Fix It! 11 Surprising DIY Clothing Ideas! Smart Fashion DIY Hacks

  • Published: 19 June 2019
  • Welcome back, fashionistas! We’re about to give you another set of clothing ideas that will inspire you to get down to design business on your own! Learn how to customize your denim overalls or jackets to a whole new level! Create new accessories and stylish cut outs! No more standing in lines or spending money with these DIY clothing hacks!

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    00:04 Denim Overall Dress
    00:55 Denim Skirt Cut Out
    01:32 T-Shirt Stain Map Out
    02:25 Pencil Earrings
    03:26 Sweater Shirt 50/50
    04:34 Denim Bum Bag Pockets
    06:28 Cover Your Chest with A Scarf
    07:34 Blouse Cut Out
    08:08 Felted Denim Jacket
    09:31 DIY Skirt
    10:15 Denim Jacket Outline

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      Katrina Thwaites  2 weeks back

      Could I please have some help I have a brilliant clothing accessory idea that I am confident would interest any woman rich or poor could use it........I have trawled the internet for accessory suppliers because this thing doesn't exist I don't know where to go and who to find to help me ...please....... It would aid any outfit and when it change it instantly..... Very dependent on changing an outfit......I have mentioned it to a few friends who have begged me to get it out there ......

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