube take down my 4th may video! So, I reuploaded it
    Hope you all will enjoy.
    Stay turned it will PREMIERE TODAY!

    • Rinku Goyal
      Rinku Goyal  5 days back

      Hlo amazing

    • Ruinas Circulares
      Ruinas Circulares  2 months back

      Hi! i can`t find "Perspective Puzzle" in Ali Express, neither in your blog. Where can i buy it?

    • Vineyard -GHS-
      Vineyard -GHS-  2 months back

      Why don't you start your videos off with what you chose to put in your thumbnail maybe then people will start to respect you

    • Maaz Siddiqui
      Maaz Siddiqui  2 months back

      physicsfun impressive

    • bhsbass
      bhsbass  3 months back

      Youtube probably thought it was hate speed. 🤭

    RAJU RATHOD  4 days back

    Very nice

    • surender singh
      surender singh  1 weeks back

      I have seen it

      • Notman Hebert
        Notman Hebert  1 weeks back

        7:33 when I was around 6 I had one of these big enough for me to fit inside I don't know where it is now
        Well it was big enough for six-year-old me to fit inside I probably couldn't go inside now

        • Pawan Baranwal
          Pawan Baranwal  1 weeks back

          This channel need to have 20 million subscribers rather than 200k subscriber
          What kind of video it makes I just like it 👍👍👍👍

          • Pawan Baranwal
            Pawan Baranwal  1 weeks back

            It's not only word it is a fact , a true fact

          • physicsfun
            physicsfun   1 weeks back

            Thanks for your words :)

        • Nosta
          Nosta  2 weeks back


        • Technical Hackerm
          Technical Hackerm  2 weeks back

          Super extraordinary and excellent video I love it ..👌👌👌 Thank you for showing...

          • physicsfun
            physicsfun   2 weeks back

            Its all because of science, science and science :)

        • Alucard Jr
          Alucard Jr  1 months back

          11:53 Meu tio tinha esse labirinto! Brincava muito!

          • Parikshit Sharma
            Parikshit Sharma  1 months back

            Nice music

            • wisly saintelus
              wisly saintelus  1 months back

              Does anyone know where I can purchase the "sphere on an incline"?

              • physicsfun
                physicsfun   1 months back

                Please check out this link

            • lalit saywankar
              lalit saywankar  2 months back


              • Israf Ali
                Israf Ali  2 months back

                I love all your videos

              • Gamer's Stop
                Gamer's Stop  2 months back

                Ur the best no other channel can beat u

                • physicsfun
                  physicsfun   2 months back

                  Thanks for your words ❤️

              • Neha Jaiswal
                Neha Jaiswal  2 months back


                • Yusuf Abdillah
                  Yusuf Abdillah  2 months back

                  Unique and good job...

                  • Kaif Ansari
                    Kaif Ansari  2 months back

                    I hate physics but i saw this video i love physics thank you for making fun physics videos and keep it up.
                    Sorry for my bad english 😣

                    • Aryan Pal
                      Aryan Pal  2 months back

                      Dude I like all your videos and I am crazy 😂 about physics and know the reasons behind the phenomenon occuring in nature

                      • Aryan Pal
                        Aryan Pal  2 months back

                        I wanna be like you

                        • jyotish prakash
                          jyotish prakash  2 months back

                          Are you INDIAN🇮🇳🇮🇳

                        • Sai Harsha Allika VI2025-2026

                          I want to visit your home

                          • nimisha singh
                            nimisha singh  2 months back

                            From where can I buy zero gravity

                            • dark master
                              dark master  2 months back

                              If they made a tiny hover board why they cant make bigger hover board with its own skate place?

                            • محمد الملك
                              محمد الملك  2 months back

                              Thanx so mach
                              Wish 100000000 subscribe

                              • محمد الملك
                                محمد الملك  2 months back


                                • satish palika
                                  satish palika  2 months back

                                  Super bro

                                  • rap hite
                                    rap hite  2 months back

                                    Good job man

                                    • Munish Choudhary
                                      Munish Choudhary  2 months back

                                      Bhai in gadget ke video kha se download krta ho
                                      Please btao

                                      • Sathankumar A
                                        Sathankumar A  2 months back


                                        • Ishaan Garud
                                          Ishaan Garud  2 months back

                                          नमस्कार तू कसा आहे

                                          • Akash Mahajan
                                            Akash Mahajan  2 months back

                                            Hatts off to physics fun channel

                                            • SILVER 1
                                              SILVER 1  2 months back

                                              i am a commerce student.......still like ur vids.

                                              • physicsfun
                                                physicsfun   2 months back

                                                Thanks for showing your love and support for physicsfun

                                            • Minh Đạt
                                              Minh Đạt  2 months back

                                              The power of science has blow my mind!!!🤯

                                            • Ketan Singh
                                              Ketan Singh  2 months back

                                              I love your all vedios and your channel

                                              • Charles Huse
                                                Charles Huse  2 months back

                                                Some of the stuff shown can be found in the Edmond Scientific catalog.

                                                • Charles Rivet
                                                  Charles Rivet  2 months back

                                                  LOVE YOUR VIDS

                                                  • The Emerald Dragon Tamer
                                                    The Emerald Dragon Tamer  3 months back

                                                    Me:watches vid
                                                    Me:I love science now
                                                    Science teacher:someone got full marks in their test and it is (me)
                                                    Me:thanks physicsfun

                                                    • FlameMaker 816
                                                      FlameMaker 816  3 months back

                                                      1:24 to 1:33 uncomfortable sync

                                                      • Martebs 92
                                                        Martebs 92  4 months back

                                                        since u have a lot amazing toys, adopt me to be your kid 😆

                                                        • Lisa Godin
                                                          Lisa Godin  4 months back

                                                          I have the rocking seagulls! The paint chipped off so the birds aren't bright silver but I have it on a shelf. Have it so long I can't remember why I got it.

                                                          • Mr Sunshine
                                                            Mr Sunshine  4 months back

                                                            Aliens be careful of physics fun!

                                                            • The CoOl Guys creation
                                                              The CoOl Guys creation  4 months back


                                                              • dinesh kumar
                                                                dinesh kumar  4 months back

                                                                How Did you do the LAST ONE???!!! I WAS AMAZING

                                                                • Alien Investigator
                                                                  Alien Investigator  4 months back

                                                                  poor bird... its beak has struck on paris's effeil tower

                                                                • ART BOI
                                                                  ART BOI  4 months back

                                                                  THIS IS WITCHCRAFT

                                                                  • Datrebor
                                                                    Datrebor  4 months back

                                                                    You have some of the coolest toys out there. Its so much fun watching your videos. Looking forward to the next one.

                                                                    • Davide C.
                                                                      Davide C.  4 months back

                                                                      Simply amazing.🙀
                                                                      I want it all!

                                                                      • Neeraj Kumar
                                                                        Neeraj Kumar  4 months back

                                                                        In next video try to make webshooter.

                                                                        • Mocking69
                                                                          Mocking69  4 months back


                                                                          • physicsfun
                                                                            physicsfun   4 months back