Stephen Curry Press Conference | Western Conference Finals Game 3

  • Published: 19 May 2019
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Comments • 26

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7  3 months back

    Curry needs to express himself better. I wish he was more articulate.

    • christian flegg
      christian flegg  4 months back

      “Underdogs” is that bloke for real

      • Dvante Botley
        Dvante Botley  4 months back

        Im happy kd hurt. Well not happy. But to really see what dray brings to tbe warriors. I think people forgot

        • KOTJ412
          KOTJ412  4 months back

          I prefer just having this team w/out KD...just like in 2015 their chemistry & unselfishness are definitely in full display in this series...they should sign their original super team & let KD walk in free agency.

          • Carmen Martinez
            Carmen Martinez  4 months back

            7 -4 warrios

            • Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac
              Kram ynohtna ocsa Nairac  4 months back

              God bless GSW family up Congrats.

              • Bit Ray
                Bit Ray  4 months back

                All Cool🍍💰🍹😎🏖💰🍹😎🍍👍

                • toobasaurus23
                  toobasaurus23  4 months back

                  Anyone know where I can get the jacket that Steph's wearing? It's dope.

                  • setmedic
                    setmedic  4 months back

                    Green needs a kick to the groin

                    • EPB
                      EPB  4 months back

                      An ostrich took a dump on his shoulder. Someone should’ve told him.

                      • Bon Jovi
                        Bon Jovi  4 months back

                        3:36 😍

                        Dat asian tho

                        • Karen Sy
                          Karen Sy  4 months back

                          Iggy's hurt get well😍

                          • DENELL TILLMAN
                            DENELL TILLMAN  4 months back

                            That's our most significant injury this play-offs

                        • Karen Sy
                          Karen Sy  4 months back

                          GSW's system is just the best in NBA😘😍😘

                          • Nancy Eke
                            Nancy Eke  4 months back


                            • Nancy Eke
                              Nancy Eke  4 months back


                              • Ryan Broderick
                                Ryan Broderick  4 months back

                                Ayesha better stop 🛑✋🏿 playin wit da 🐐💯😭🤣

                                • Andre Simon
                                  Andre Simon  4 months back

                                  Warrior's are just a complete unit. Defense and offense 1 whole squad! Bay Area stand up we been waiting decades for this!

                                  • Jordan Johnson
                                    Jordan Johnson  4 months back

                                    Exactly now everyone calls us bandwagons

                                • Lexa
                                  Lexa  4 months back

                                  We do not deserve Stephen Curry.
                                  LIVING LEGEND~

                                  • DENELL TILLMAN
                                    DENELL TILLMAN  4 months back

                                    Green is a top 5 forward. Period! I would rather have player impact over talent. However he just happens to be talented to boot. Now that's a luxury

                                    • A.C. Glass
                                      A.C. Glass  4 months back

                                      Actually MJ argued a call and the ref changed it😂

                                      • Nick Valentin
                                        Nick Valentin  4 months back

                                        180Tim I thought we were talking about michael jackson. He always argued calls

                                      • Lexa
                                        Lexa  4 months back

                                        everybody was ridin on MJ's Dick back then lol

                                    • alan alfaro
                                      alan alfaro  4 months back

                                      warriors are just a great team. steph is an mvp caliber guy, draymond is the glue without him they wouldn’t be as tight. i was rooting for the blazers too i’m a laker fan. bucks vs warriors in the finals warriors in seven

                                      • Manny Manhattan Music
                                        Manny Manhattan Music  4 months back

                                        Steph got a raccoon jus chillin on his shoulder