Home Cleaning Made Easy! 15 Cool Cleaning Hacks

  • Published: 12 June 2019
  • It’s that day of the week - cleaning time! We know it can be overwhelming and boring at times but don’t worry. With our easy and playful cleaning hacks, your messy home will be spotless in seconds! Learn how to redesign your slippers for cleaning on the go and prevent a messy fridge with clean film. Discover how to clean up your leftover dishes and eliminate dust at ease. Stay tuned for all of that and more!

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    0:04 Slipper Cleaners
    1:30 Towel Wipe
    2:42 Clean Fridge with Clean Film
    3:32 Spongy Magnet Cleaning
    4:57 Easy Oven Deep Clean
    5:31 Flawless Pot Wash
    5:48 Shiny Taps
    6:07 Smoothie Mixer Clean Up
    6:50 Spotless Restroom
    7:17 Clogged Showerhead No More
    7:32 Organize Cleaning Accessories
    7:55 See Through Mirrors
    8:15 Hanging Kitchen Rolls
    8:33 Clean Up Pots
    8:58 Toothbrush Pockets
    9:29 Dish Scrubber Upgrade

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    Hey, Flawless Pandas! ✨🐼🚿
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    Lucky for you I know a dozen of fun & easy - time saving cleaning hacks that will smoothen your day! 🙌
    Let me know when you finished cleaning your room! Or else... you’re grounded! 🌋😤💢

    Just kidding… but seriously!... 👈😉🃏
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    Much love from Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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                              all good but try not using plastic just because its easier to throw it instead of really cleaning

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