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  • Published: 20 May 2019
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Comments • 26

  • Bit Ray
    Bit Ray  4 months back

    All Cool🏖🍍🍹😎💰🏖🍍🍹👍

    • Pan Olek
      Pan Olek  4 months back

      You are fakin niga

      • Josef Y.
        Josef Y.  4 months back

        Take the score down!

        • Emely Suero Perez
          Emely Suero Perez  4 months back

          lest go RAPTORSSS

          • Sware Derua
            Sware Derua  4 months back

            Gg raptors and bucks hoop you win the playoffs on you did lol oh sorry that was so toxic still love the the NBA btw

            • vanley ron abbas
              vanley ron abbas  4 months back

              feel the clawsssssssssss

              • vanley ron abbas
                vanley ron abbas  4 months back

                one hell of a f**kin win damn it

                • Arjun Rabadiya
                  Arjun Rabadiya  4 months back

                  this was stressful than the MCAT

                  • FUK3N 6oo5t1n
                    FUK3N 6oo5t1n  4 months back

                    Lets go toronto love the score

                    • Arjun Rabadiya
                      Arjun Rabadiya  4 months back

                      hahah bucks u see that we always catch up

                      • LeBron is GOAT
                        LeBron is GOAT  4 months back

                        Minor setback the Greek Freak will storm Jurassic Park and will overcome the Raptors

                        • GOAT
                          GOAT  4 months back

                          Where are the haters now?

                          • NvThaKidd
                            NvThaKidd  4 months back

                            @Nguyễn Bin I have the Bucks winning in 7 but I was really hoping they would have taken care of business last night and end it sooner. The longer the series, more rest for the Warriors. I have Warriors winning in 5 but the way Portland is playing, it might be over tonight...

                          • Nguyễn Bin
                            Nguyễn Bin  4 months back

                            @NvThaKidd i know, im just say that to cheer myself up :(((

                          • NvThaKidd
                            NvThaKidd  4 months back

                            @Junelyn Bantawig Okay... I never said I was better than them. But cool talk

                          • Junelyn Bantawig
                            Junelyn Bantawig  4 months back

                            You should not hate. They're still better than you.

                          • NvThaKidd
                            NvThaKidd  4 months back

                            @Nguyễn Bin 5/16 shooting was pretty bad. 6/32 shooting from both Middleton and Bledsoe is pretty awful. And yet it was still a pretty close game for having gone into double OT and a quick foul out for Giannis in that second OT.

                        • AM 279
                          AM 279  4 months back

                          I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my life with that score