Whose Line?

  • Published: 08 December 2016
  • From murdering blueberries, to fondling daughters, to blowing up dogs... Welcome the first improv style game we've ever done! We're new to this whole thing but I thought this would work as a good introduction to something that we very much enjoy! Let us know what you honestly think! We are FAR from masters of improv and would love to know if you'd like more. As we continue to learn hopefully these things improve as well! Thanks again for watching!
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  • Adnen Kallala
    Adnen Kallala  2 hours back


    • Zaidie Martinez
      Zaidie Martinez  12 hours back

      Tyler: wHeEzE
      Bob: You ok, buddy?

      • Mud Queen
        Mud Queen  16 hours back

        My teacher is mrs. Johnson and she's a bitch. And no coconuts in sight

        • Griffin Dorey
          Griffin Dorey  16 hours back

          Mark starts talking in the Warfestashe voice when he’s the Snick Snack

          • jakdak the 5th
            jakdak the 5th  19 hours back

            Please click on this


            Read more

          • happy Wolf
            happy Wolf  2 days back

            1rst scene the Snick snack is warfstache

            • peyton
              peyton  2 days back

              wade you scare me so much

              • Zee 13
                Zee 13  2 days back

                Y'now what Fido always told me back before he was just a little pup
                "Hello everybody my name is Markiplier"

                • Yuraa_
                  Yuraa_  2 days back

                  He protec
                  He attac

                  But most importantly

                  HE LOVES BLOWING UP DOGS

                  • Yuraa_
                    Yuraa_  2 days back

                    He protec
                    He attac

                    But most importantly

                    HE LOVES BLOWING UP DOGS

                    • ems g
                      ems g  2 days back

                      2019 and how many times have i rewatched this lolol PLS DO IT AGAIN

                      • Meesabean
                        Meesabean  3 days back

                        Mark in the dog one was just Wilford

                      • superlewis 07
                        superlewis 07  3 days back

                        *cries about dead dog*
                        moments later...
                        please dont go in the basement. I LOVE BLOWING UP DOGS, BLOWING UP DOGS, BLOWING UP DOGS.

                        • Cosette Meredith
                          Cosette Meredith  4 days back

                          the f wade 00:12--00:14

                          • Yeets for Taylor & Tyler

                            I thought I heard Wade say: I can't give you my hole

                            • Bioje
                              Bioje  5 days back

                              Bob:I know u always wanted to be whatever a markiplier is🤣

                            • garythedds
                              garythedds  5 days back


                              • Kinkajou
                                Kinkajou  5 days back

                                I'm freaked out. I am wearing the same colours as mark

                                • cj jeans
                                  cj jeans  5 days back

                                  i sex ed teacher is named mrs.johnson and this made me very uncomfortable XD

                                  • Adnen Kallala
                                    Adnen Kallala  5 days back

                                    The Snick-snack is Warfstache

                                    • Mincrafter Pictures
                                      Mincrafter Pictures  5 days back

                                      I simulated this improv with the help of a sentence generator (everything in bold is generated by the generator):

                                      Baker: You want to hired, huh?
                                      Miniplier: Yes.
                                      Baker: Before you get hired, I have to tell you that *I am never at home on Sundays* .
                                      Miniplier: What happened?
                                      Baker: And I don't want to pay 100 bucks to go home at all.
                                      Miniplier: Ok, What happened?
                                      Baker: The cops locked down my house, since it's made out off illegal diamonds that I never realized until last week.
                                      Miniplier: Well If you hire me, I'm letting you live in my house.
                                      Bake: Thanks.
                                      Miniplier: Oh, just *don't step on the broken glass from the entrance* , My kids made an accident.
                                      Baker: They broke a vase or something?
                                      Miniplier: Yes.
                                      Baker: *I want more detailed information* .
                                      Miniplier: The kids played hide and seek and 1 of my kids accidentally pushed the vase.
                                      Baker: Ooof!
                                      Miniplier: I punished my kids by making them create a new vase.
                                      Baker: And with what material did they make it?
                                      Miniplier: Gorilla glass 5, used in phones.
                                      Baker: Ok. you're hired.

                                      • AngelaAftonGaming
                                        AngelaAftonGaming  5 days back

                                        Dis video is perfect

                                        • kraelic
                                          kraelic  6 days back

                                          die blueberries

                                          • Universe Exploder
                                            Universe Exploder  6 days back

                                            6:08 Why Is This So Underrated

                                            • lemon playz
                                              lemon playz  6 days back

                                              I LOVE BLOWING UP DOGS

                                              • abelas adahl
                                                abelas adahl  1 weeks back

                                                WHY IS THIS SO GOOD

                                                • Waluigi the WAAA god
                                                  Waluigi the WAAA god  1 weeks back

                                                  Snick snacker will smi smak you a**

                                                  • Epic Paws
                                                    Epic Paws  1 weeks back

                                                    The Snic-Snack should be an ACTUAL alter ego of Mark's

                                                    • ORGEE 138
                                                      ORGEE 138  4 days back

                                                      he would be warfstache

                                                  • DeltaSilver88
                                                    DeltaSilver88  1 weeks back

                                                    I can already see the trailer...

                                                    In a small town, blueberries are beginning to disappear. They're last seen entering a bakery... and then never coming out. At the same time, the bakery's donuts experience a remarkable boom. What could be happening? Make way, Sweeney Todd... for this is the story of The Snick-Snack, the Demon Baker of Street Street.

                                                    Also, anybody else just think of "Snick-Snack paddy whack, give the dog a bone... this old Mark came rolling home"?

                                                    • TSM MAD SWEAT FN
                                                      TSM MAD SWEAT FN  1 weeks back

                                                      I wonder if u guys r this giggly and hilarious off camera

                                                      • Andreas Roefaro
                                                        Andreas Roefaro  1 weeks back

                                                        I frik blueberries

                                                        • Yasmin
                                                          Yasmin  1 weeks back

                                                          9:02 im so sad because I imagined my dog dying

                                                          I don’t even have a dog😂💔

                                                          • ashipnerd offical
                                                            ashipnerd offical  1 weeks back

                                                            Dreams come true Susie!

                                                            • that art kid
                                                              that art kid  1 weeks back

                                                              Mark: I LOVE KILLING BLUEBERRIES.
                                                              Tyler: I hear the screams they scream when you kill them

                                                              • musically-in-love
                                                                musically-in-love  1 weeks back

                                                                When bob told Ethan that he groped his boss' daughter he leaned back and it highkey killed me 🤣

                                                                • Volcanoes and Canoes
                                                                  Volcanoes and Canoes  1 weeks back

                                                                  10:42 jesus christ😂

                                                                  • Speedy Daniels
                                                                    Speedy Daniels  1 weeks back

                                                                    Omg one of them.sounds like a horse when he laughs.

                                                                    • taylor kimball
                                                                      taylor kimball  1 weeks back

                                                                      they all flippin turned into horses at the end when they started laughing lmao.

                                                                      • Spectro Gaming
                                                                        Spectro Gaming  2 weeks back

                                                                        Fraternizing with my friend's daughter...-Ethan

                                                                        Jack Geller wants to know Richard's location...-Friends

                                                                        • Evamar Gonzalez
                                                                          Evamar Gonzalez  2 weeks back

                                                                          "She had experience. Anyway-"
                                                                          Perfect ending, that scene with Ethan and Bob killed me

                                                                          • psiimoth -
                                                                            psiimoth -  2 weeks back

                                                                            I’ve watched this SO many times, still hilarious.

                                                                            • Ruston Furr
                                                                              Ruston Furr  2 weeks back

                                                                              Fito the crazy son of a bitch actually made America in hell

                                                                              • Ben Drowned
                                                                                Ben Drowned  2 weeks back

                                                                                Mark : listen close...
                                                                                me : ;listens;
                                                                                Mark : hakuna your own matatas
                                                                                me : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                                                                                • Sky H.
                                                                                  Sky H.  2 weeks back

                                                                                  We need to bring this back! Who's with me?

                                                                                  • Seon
                                                                                    Seon  2 weeks back

                                                                                    so my old dog died jst a few days ago and I thought Id rewatch this to cheer me up a bit, then they talked about buryng their dog, like I did a few days ago. Too soon now Im just sad

                                                                                    • im obsessed with ryan and dallon

                                                                                      tylers laugh is what makes me whole.

                                                                                      • C tigger
                                                                                        C tigger  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Why is Tyler and the blue hair guy normally always in your vid unlike every one else that are your freind?!??!

                                                                                        • HX Ong
                                                                                          HX Ong  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Hello everybody my name is markerplier