Yelawolf - Box Chevy V (Audio)

  • Published: 28 January 2014
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  • George Cashwell
    George Cashwell  6 months back

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    targeted individual
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    maybe even today
    thank you and ok
    take it home today

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      DAVID CLONE  11 months back

      i am here, still here....neva left

      • The Gaming Theropod
        The Gaming Theropod  2 years back

        if i could get that picture on a black hoodie.....

        • xlGabriel43
          xlGabriel43  3 years back


          • DayzofDubzk
            DayzofDubzk  4 years back

            256 >>>205

            • DayzofDubzk
              DayzofDubzk  4 years back


              • Mobe1 Kanobe
                Mobe1 Kanobe  4 years back

                not even 500,000 views smh...what's wrong with today's listeners

              • Josy Cazares
                Josy Cazares  5 years back


                • Mitch Spurlock
                  Mitch Spurlock  5 years back

                  all you guys sitting here bitching about radioactive have you even listened to rhyme room "I know that radioactive had a couple of radio attempts, but i dont wanna be radioactive anymore now than i wanna jump off a cliff, this is promise, catfish billy you can put trunk music in the picture frame, u aint gotta tell me i made a mistake and some of that shit was lame, but all i wanna do is say fuck that shit and please accept my change,  i was only trying to people please so people please know my name, now back to the metaphors!"

                  • Chad Marshall
                    Chad Marshall  5 years back

                    Not gonna lie, i feel like this song would be better without the chorus. IMO.

                  • RAE HAGGARD
                    RAE HAGGARD  5 years back


                    • MrVllad
                      MrVllad  5 years back

                      nice one from Yela..but I feel that shadyrecords doesn't suit him

                      • Caleb Seagle
                        Caleb Seagle  5 years back

                        Yeah, I agree, I feel he would be better off at DGC or Strange (not sure if Strange Music is a record label or not)

                    • MC DEMOLEDOR
                      MC DEMOLEDOR  5 years back


                      • scum erican
                        scum erican  5 years back

                        Whats up with love story?

                        • Sean V
                          Sean V  5 years back

                          It would mean a lot to me if only a couple of you all come check out my latest track. I used the same sample as Yela's 'Everything I Love The Most' !!

                          • connor coker
                            connor coker  5 years back

                            Sounds a little like Eminem.

                            • fransico lopez
                              fransico lopez  5 years back

                              70 people drive fords haha

                              • stephen easley
                                stephen easley  6 years back

                                Another slapper by that yela the wolf

                                • Ruckus Tjones
                                  Ruckus Tjones  6 years back

                                  96 K1500 push button hubs

                                  • EternalOne666909
                                    EternalOne666909  6 years back

                                    Who produced? Only reason I'm interested in the album is cause Paul's production.. Yela can spit though, no doubt.

                                    • Carlos
                                      Carlos  4 years back

                                      @True Wiz yea, Heart Break

                                    • True Wiz
                                      True Wiz  5 years back

                                      @TheShutYoMouth lol no

                                    • ShutYoMouth
                                      ShutYoMouth  5 years back

                                      Eminem produced some of it.

                                    • Chris Penso
                                      Chris Penso  6 years back

                                      Willpower of SupaHotBeats. He produced most of Yela's upcoming album.

                                  • 9dshiznit
                                    9dshiznit  6 years back

                                    Don't have a box chevy but it's a still a chevy. Blast this in my 90 iroc to every car meet that has G and F body Chevys. There's always someone's head bumping 😎

                                    • Kyle Stoflet
                                      Kyle Stoflet  6 years back

                                      Can't wait to see him tonight in Madison!! Gonna be a badgers win in the final four and we are gonna party with the wolf!! Haller

                                      • cookie summer
                                        cookie summer  6 years back

                                        can't even hate white boy's dope ass fuck on this beat 

                                        • Molotov Rain
                                          Molotov Rain  6 years back

                                          Catfish Billy!!!!!

                                          • Molotov Rain
                                            Molotov Rain  6 years back

                                            Catfish Billy!!!!!

                                            • Chris Penso
                                              Chris Penso  6 years back

                                              The video drops tomorrow!

                                              • Mike Rosa
                                                Mike Rosa  6 years back

                                                I can't wait for Love Story!!! Radioactive was rushed and any true fan of Yela knew it. Now he's had a couple years to work on it, and I have a feeling this album is going to be amazing!!

                                                • Michael McMillan
                                                  Michael McMillan  6 years back

                                                  aha don't know shit about rap? i bet if i were to talk to you about the amount of syllables to out in 1 beat to simplify the performance, you'd get confused right away. also, why call me a dick face over the YouTube comments? smh

                                                • KeepsUsSoHiigh
                                                  KeepsUsSoHiigh  6 years back

                                                  @Michael Rosa And to supposedly record 18 dope songs in 2 weeks is pretty nuts .. 

                                                • KeepsUsSoHiigh
                                                  KeepsUsSoHiigh  6 years back

                                                  Radioactive is still sick .. 

                                                • Michael McMillan
                                                  Michael McMillan  6 years back

                                                  radioactive was not rushed, it was an amazing album, and any true fan of YelaWolf would  know that lmfao

                                              • Chelseanna Holte
                                                Chelseanna Holte  6 years back

                                                I haven't listen to him since his first album "Radioactive" came out and I loved that album! So I'm interested in what he will be coming out with this year.

                                                • danmecha
                                                  danmecha  6 years back

                                                  Has that west coast funk feel to it

                                                  • Cool Mofo
                                                    Cool Mofo  6 years back


                                                    • Nathan Speas
                                                      Nathan Speas  6 years back

                                                      CAN'T WAIT TOOO  THE FULL ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      • Fighter 23
                                                        Fighter 23  6 years back

                                                        can't wait for the music video!!

                                                        • Thomas Jackson
                                                          Thomas Jackson  6 years back

                                                          that deliverance sample

                                                          • Matt Worthy
                                                            Matt Worthy  6 years back

                                                            support your local OUTLAWS!!!!!!!!!

                                                            • Lord TV
                                                              Lord TV  6 years back


                                                              • ZephyrrPlays
                                                                ZephyrrPlays  6 years back

                                                                I'm not sure why but this reminds me of Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad.

                                                                • supreme King
                                                                  supreme King  6 years back

                                                                  Best thing yela ever didddd was sign to shady honestly everything about this song is dope as fuck

                                                                  • This Is Boone
                                                                    This Is Boone  6 years back

                                                                    Smell and feel like a classic. Congrats Yela'. This is a great song.

                                                                    • Shreddex Return
                                                                      Shreddex Return  6 years back

                                                                      You know, when black fall dropped I thought yela had gone to shit. But this is fuckin doppppppeeee

                                                                    • May Nitivong
                                                                      May Nitivong  6 years back

                                                                      magical. bump bump my yelawolf in my a cu ra in my a cu ra yeah! ;D

                                                                      • Bart Simpson
                                                                        Bart Simpson  6 years back

                                                                        Yelawolf his songs make me feeling so goood !
                                                                        Do you know the date of Love Story ?

                                                                        • Nelson Rosales
                                                                          Nelson Rosales  5 years back

                                                                          @lordd shqipe
                                                                           yo chill, Yelawolf delayed his album because he wanted to change a few lyrics from a couple songs, he also wanted to make MORE songs. So calm down.

                                                                        • lordd shqipe
                                                                          lordd shqipe  5 years back

                                                                          @Nelson Rosales geed ur shit real quick 

                                                                        • Nelson Rosales
                                                                          Nelson Rosales  6 years back

                                                                          In May :) May 20, 2014.

                                                                        • Vise
                                                                          Vise  6 years back

                                                                          sometime in May

                                                                      • PRaY4U1LUV
                                                                        PRaY4U1LUV  6 years back

                                                                        Yelawolf brought me here!!

                                                                        • Allie Maye
                                                                          Allie Maye  6 years back

                                                                          **My favorite is "Box Chevy Part 2"'s amazing ! Yelawolf is definitely a world-class rap artist.**

                                                                          • newyork1222
                                                                            newyork1222  6 years back

                                                                            The Spotify version of this song is censored... [LONG FART NOISE]

                                                                            • Thurman Merman
                                                                              Thurman Merman  6 years back

                                                                              52 Dislikes drive hondas !!!

                                                                              • Muranzor
                                                                                Muranzor  6 years back


                                                                                • Christopher Fisher
                                                                                  Christopher Fisher  6 years back

                                                                                  This nigga hate on mgk for real wow....all to say is wow...

                                                                                  • Billy Davis
                                                                                    Billy Davis  6 years back

                                                                                    AlABaMa gone crazy