5 Texting Signs He's Falling In Love With You | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

  • Published: 07 March 2019
  • Mat Boggs shares dating advice for women and five signs (via text!) that your man is falling for you.
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    3 Things You Can Say To Make Him Feel Like a Man
    5 Things Never to Say When Fighting (How To Communicate)
    What to Say When a ?Vanisher? Comes Back
    7 (FALSE!) Reasons You?re Still Single
    Funny First Date Story! Gotta hear this?
    What NOT to do on a First Date (Strange But True)
    Why he acts interested, then disappears?(The inside answer most don?t know)
    Scared of getting hurt again? Use this mindset?
    When Should You Sleep With Him?
    The Kind of Confidence Men Find Sexy
    5 Unusual Signs Your Man is into You!
    How to tell if he is emotionally available
    3 Affirmations to Attract Love
    3 Ways to Create More Self-Love
    Uncool is the New Cool (5 ?Uncool? Things I Do)
    Mat Boggs Bio:
    As a sought-after dating and relationship coach for women and international speaker, Mat Boggs has helped thousands of women understand men, improve their relationships, and attract the relationship they want.
    As the best-selling author of Project Everlasting, and creator of Cracking The Man Code, Mat Boggs? dating and relationship advice has been featured on national media including The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Oprah and Friends, and many more.
    Mat?s Mission: To increase love in the world, one heart at a time.
    As a dating coach for women, Mat believes that your history does not determine your destiny, and that you are more powerful than any circumstance you are facing. The relationship dream in your heart really can become the life you love living!
    Mat Boggs highly acclaimed relationship programs have served women around the world in all age groups from 20yrs old to over 70yrs old.
    If you’re interested in receiving help attracting love or improving your relationship click here: www.crackingthemancode.com/coaching/
    Directed and Editing By: Alexis Garcia
    Written By: Mathew Boggs

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  • Lisa Messina
    Lisa Messina  Il y a 9 heures

    Quality time is my top Love language, so I’d want to be around him and also take him places with me to enjoy activities I like or meet up with my friends. If I can figure out what is meaningful to him, I make an effort to do those things with or for him, because I thought of him.

    • Emokiriemi Abednego
      Emokiriemi Abednego  Il y a 4 jours

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      • Johnson Yuen
        Johnson Yuen  Il y a 8 jours

        The most close feeling must not be texts only but mutual close body and intimacy feeling interaction without distance absolutely!

        • Hope Marrie Eheng
          Hope Marrie Eheng  Il y a 8 jours

          When I fall in love to a man, I gave time to be with him and to make sure that he is appreciated with the small things, supported him with his goals and be the cheerleader that he can make it, also when he's sad, I'll make sure I'm with him to help him solve or just simply listen to what he says. Lastly, I included him to my prayers.

          • Joanne Herk
            Joanne Herk  Il y a 8 jours

            I smile a lot when I am with him and I make a lot of direct eye contact

            • Kelly M
              Kelly M  Il y a 10 jours

              wow I hope you're right....! havent had 'a talk (the talk)' yet!

              • Smariam yumiko
                Smariam yumiko  Il y a 13 jours

                In my opinion, if the girl start falling for the guy, she would give him space for him to express himself. She would be a great listener to his every problem.

                • Zenaida Cariaga
                  Zenaida Cariaga  Il y a 15 jours

                  Yes he did😘

                  • hieroglyphs
                    hieroglyphs  Il y a 18 jours

                    This is a complicated thing to answer lol. When I girl falls in love... It depends. I guess that's when we start testing you to see if we are in safe ground to let this feelings grow. This is when we would ask things that matter to us and ... if you have the wrong answer then we become distant, even tho we don't want to.

                    • Sherry White
                      Sherry White  Il y a 19 jours

                      I know I'm falling in love when I want to cook for him. In my family food is a love language. Sitting at the table having a meal with the ones you love has always been a big part of my life. So.. if I'm trying to cook something for you, that I know you will enjoy, its because I am letting you into my world and I have feelings for you. I want to thank you Matt! Your fun insightful videos are educating me on how to get what I want, and its working. I told a guy last year on our first date what I was looking for (monogamy, mutual respect and admiration, new adventures and amazing sex) and I got it! lol I have been told since then that my candidness is very attractive. I am not demanding nor putting any pressure on anyone, just stating what I would like to create in my life, honestly. So thank you to you, your wife and your beautiful family for spreading the love :-)

                      • Dana Petrova
                        Dana Petrova  Il y a 19 jours

                        Can't relate.

                        • Nanda Inggar
                          Nanda Inggar  Il y a 21 jour

                          He did all of them, but he never told me that he love me

                          • venny nurdiyani
                            venny nurdiyani  Il y a 23 jours

                            What do I do when I'm fall in love with a man?? I'm waiting for him... always waiting.... and waiting more..... because waiting is fun :)

                            • Sushmita Sutradhar
                              Sushmita Sutradhar  Il y a 25 jours

                              I never believed in theoretical love; but I feel so happy to hear you now. He is the one who did all this stupid things. Love is always pure and deep. ❤️ Though he isn't with me physically but he is safe in my heart.

                              • Wendy Doe
                                Wendy Doe  Il y a 25 jours

                                When he needs you for comfort, or a situation at that moment. You go to him immediately, WITHOUT any thinking of taking a shower, doing your hair,makeup, and dressing sexy. Maybe a quick of brushing your teeth. Why? Because he makes you feel beautiful, sexy,appreciates and accepts and respects you for who you are . Never compares or tries to change you . To me ,this is what makes me fall in love with a man.

                                • Mae Medina
                                  Mae Medina  Il y a 27 jours

                                  Is when i always to help.him out and become his cheer leader

                                  • Annette
                                    Annette  Il y a 28 jours

                                    Matt...i adore you..your advice and your videos. I wish youd do this video for men. For me its all about communication. As far as i figure..if hes not texting/communication then hes just not thinking of Me. Yes sure..we're all 'busy' and im soooooo over that excuse because even when im busy as heck i can still find 2 seconds to text sonething nice to someone. Why do guys say they Feel a connection yet fail to execute ANY of these 5 steps????? Maybe its just the ones i meet. I dont even remember the last proper date i went on...men dont seem to want to invest. Im just so deflated. I dont want to give up but im just so tired of the constant mismatch of words and actions. I miss feeling valued.

                                    • Eunice Mauldin
                                      Eunice Mauldin  Il y a mois

                                      When I fell in love with my honey, I felt my heart open like new rose on the bush. It just seemed to open and I could feel it. I had butterflies in my heart and stomache. I could feel this spiritual awakening so to speak, a completeness I have never felt before. A breath of very fresh air. I was lighter in soul and heart. It was wonderful and I still feel that way, like a school girl. Lols !!!

                                      • Rocker12 abfan1
                                        Rocker12 abfan1  Il y a mois

                                        I tell him I’m here for him, I support him on what he’s wanting to do to get ahead in life, he wanted to start a band I said do it

                                        • Carebear 2006
                                          Carebear 2006  Il y a mois

                                          When I’m falling for a man I will go out of my way to make his day a little easier. For example, my boyfriend has been working really hard at work and had to work late. We don’t live together but I knew he had been eating really crappy lunches because of how busy his days have been. On my way home from work the other day, I left him some leftovers in an insulated bag so his lunch for the next day was all set! I don’t know if it’s love yet but deep affection. I also will ask him about his day and do what I can to make him smile when he needs it. When I am falling for someone, I am confident in the relationship so I don’t freak out at little things like if he doesn’t text back right away. I use common sense to know he either forgot his phone or is in a meeting and sure enough, as soon as he got home I got the text back.

                                          • sherly pacheco
                                            sherly pacheco  Il y a mois

                                            I guess he doesnt love me😔

                                            • iamkatiedancer
                                              iamkatiedancer  Il y a mois

                                              Sharing struggles? Probably doesn’t count if he’s confiding in you about his relationship problems.

                                              • tracey gregory
                                                tracey gregory  Il y a mois

                                                I start to worry am I feeling like this and wasting my time with someone who don't feel the same so I get anxious and somewhat sad because I don't want to say anything and make him feel rushed while questioning it cause I'm a Gemini and that's how we roll🤦🏼‍♀️

                                                • atinele1986
                                                  atinele1986  Il y a mois

                                                  I want to protect him and watch his back, be his right hand.

                                                  • S Kate
                                                    S Kate  Il y a mois

                                                    I’ll become extremely brave when I’m in love with a guy haha

                                                    • Gabriel Caraballo
                                                      Gabriel Caraballo  Il y a mois

                                                      I told my crush: “hey I don’t know if this means anything to you but I love you.” And they said “Thanks” and I was MAD

                                                      • Ima Limabean
                                                        Ima Limabean  Il y a mois

                                                        When he comes near to me i can feel the heat from his body. The sight or thought of him gives me warm fuzzy's. I remember almost everything about our dates and conversations. It's like a heightened state of awareness or an extra sense. And i feel extremely loyal to him

                                                        • BrendaDVC
                                                          BrendaDVC  Il y a mois

                                                          Doing everything that I can for him, in other words move mountains for him.

                                                          • Jenn W
                                                            Jenn W  Il y a mois

                                                            i too check my messages first thing in the morning to see if he’s read my last post and I always check before bed. We don’t live in the same place so it’s difficult to determine the status of our relationship long distance, for now. We have shared struggles, we have had fun times, and we have had super busy texting days and some light texting days. But the main way that I know I can’t get him off my mind is when I am waiting for his text! He won’t let to much time go by but sometimes he lets too much time , for my comfort, go by and I feel insecure. it’s all I can do not to rapidfire text: what are you doing, how are you doing, what’s going on,all of that drama! I try to keep my cool as much as I can😂

                                                            • Danica Botha
                                                              Danica Botha  Il y a mois

                                                              When You always smile around them and feel a bit shy cuz you don’t want them to know your secret (that you’re falling fot him) because maybe he doesn’t feel that way....or when you try not to talk to him as much as you’d like cuz you don’t want to over-do it.

                                                              • The Linguist Addict
                                                                The Linguist Addict  Il y a mois

                                                                Or that he is a player

                                                                • rissa moxin
                                                                  rissa moxin  Il y a mois

                                                                  hi math.. honestly i man dating him almost 8 weeks..and its kinda im falling to him.😍and i really wanted to tell him how i felt.that i love him already but im just sacred that he will not felt the same way.so im just waiting for the right time if hes gonna tell me that magic words or i will just expecting for nothing.but i felt his really in to me..you know the type of a man that i look for was with him.the way he took cared of me everytime we're together was so great.that i wanted to stop the time to tick.so do you think is meed to tell him first the magic word??thank you for the response

                                                                  • Jameela Earlest
                                                                    Jameela Earlest  Il y a mois

                                                                    When I fell in love.. I text him.Take care of yourself and Be safe Give him words of encouragement..to keep motivating him in what goals he set. I let him know what my future plans are. Most importantly I let him know that I trust him.

                                                                    • Tania Richter
                                                                      Tania Richter  Il y a mois

                                                                      My hubby is first prioritie🐯😊🐯 the one l call on if l feel sad/﷼happy love sharing things with him . I . love his laugh sooooooo cute getz me every time. He's my go 222🐣🐱🐣💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝🎉🎉🎉

                                                                      • LemansSunset350
                                                                        LemansSunset350  Il y a mois

                                                                        I’m sure your wife hates hearing your stories about your past girl friends 😂. And how could she not feel the same way. You’re the total package.

                                                                        • Susan Winters
                                                                          Susan Winters  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                          I text him hugs every morning. He’s the reason I now get up so early. 😄

                                                                          • Thelma Aigbogun
                                                                            Thelma Aigbogun  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                            I tell him and make him feel like a king. He becomes priority and help him in every way I can.

                                                                            • alcudiababe1
                                                                              alcudiababe1  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                              See, I don't think all this advice is just for single women. Some of this advice is good for while you are in, committed loving relationships because as women, we can always stand to learn something

                                                                              • Maritza Velasquez
                                                                                Maritza Velasquez  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                When Ive fallen in love I block anyone who is flirting or trying to have more than a relationship with me.

                                                                                • cathryn boydston
                                                                                  cathryn boydston  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                  Make him feel special and cared for.. attentiveness and bf status. Although still keeping self as #1, with him knowing that he is the one and only guy for me..

                                                                                  • M AR
                                                                                    M AR  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                    Guys .. so what if he is my ex.. he still do all these 5 .. he literally did all of these but still not proposing me back as hes .. so what actually he want in this case? and what should I do ?

                                                                                    • K L
                                                                                      K L  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                      When I fall in love I want to take care of the man. I give him my time. I make a way to see him. I respond quickly to his texts and requests to see me. I do things for him to show I care.

                                                                                      • MiiSsMiiNa
                                                                                        MiiSsMiiNa  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                        Does actually anyome know the piano song playing in the background?

                                                                                        • Sachi Wachi
                                                                                          Sachi Wachi  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                          4:08 goodnight and ... goodnight

                                                                                          • tisha k
                                                                                            tisha k  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                            Wow intro... ❤️

                                                                                            • S M
                                                                                              S M  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                              my bf is 2/5 😫

                                                                                              • Ally Nicholson.
                                                                                                Ally Nicholson.  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                Heya wait.. what...Stryggles.... Hes already in... with😱 Omgggg ..........😱 *Dies on the spot*

                                                                                                • Natasha V
                                                                                                  Natasha V  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                  Say good morning, good night, send texts during the day even when u r really busy at work..this is because he is in yr thoughts at that moment no matter how busy u r, u set it all aside and made him priority. Texts back immediately 9 out of the 10 times, unless their job is of such a nature they cant have their phones by them. Emojis start to change...become more intimate and 🤩😍❤💖😘 lol...the more he opens up and expresses feelings the more u do....showing more support, more care, more of all the good love stuff... 😂😉 hope this helps you men out there...and good luck in the romance department!

                                                                                                  • day c.
                                                                                                    day c.  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                    I like the change in scenery

                                                                                                    • Claudia Wolf-Davey
                                                                                                      Claudia Wolf-Davey  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                      I try to make available as much of my free time for him.

                                                                                                      • Armandina White
                                                                                                        Armandina White  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                        If I'm falling/in love, I try to dive deep and really be there in his times of need. "Ride or die". Otherwise it's. " Yeah, uhuh, I feel for ya but you'll be alright".

                                                                                                        • chrysler lee leee
                                                                                                          chrysler lee leee  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                          What if he is your friend how can.u tell

                                                                                                          • Angela Wilson
                                                                                                            Angela Wilson  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                            I’ve hit 6 months in a long distance relationship with a guy living in the bordering country from me. I’m wondering on average what point in time/how long when they start to feel like they’re falling in love? Especially if there’s any other ldr people out there cuz it’s obviously a big difference when you don’t get the physical face to face experience. We plan to meet next January during my winter break & I’m so excited thinking about it. This is my first relationship ever & It’s not like I expect to feel love any time soon coming off of mostly online messaging & some long phone calls here & there. I’m sure that when we spend time together in person that will really have a powerful effect!

                                                                                                            • Angie Land
                                                                                                              Angie Land  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                              I worry about him. I want to text or talk to him periodically and spontaneously. I can’t wait until I see him again. I invest my time to listen to him, I take mental notes on his body language and how he looks at me.. I have genuine interest in moving forward and getting to know his idiosyncrasies.

                                                                                                              • Jeh Han
                                                                                                                Jeh Han  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                Difficult to recognize for now a days coz men are playing safe of many girls.. A liar . 😁 with a lot of sweet talks ... Damn .... Too late for me to know that he has lot of women and made them pregnant as i am now , and talk to me about his plan in the future but never mentioned about commitment or married things . 😅

                                                                                                                • FluffyCakes Lives
                                                                                                                  FluffyCakes Lives  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                  I always love wearing my partners shirts - especially when we're apart because I can smell his cologne.. When I ask for a shirt..THAT is when I'm falling in love!😊

                                                                                                                  • Claudia Plantak
                                                                                                                    Claudia Plantak  Il y a mois

                                                                                                                    @FluffyCakes Lives I'm a Taurus, maybe that has something to do with it lol

                                                                                                                    • FluffyCakes Lives
                                                                                                                      FluffyCakes Lives  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                      @Claudia Plantak I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who snuggles up with tshirts on my pillows!😊

                                                                                                                      • Claudia Plantak
                                                                                                                        Claudia Plantak  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                        Love that. When my partner and I met, we still lived 3 hours away from each other. He would leave a worn t-shirt for me and I'd sleep with it on my pillow so I could breath in his scent all night, and when I got home from work. It was kind of hokey, but I love that he understood that craving I had and indulged it.

                                                                                                                        • GypsyRock
                                                                                                                          GypsyRock  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                          Summary: 1.he texts you first thing when he wakes up and/or last thing before he goes to sleep 2. He shares his exciting news with you first 3. If you’re sad or sick he’ll make it his mission to make you feel better/happier. Still wants to see you even if you’re sick in your sweats. And if u let him seee you like that he feels special in your presence and so then you become special to him 4. Shares his struggles with you. This also means he’s likely ALREADY in love with you because it’s way harder and more embarassing to share struggles as a man 5. He plans fun creative dates for you. Wants to impress u and give u amazing new experiences

                                                                                                                          • GypsyRock
                                                                                                                            GypsyRock  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                            Video starts at 3:52 😉👍🏻

                                                                                                                            • mina mimi
                                                                                                                              mina mimi  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                              I give him my monthly work roster. Include him in my busy schedule. Ask for his opinions. I cook for him. Etc

                                                                                                                              • Rachna Anand
                                                                                                                                Rachna Anand  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                Just amazing.... You have actually taken out heart of a man.exposed inner deep feelings 💘

                                                                                                                                • My Autistic, DID/MPD Life
                                                                                                                                  My Autistic, DID/MPD Life  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                  When I know I love a man. When ever he gets sick I will drop everything and take care of all him needs to getting better. He may not like and sometimes fight against the fact he needs another to care for him. I will take him to the bed and tell him. "Look your too sick to be up just stay in bad and I'll make sure you have all you need. I'm going to take care of you while your sick weather you like it or not." I keep at it till he gives in. Then after he's better and I get sick from him I don't tell him he made me sick. I'll just lay in bed and do what I need to get better. It doesn't matter that I got sick caring for him. Even if he didn't doesn't realize I'm sick, and I knew most likely I would get sick. I still took that risk. I noticed after he finally gave in and got in bed that he didn't complain about the facts of him not thinking or feeling he didn't need me to care for him. There's not many chances to show your willing to care for his every need. Only when he's sick and I make him get in bed and stay there till he's better.

                                                                                                                                  • My Autistic, DID/MPD Life
                                                                                                                                    My Autistic, DID/MPD Life  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                    When the woman starts showing you a mother's love it's because she's already thinking of how amazing having children with you would be. That will take place after she already knows she loves you. Women only think about having a man's child if she already knows she loves him. Weather she's said it or not. In less she's dysfunctional and no man needs a dysfunctional mother raising his children.

                                                                                                                                    • My Autistic, DID/MPD Life
                                                                                                                                      My Autistic, DID/MPD Life  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                      I understand that if we had stayed together till we would grow old. That if ever there was anything he was not able to do for his self care. He would know I'd make sure he had all he needs. Grow men still need moments where there reminded just because they grew up that dosen't mean sometimes you still need a mother's love. Just as a child's mother with make the child stay in bed till they are no longer sick. As a man it's not so easy to get him to that bed and put there. In a relationship there's happy and sad moments they share and grow from. Just as men seek out a woman for companionship. It's more then just in the bedroom and in front of the TV or going out and having fun. He's looking for a woman to spend a life with. Just as the love a mother has for her child. That mother out of love will make the child do things the child may not want to do. Like staying in bed when sick when they'd rather be outside playing. Despite all of his protest I knew he did not need a girlfriend at that moment. In a relationship you are there for each other as the people you are. First you grow to care for each other. The real you no one can see because it's locked away inside a body that one day will be gone. For some reason men in relationships allow and go along with the woman taking care of the person witch is not the same as caring for there body. Men grow up thinking they don't need a mother. Men feel the things there mother did for them out of love. That it's not needed because they are grown men now and can take care of themselfs.Well after he got over the fact that he was going to that bed and stay there till he got better. He stopped insisting they he didn't need me. The truth is when I realize I truly love someone and I'm in a relationship with them. That will love and be there for the person he is inside. What he didn't realize was the love I had for him was more then just words or actions. That my love for him includes not only be there for the man inside that body but also for the body of the man I love. For just as I love him. I love being someone he know he can depend on. And if that means I keep talk about him getting in that bed till he's better. Knowing just to shut me up he gives in. Once he hit that bed. He just laid there and slept. For a few days he was sick. Not once did he complain. When I woke him up for medicine, or when I woke him up to drink Sprite and water or woke him up to have him eat soup. And even when I'd bring again and again a cool wash cloth for his head. I'd have him lay when the cool wash cloth could cool the part of his head that had been on the pillow. When I just needed to change the wash cloth and not have him roll over. He would moan in his sleep as I took off the hot one and replaced it with a cool one. If he did wake up the didn't let on. Two days in I got sick and felt like c*** . He was still sick I never let on he got me sick. I did what I needed to get better while caring for him. But I'll tell you one thing after he was better and I could hear him watching TV I scream out. I need soup exc.... Granted I still got up and did my own washcloth and medicine and all the rest. It was still nice to know he would bring me soup. When men get sic they clam they don't need you to take care of them. Once they get in bed so you stop bothering then. They realize sometimes you don't need the love of a girlfriend you need the love of a mother. Most men have a hard time accepting the love a mother gives may just might come from someone that's not there mother. What would a grown man be so adamant about. You keeping them in bed and taking care of them till there better. Men grow up and leave there mother to look for a different kind of love. Sometimes just sometimes men in relationships don't understand that the woman they met might fall in love with them. Men leave home find someone to have a relationship with and when love is perceived to be a certain way because it's a different kind of relationship he had with his mother. Men tend to underestimate that a mother's love and a spouses is love is different in some way. The love his mother has for him and the love I have for him has only one thing in common. His mother and I both love the same person. And if that means I see he's sicker then a dog and telling him to get in bed intill he's better. That I'll make sure he has all he needs. And he wants tell me he don't need me to take care of him. You men best expect your going to see the love of a mother. It's not about what kind of relationship you have with someone. The only thing that's different is the love is coming from some that has never loved you before. Real honest Love is pure, free and unconfined. Anyone that truly loves you. The love is the same. It's the person that changes. So men if ever your woman that your with hoping it will last till you grow old together. In those times where you think of a mother's love. Like when your sick or you feel like crying as soon as the front door closes. Go to her let her hold you like a mother till your all cried out and when sick let her put you to bed and suck up the fack that. She's healing your body. And when you come in from the cold ask her to draw you a warm bath because your cold. You have a chance to find out if this woman has a mother's love inside her. Let her share a mother's love with you. For you stubborn men that find no reason for your woman to care for you with the love of a mother. You get a boo boo working on your car. Even if you know what you need to do for that cut or scrape. Put your pride in check. For if this woman is able to show a grown man a mother's love. Think how much she will love your children. Knowing that as you let her show you the love of a mother. She will know that her man will let her love your child with a mother's love that you know she has inside of her because you've seen it your self. The men that truly find themselves in love don't you need to know before you say the words l love you. That she will be able to love your children, not with the love you share in a relationship, but with a mother's love. Dose it matter at all if you've both said I love you and have kids and she dose not have the capacity or understanding of what a mother's love is. Are you men willing to risk saying I love you before you have experience directly from her too you. The kind of love only a mother can give. With love there's the chance it may lead to marriage and children. She may love you. How do you know she will love your children the way a mother's love is ment to be. Come home cold and see if she will draw you that warm bath. See if when sick she will do everything to heal your body. See if when you feel like crying just go to her and grab her and start crying out all your problems. Then tell her what's wrong and see if she still holds you as you talk and after you can't talk anymore see if she still holds you. That's a true real pure, free, and unconfined mother's love. Men allow these things to happen. For by letting the woman you love or might love is it not worth everything to know that this woman will have the love your children need from her, because the love she gives you. Dose not mean anything when she it's able to love your child. Any woman can share her love with a man. Her love she shares with you. Will that be the same love she shares with your child. Men may find an amazing woman that loves them the the fullest. Just because a grown woman is able to love a grown man. Dose that mean a grown woman is able to love a defenseless child. Will she draw them a bath when they are cold and can't do it themselves. Will she hold then as they cry then still hold them and take the time to hear all there problems and still hold them after there done talking. Will she heal there little bodies Everytime they are sick. Will she stop whatever she's doing when your child gets hurt and be there when they need that band-aid. And when they get hurt that the child has no words and sits there scream crying because there body got hurt really bad this time. Will she hold your child and keep looking till she finds the cause of there pain and do what needs to be done. As only a mother's love is able to give your children all that they need to grow up happy knowing that even if no one else in this world finds your child as someone worth loving. Your child will always know. Even though I can't find anyone willing to love me. I know mommy and daddy have always loved me. So I know I'm going to be alright. What ever woman you start to love take the time and allow her to show you she also has a mother's love. For if she can take care of drawing you a warm bath when cold, putting band-aids on all your boo boos, holding you when you cry intill your ready to talk then still hold you after your done talking just to let you know it will be alright. Then just imagine how much more you'll love her when what she did for you with a mother's love. You'll see her share that same mother's love she has shown you. Shared with the children you and her both made together.

                                                                                                                                      • Tracy Banks
                                                                                                                                        Tracy Banks  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                        Thanks..for shearing..for me..to give The the empression..are let the man no im in love with him..is listen, think carfully..and adress..any concerns..he may have..be careful..with the words in witch..i use ..when im responding..cause!! My Gold is to see..if what he is shearing with me..seams are feel like its has..stress him..are is its somthing..confused about..and if Im. Texting him witch..i do alot..see if..he wonts me to shear thoughts of mine..can bring..a..calmness and ..ease to him..mentally. .and.listen to see if ..he..feels. Confedent..he got it!..are. See if he sounds different..cos..i love him..and any way! To calm him..and leave the confersation..knowing..all will be well..makes me feel good..and. Next time i talk to him..im sure..strees wont..and cant..Dominate..are conversation..cos now..that stress has Been adressed..i notice. .hes. Joyful..happy..and we can..love talk..and..laugh togeather. Cos..he not talking Stressful..are worried about somthing!! We both..can talk..sorry!..soo..long comment.. [email protected] Instacam..GraM Skylove777777

                                                                                                                                        • Erin Melnik
                                                                                                                                          Erin Melnik  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                          5 texting signs that show I like a Man 1 I ask a lot of questions to try and find out if we are compatible 2 I make the texts interesting for him by being subtly playful/teasing, using good vocabulary and not using words that are "ugly" 3 I never overwhelm them by being impatient 4 Inside Jokes and Emoji's 5 texting "Have a nice day" or "Take care" when i end the conversation

                                                                                                                                          • Heavenly Organic Beauty
                                                                                                                                            Heavenly Organic Beauty  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                            I am a confident women! I am not afraid of saying what I feel! However, I find it hard to date in Miami, Florida.

                                                                                                                                            • lightinthedusk
                                                                                                                                              lightinthedusk  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                              I just realised I have no idea what I do when I am falling in love as I have not experienced it before :/ I have only experienced crushes or a deep care/affection for a close guy friend. With crushes, I tended to just pretend I didn’t have a crush on them and avoid them haha. With deep affection/care for a guy friend, I just care about them, their wellbeing and their happiness and wanna support or comfort them when they’re down. I guess the latter can be considered platonic love? But I dunno about falling in actual love

                                                                                                                                              • SJ
                                                                                                                                                SJ  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                                nothing worse than falling in love with a woman who hasn't quite fallen for you... as a man, it takes a LONG time to recover ... Ladies... treat lightly.. we're a lot weaker than you might think..

                                                                                                                                                • Gogo Shagara
                                                                                                                                                  Gogo Shagara  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                                  Text him all the day long .. many times it's a real good sign that the woman mind is full of you..

                                                                                                                                                  • Gogo Shagara
                                                                                                                                                    Gogo Shagara  Il y a 2 mois

                                                                                                                                                    Let him guide this relationship, we will reach our 40 age and he will be still not sure how he feeling towards you.. If he is not sure then why she waste her time with him let find another man the new guy will make the first one really realize what kind of feelings he have for the girl..

                                                                                                                                                    • Rachael Hope
                                                                                                                                                      Rachael Hope  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                      When I fall in love with a man... I freak out. A lot. I might even pull back for a while to clear my mind.

                                                                                                                                                      • Pirate_ Princess9
                                                                                                                                                        Pirate_ Princess9  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                        I simply just chat and text him. Im really bad at that with everyone but i try my hardest to remember to talk to him every day so i know how hes doing. Especially since we live 3000 miles apart. 3hr time difference makes it hard to call but a text you can read when you have a free moment. Kinda makes it hard to say good morning or good night but we manage to on occasion lol. Hes the best 💙💜

                                                                                                                                                        • Ewa Ch.
                                                                                                                                                          Ewa Ch.  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                          When we fall in love we want to share it with the world as well and I personally start caring much about his health and life. For example I say to him to be careful on the road.

                                                                                                                                                          • Monica Franc
                                                                                                                                                            Monica Franc  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                            He does do that😱😱😱😱😱

                                                                                                                                                            • Cindy White
                                                                                                                                                              Cindy White  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                              I’m wondering if my SO watched your video ! ? Bc everything is what he likes . So maybe , he is MR. right !!!

                                                                                                                                                              • Daniela Uhunmwangho
                                                                                                                                                                Daniela Uhunmwangho  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                                When I am in love i am supporting and optimistic

                                                                                                                                                                • Ae Re
                                                                                                                                                                  Ae Re  Il y a 3 mois

                                                                                                                                                                  When I fall with a guy; I cant help but look at my phone looking forward to his messages And every moment makes my face feel so hot and I become giggly like a weird person