• Published: 02 January 2018
  • Hi Guys! Happy New Year!!! We've got a great vlog for you today including Trisha in a casket, Scott showing his acting chops and David telling personally all the juicy details from behind the scenes of his vlog! ENJOY!


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Comments • 834

  • Tiffany England
    Tiffany England  2 weeks back

    Necrophilia fantasy ! What did she say?!

    • Moore Vlogs
      Moore Vlogs  2 months back

      To be honest.. we dont miss Trisha. Good times. But. We dont miss er. Js.

      • AverageLifter07
        AverageLifter07  6 months back

        "I'm not used to people just whipping out their cameras"
        Well, A dick and a camera is very different Trisha.

        • Vanesssa Cadena
          Vanesssa Cadena  6 months back

          Brandon doesn't vlog??? I want his channell

          • Scott Michael
            Scott Michael  6 months back

            big nik’s roasting of david’s hairline at the beginning is underappreciated

            • Belle Tostik
              Belle Tostik  9 months back

              "you're falling? Oh let me finish this, don't die" me as a parent 😂

              • Lia R
                Lia R  9 months back

                Jason is honestly a great dad

                • Leah Baxley
                  Leah Baxley  9 months back

                  CRAZYY: Lmao 😱😂 OK so.. Trish says it's bad luck & then said it's her fantasy to get in a casket & NOW literally a year later (same month) has a music video in a casket!! LOL. That's pretty crazy weird & awesome!! LOL 😂😁

                  • Peter Sansil
                    Peter Sansil  10 months back

                    Whole vlog looked like a dream sequence 😂😂

                    • Dylan Kearney
                      Dylan Kearney  11 months back

                      A year later and it is 12:00 AM EST, nothing like spending New Years alone watching youtube. Mood.

                      • Olivia Smith
                        Olivia Smith  11 months back

                        david is so attractive in this especially when he's in the group talking

                        • Alexandra Funk
                          Alexandra Funk  11 months back

                          He's such a good dad...! It makes me really happy how much you can see that he loves his kids!

                          • Ally Ironstein
                            Ally Ironstein  12 months back

                            Nawww, music by wyatt. So cute!

                            • MHASLiyra
                              MHASLiyra  1 years back

                              “Let me finish this, don’t die.”
                              My dad has said that before. I’m just realizing Jason is my Dad...

                              • Jeff Williams
                                Jeff Williams  1 years back

                                David is balding and receding more than Jason

                                • Sydnie Andrus
                                  Sydnie Andrus  1 years back

                                  Wyatt’s music is good.. wat.

                                  • Melissa Stockman
                                    Melissa Stockman  1 years back

                                    David? You mean Malcolm McDowell?

                                    • Zena
                                      Zena  1 years back

                                      BIGNIK DONT WORRY I HEARD THAT HAIRLINE JOKE AND I LAUGHED

                                      • Hattie Harvey
                                        Hattie Harvey  1 years back

                                        David should be a producer

                                        • Charlyce Anderson
                                          Charlyce Anderson  1 years back

                                          Am I crazy or does Jonah kind of actually look like old Chris Pratt.

                                          • Mista pushy
                                            Mista pushy  1 years back

                                            i keep jason on autoplay all day so he makes ad $ all day247

                                            • chey cat
                                              chey cat  1 years back

                                              david.... wash your hands longer thats not how it is done lmfao

                                              • Christopher Chicas
                                                Christopher Chicas  1 years back

                                                It’s bad luck to get in a coffin

                                                • Christopher Chicas
                                                  Christopher Chicas  1 years back

                                                  Big nick Canadian?

                                                  • Alie Flores
                                                    Alie Flores  1 years back

                                                    I get really annoyed by Charlie but she’s cute in this video

                                                    • Rose Bush
                                                      Rose Bush  1 years back

                                                      Me too, I hate to say it but the kids are distracting.

                                                  • Electra Heart
                                                    Electra Heart  1 years back

                                                    "music by wyatt nash." awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

                                                    • Gin
                                                      Gin  1 years back

                                                      I love seeing Jason interact with his children. You can really see how much he loves them in his eyes

                                                      • alexis
                                                        alexis  1 years back

                                                        good no one laughed at big nik's hairline joke. he tries too hard stfu

                                                        • raelyn ruiz
                                                          raelyn ruiz  1 years back

                                                          David is so cute I love him

                                                          • Luis Barrera
                                                            Luis Barrera  2 years back

                                                            Oh fuck. Y’all look young af. Trisha and Jason look fresh and skinny too! 😂

                                                            • Meridian
                                                              Meridian  2 years back

                                                              Made millions, can't buy backup battery :p

                                                              • Hello it’s me
                                                                Hello it’s me  2 years back

                                                                “I’m not gay, but...”

                                                                • Mallorie Charlton
                                                                  Mallorie Charlton  2 years back

                                                                  “Now you look like my gay boyfriend” *flashback*

                                                                  • xxxBamBammxxx
                                                                    xxxBamBammxxx  2 years back

                                                                    David answering those questions reminded me of when directors/writers/actors answer questions at like Comic-Con or something

                                                                    • Katie Bon
                                                                      Katie Bon  2 years back

                                                                      I don't understand why people say David made these people's careers i dont find David that naturally funny at all compared to the others especially jason ,Zane and heath etc would of done just as good without him I think it's really insulting to assume he's the talent etc when at best all he does is torture people on camera 😂

                                                                      • Taryn Goucher
                                                                        Taryn Goucher  2 years back

                                                                        charlie is me

                                                                        • mema hawk
                                                                          mema hawk  2 years back

                                                                          It’s a cool edit

                                                                          • alicia perez
                                                                            alicia perez  2 years back

                                                                            Where I live those little birds are called “pájaros del amor” or love birds in English, they’re very affectionate so it’s not really rare that they kissed 🤗

                                                                            • anonymouskrys
                                                                              anonymouskrys  2 years back

                                                                              He needs to cut his hair again he looks so much better here

                                                                              • DEad PiXl
                                                                                DEad PiXl  2 years back

                                                                                4:13 is the house used in scotts musi video lonley christmas

                                                                                • Paige Wells
                                                                                  Paige Wells  2 years back

                                                                                  I love those scenes where y’all just talk and it’s real

                                                                                  • mars x
                                                                                    mars x  2 years back

                                                                                    An ad with liza came on 😭😍💞

                                                                                    • Emma Warner
                                                                                      Emma Warner  2 years back

                                                                                      The CVS clip might have been the funniest thing I've ever seen

                                                                                      • hannah zimbouski
                                                                                        hannah zimbouski  2 years back

                                                                                        I love this trisha

                                                                                        • Minori Tek
                                                                                          Minori Tek  2 years back

                                                                                          David- What grade are you guys in? the 3 girls 12th David-ohh cool hell yeah hah

                                                                                          • Jessie Toast
                                                                                            Jessie Toast  2 years back

                                                                                            The thing with coke and chiki is not real 😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                                            • Tv Freak
                                                                                              Tv Freak  2 years back

                                                                                              I ship him and Trisha so much

                                                                                              • totorotally dawson
                                                                                                totorotally dawson  2 years back

                                                                                                only trish could casually mention necrophilia