LIVE MAIN RACE - MONZA - Blancpain Endurance Series 2019

  • Published: 14 April 2019
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    Welcome to the first Blancpain Endurance race of the season! Sorry fans in US and Canada, we've had to geoblock this because of pre existing deals that the rights holders have in those territories. Check out MotorTrend On Demand to watch if you're there.

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Comments • 14

    Xavier HESSELBARTH  1 months back

    Bravo aux pilotes de la 25 pour leurs performances, en passant de la 14 éme à la 1ére place à 30 mn de la fin..

    • Raju Khan
      Raju Khan  3 months back

      NICE car ras

      • NigthCore Kenzii
        NigthCore Kenzii  4 months back

        ignorant wtf

        • Stephen Howlett
          Stephen Howlett  6 months back

          Can’t believe people are moaning at the commentators, try turning the sound of and commentating, it’s not easy and to do it for over four hours is not an easy task. It was a fantastic race with plenty of action and heartbreak and good to see it’s not just England that gets rained on.

          • ayaxro
            ayaxro  6 months back

            These commentators look lost half the time.. no disrespect but cant they get someone who is sharper overall? It is incredibly frustrating.

            • ayaxro
              ayaxro  6 months back

              @ChubbyCheeks0792 Figured as much.. He's 72... Lots of old skool racing experience but as with everything its time to give the younger blood the spot. 1/2 of my frustrations are likely due to his eyesight not being understandably as sharp as it was before.

            • ayaxro
              ayaxro  6 months back

              @LETS GO RACING I know you guys just forward the feed and I am very happy you do.. This was a comment on the FEED not the channel. "they" was whoever coordinates directly with the commentators.

            • ChubbyCheeks0792
              ChubbyCheeks0792  6 months back

              John Watson is a very experienced ex racer and commentator, he's getting on now though.

              David Addison is better known for commentating on the BTCC with Tim Harvey.

          • playr one
            playr one  6 months back

            did nissan retire from Blancpain GT SERIES ?

            • Jeremy J.
              Jeremy J.  6 months back

              @NISMO.TV The king is dead,
              @LETS GO RACING long live the king!
              All the best, Grand Central Entertainment. See you, Race Cowboys!
              Edit: As I have the platform for this thx to the upvote by OP, I would like to add,that NISMO/Nissan marketing could NOT have made a more irrational, less customer interest oriented decision than cutting the funding for this magnificent channel. Through GCE, they positioned themselves as the pioneers and trailblazers in this area of online marketing. And they had found the perfect setup, comprising of:
              1. their thematically perfectly fitting brand
              2. the immense and highly appreciated customer benefit these free hi-def streams represent
              3. And most importantly, the professional, hard-working, plucky team of die-hard car/racing enthusiasts of Grand Central Entertainment. working their magic for them.

              And what did they throw this winning team out of the window for? Fucking Formula E.

              Sincerely wishing GCE all the best, asking where and when he can donate in case the channel needed it,


              • FOGGY #7 RACING
                FOGGY #7 RACING  6 months back

                The Coverage was Pants on Eurosport ! Never again 👍 Thanks 👍🏁💪

                • Grand Master Yoda
                  Grand Master Yoda  6 months back

                  why is it no supergt stream yesterday?

                  • DannyDotCom
                    DannyDotCom  6 months back

                    The GT Association (GTA; the governing body of Super GT) has made a decision to cut the broadcast for international fans (via NISMO TV ending their relationship with Grand Central Entertainment), claiming that the sport lacks interest from fans outside of Japan, which is a complete bullshit.....

                    UPDATE : Apparently there wasn't enough time for the Okayama 300KM race broadcast yesterday, as GTA had secured a deal with Haro Sports just hours before the race. Whether this channel will broadcast Super GT again or maybe on different channel, we have to wait....

                • SickBabySeals
                  SickBabySeals  6 months back

                  Pretty dumb that I have to use a VPN to watch this...