Norman Powell Press Conference | Eastern Conference Finals Game 3

  • Published: 20 May 2019
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Comments • 27

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7  2 months back

    A man of few words.

    • Buster Ducklips
      Buster Ducklips  4 months back

      Norman looks like andre drummond and stephen curry mixed

      • ChromeMan04
        ChromeMan04  4 months back

        2 OT and hardly won but seriously nurse should play the bench more

        • We Workin On It
          We Workin On It  4 months back

          ChromeMan04 you can’t always give Kawhi and pascal 48 minutes

      • Bit Ray
        Bit Ray  4 months back

        All Cool🍹🍍🏖💰😎💰🏖🍍👍

        • Roosevelt Green
          Roosevelt Green  4 months back

          what I noticed in this game and the warriors game is::WARRIORS play defense mentally and physically,,BUCKS play physically, not much mental that is the way they played this game anyway,

          • brandonn Obee
            brandonn Obee  4 months back

            Y'all won but y'all didn't win.,. That's what we're saying in Milwaukee. And Believing it too. It Took y'all 2 overtimes to beat us and Gannis and Middleton as well as a few other starters didn't have good game's. Trust me come Tuesday we kickin that ASS!!

            • We Workin On It
              We Workin On It  4 months back

              brandonn Obee you’re wrong. The refs were bad today but it was the raptors getting no calls. You need to learn to except the fact that some teams are good and can beat your team. Raptors proved it here tonight with great offence, and stellar 2nd half defence.

            • Matt Chin
              Matt Chin  4 months back

              brandonn Obee I’m sry bud but ur a fuckin goon🤣 both teams got equal amount of foul calls, stop whining

            • brandonn Obee
              brandonn Obee  4 months back

              Buck's lose I was wrong about tonight. I see now the NBA wants a 7 game serious. It sucks that every single NBA game every year the away team gets no calls. Raptors fans you'll see when we beat y'all in Milwaukee. We never get blown out ever. But u can't play both the refs and the team. NBA is a joke.... Milwaukee we ain't worried if we gotta go 7 that's why we play for home Court. But NBA refs are a JOKE

            • We Workin On It
              We Workin On It  4 months back

              brandonn Obee in my opinion those were two great teams who both played great defence. We both shot under 40% and the raptors took it in 2OT. Game 4 could go either way

            • Matt Chin
              Matt Chin  4 months back

              brandonn Obee hey man I’m a huge raps fan and I want them to win more than anything so I’m biased. But if if the bucks win and make it to the finals I want them to fuck gsw bc I hate kd

          • YourConscience
            YourConscience  4 months back

            Played his ass off. Great job norm.

            • jonenez zidane
              jonenez zidane  4 months back

              Why so he reading the answers word for word & starring at the paper non stop

              • We Workin On It
                We Workin On It  4 months back

                jonenez zidane well to be fair a lot of nba players do that. He also usually doesn’t get interviewed so...

            • DERRICK WESLEY
              DERRICK WESLEY  4 months back

              Then he hurt his self dunking in overtime

              • LayupzAK
                LayupzAK  4 months back

                Why everyone in this series plug their brands some way.😂

                • Andaman Production
                  Andaman Production  4 months back


                • Wanless Milam
                  Wanless Milam  4 months back

                  @Psycho Bag Of Squanchthere are also a billion other things to do thats more productive then wasting your time writing a hater ass paragraph im comment section 😂

                • Psycho Bag Of Squanch
                  Psycho Bag Of Squanch  4 months back

                  Lmao!!! Was literally about to comment that same shit! Pascal and Norman come decked out in clothes, hats, and man bags with their initials all over it! Sorry guys I'll NEVER buy a Pascal or Norman Powell man purse! Can literally think of a billion other things more productive to spend my money on! Lmao!

              • JayTheLord
                JayTheLord  4 months back

                I just hit 300 subscribers