Now Live: Tides of Vengeance

  • Published: 11 December 2018
  • Take to the battlefield with a new Warfront, Battle for Darkshore; new dwarf and blood elf Heritage Armor; Faction Assaults; and more.

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  • Милош Чечар
    Милош Чечар  2 months back

    Hear these words Alliance dogs, the Zandalari have been here longer than you could ever dream, no matter what happens this day, Zandalar will stand long after your pathetic Alliance has crumbled to dust.

    RIP Alliance lol

    • Loris
      Loris  5 months back

      Who‘s here after the Rise of Azshara Features Trailer? 😁

      • Jaba Song
        Jaba Song  5 months back

        What is the song in this trailer?

        • Head Phones
          Head Phones  5 months back

          Hear dis words...

          A lion stalks!

          • Dean Jax
            Dean Jax  6 months back

            great alliance gets a new raid but horde gets nothing.....

            • irij
              irij  5 months back

              Dean Jax What????? Do you even play the game?

          • Gakgaming
            Gakgaming  7 months back

            ZANDALA FOREVAAAA!!!

            • UncleBobbyBkklol
              UncleBobbyBkklol  8 months back

              you want to stay?

              YOU STAY HERE FOREVER!

              • FusselKev
                FusselKev  8 months back

                Am I wrong or does the Zandalari have similarity's with Wakanda?

                • Linkandzelda
                  Linkandzelda  8 months back

                  I like the callbacks to the ZA trailer with the monologue.

                  2.3 did it better tho " You wanna stay?! You stay here forever!! We gonna bury you here" >>>> "Zandalar Forever"

                  • User name
                    User name  8 months back

                    Cool idea to make trolls an Indian accent! Lmao

                    • André Passani (yt)
                      André Passani (yt)  9 months back

                      i really can't get the hate on blizzard, look at this people

                      • Illidan Stormrage
                        Illidan Stormrage  9 months back

                        Wakanda Forevah!

                        • Valkoor Ice
                          Valkoor Ice  9 months back

                          Now he’s dead lol

                          • pa1nthedark
                            pa1nthedark  9 months back

                            I like how from the best MMO out there this game became a rip off of every "WoW Killer" MMO from 2008-2012 :D :D :D

                            • Chase
                              Chase  9 months back

                              Dead game

                              • Roma_Gottwald
                                Roma_Gottwald  9 months back

                                Now you gonna see, this is Captain Alex

                                • fyrestorme123
                                  fyrestorme123  9 months back

                                  da zandalah ah moar rrrrrastafarian dan u alliance dogz could evah drim

                                  • snakex555
                                    snakex555  10 months back

                                    Which alliance fanboy tookover the storytelling this time?

                                    • Dusan Savic
                                      Dusan Savic  10 months back

                                      Zandalar forever, for the Horde!

                                      • Raul odysei
                                        Raul odysei  10 months back

                                        WAKANDA FOR EVER

                                        • Elena
                                          Elena  10 months back

                                          ☐ It's only Alpha!
                                          ☐ It's only Beta!
                                          ☐ It just Released!
                                          ☐ Patch will fix it!
                                          *(⮜ you are here)*
                                          ☐ It might be little bad but next xpack will surely fix everything!

                                          • Tomato
                                            Tomato  10 months back

                                            People who disliked this video are just sheep

                                            • Silver
                                              Silver  9 months back

                                              And you arn't a sheep being a blind fanboy?

                                            • gamefan987
                                              gamefan987  10 months back

                                              Sure why not

                                          • Diogenes FR
                                            Diogenes FR  10 months back

                                            LEAVE ACTIVISION!!!

                                            • Emre Anşin MV
                                              Emre Anşin MV  10 months back

                                              this is an awesome trailer , why that much dislike ? i guess they are alliance dogs !

                                              • Kara
                                                Kara  10 months back

                                                Nothing can be good for tribes people when whites come ashore...history is an eyewitness.

                                                • Desperado070
                                                  Desperado070  10 months back

                                                  We have been here much longer than you have, hmmm africans against whites? ... sigh blizzard

                                                • Éire-ice36
                                                  Éire-ice36  10 months back

                                                  Fix your game and the hype will be real.

                                                  • Daniel Perenyi
                                                    Daniel Perenyi  10 months back

                                                    I want the music right now, please tell me that I can find it somewhere in the OST

                                                  • Shaha man
                                                    Shaha man  10 months back

                                                    Poor Gorilla - he sacrificed everything to become this monster and be killed and resurrected again ;(

                                                    • Xendor Dawnburst
                                                      Xendor Dawnburst  10 months back

                                                      I'm gonna make a wild guess and say I won't be able to get here before I reach level 20.
                                                      I understand why there's a $15 monthly subscription for playing after reaching that level. But boy I wish I could afford that!

                                                      • Robofist 05
                                                        Robofist 05  10 months back

                                                        Resubing for the trailer

                                                      • mihal greksa
                                                        mihal greksa  11 months back

                                                        Animation is epic, game still sucks :)

                                                        • UsmValor
                                                          UsmValor  11 months back

                                                          What is the point of releasing this trailer now?

                                                          • Apollo Baker
                                                            Apollo Baker  11 months back

                                                            "TIMEGATIN' FO'EVAH!" - Blizzard Incorporated.
                                                            To be honest if they had a lot of the content open from over the Christmas period would had been good.
                                                            Woulda had people on Uni-holidays, particular jobs (not all) would've had holidays too, it's Christmas time so everyone's jolly in raids / making jokes to cope with depression. But nope. "Lets launch when they all go back to work / busy with life."

                                                            • Emre Anşin MV
                                                              Emre Anşin MV  11 months back

                                                              Hear these words alliance dogs !

                                                              • Dan Svoboda
                                                                Dan Svoboda  11 months back

                                                                Best expansion ever :)

                                                                • roberto dominance
                                                                  roberto dominance  11 months back

                                                                  i LOVE BFA <3

                                                                  • Richard .Simmons
                                                                    Richard .Simmons  11 months back

                                                                    Warfronts and island expeditions are NOT worth devoting entire patches to.

                                                                    • Sergio Navarro
                                                                      Sergio Navarro  11 months back

                                                                      I need the soundtrack. Love it

                                                                      • János Tóth
                                                                        János Tóth  11 months back

                                                                        And the endboss for Alliance is *drumroll*...Jaina Proudmoore. Not joking, read the PTR forums.

                                                                        Blizzard f*cks Alliance 8.1, just as expected. :)

                                                                        • irij
                                                                          irij  9 months back

                                                                          János Tóth You fight them as a flashback, you turn to horde. You are not killing your own faction.

                                                                        • János Tóth
                                                                          János Tóth  11 months back

                                                                          @099Nitro Rastakhan is built up as an expendable character from day one, just like Katherine Proudmoore. Making horde players to kill him is another terrible idea obviously.

                                                                          However, those horde players will recapture their city later, defeat the invaders and fight an actually important character at the end.

                                                                          No such relief for the other side. As an alliance character you follow a plan that makes no sense at all, kill an unknown (unless you have a horde alt) troll in a big hat, achieve nothing (see the setting for 8.2), flee from the actual fight against the Obersturmbanndracula and finally forced to fight with your own leaders. No sense off accomplishment at all. The encounters are mechanically excellent, but the narrative is an utter disaster.

                                                                        • 099Nitro
                                                                          099Nitro  11 months back

                                                                          @János Tóth Rastakhan dies. Jaina not. This is the true inbalance and bias here.

                                                                        • János Tóth
                                                                          János Tóth  11 months back

                                                                          @099Nitro It's irrelevant how they call it...curve, cutting edge and mythic mount are all tied to this encounter. She is the endboss for both faction.

                                                                          And she may live at the end, but you still have to wipe on you our own faction leader for weeks (at least on mythic difficulty). In the "choose your allegiance" expansion. Perhaps the most retarded idea Blizzard ever shoveled into any raid.

                                                                        • 099Nitro
                                                                          099Nitro  11 months back

                                                                          Jaina doesent die and your fight is just a flashback.

                                                                      • Vencihris
                                                                        Vencihris  11 months back

                                                                        How dare they use dogs as offense.
                                                                        I am looking at you Jaina.

                                                                        • Elorien L
                                                                          Elorien L  11 months back

                                                                          VAKANDA FOREVER

                                                                          • 12345635303
                                                                            12345635303  11 months back

                                                                            I want a class like the king

                                                                            • YhelloWish
                                                                              YhelloWish  11 months back

                                                                              TAAZZZ DING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

                                                                              • Jiří Kasal
                                                                                Jiří Kasal  11 months back

                                                                                Guys, who want back good old days so may start playing on new server Netherwing, which will be launch on 4th January. Pure Blizzlike, no transaction, no shop.

                                                                                • Skyblade12
                                                                                  Skyblade12  11 months back

                                                                                  Gee, a minute and a half of "Alliance sucks". And no one is surprised. No dev bias, of course.

                                                                                  • Luis Filipe
                                                                                    Luis Filipe  11 months back

                                                                                    Zandálá Forévá !

                                                                                    • Fabybaiths
                                                                                      Fabybaiths  11 months back

                                                                                      Don't you have subs?