The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published: 08 June 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.

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    The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different This time

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    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  3 days back

      Bright future: men will be dirty plumbers and girls will be clean hookers. Heavenly times are in store

    • John Mackay
      John Mackay  6 days back

      Thhanks for Zapdos <3 the best bird of em' all. Do you happen to be team instinct?

    • No Brand YT User
      No Brand YT User  3 weeks back

      information age will really remove poverty in the future because they will keel the poor

    • Keith Mossey
      Keith Mossey  1 months back

      Money, after all, is a reflection of our production and contribution to society. So, treat it that way and realize the power we have as individuals with this freedom is great.. Our economic system in America will be much easier to banish than it will be to bring back once we realize we did not get what we signed up for... Be careful with your emotions.. they can cloud your good sense.

    • Keith Mossey
      Keith Mossey  1 months back

      perhaps you see what I'm getting at, perhaps you do not.. Either way these are things we need to be talking about. And anyone who read what I said is encouraged to challenge me or agree with me. There is much room for intervention from governing bodies and growth in our society as well as in automation. Although... It seems to me basic income will only devalue whatever amount we give out, make years of savings worthless, expel incentive for individual growth. It could start a trend of needing more and more basic income until the dollar store becomes the 500 dollar store. Where will it come from?.... You will take away all power from the individuals... THAT is how you get "1% owning everything"... by eliminating basic capitalistic principals that have been proven effective throughout western civilization from our society we WILL have the Elitist problem... but it will not be from business owners...

      The way to combat 1% of the wealthy entrepreneurs owning everything within capitalism is to treat your money with more value and spend it DIVERSELY. If you do not like a company or you do not think certain ideas are correct or worth anything. Do not give them your money, and change will follow quicker than most of us realize. Your dollar is a vote of success. A great idea will be voted on many times, a bad idea will not, and everywhere in between.

  • i don't like those scary german fairy tales

    Karl Marx foresaw this problem

    • Telencephelon
      Telencephelon  2 hours back

      900h for making this video? This is unacceptable. Machine 1 and 2, you two take over from now on.

      • Night Raven
        Night Raven  8 hours back

        I LOVE it when people try to stop progress -_-...

        • willnburger
          willnburger  9 hours back

          Still waiting on that follow up.... Just kidding, love the direction you guys are going in at the moment!

          • Agapios Agapiou
            Agapios Agapiou  10 hours back

            An other factor that automation is nesesary is the fact that newer generation they value personal and creative time more than work time. They want to work less and less.
            This alone is pulling industry 4 closer and closer.
            Industry 4 is inevitable and for older generation is distraction but for newer is their time.
            A time like ancient Greece a time of masters rule and slaves execute and philosophers think. A time that will geave one more time the opportunity to humanity to elevate.

            • Mark Grassl
              Mark Grassl  10 hours back

              You could also see it from a different standpoint. If all normal jobs are run by machines and we don‘t have to worry about supplies and stuff all humans can go into research. Imagine all people working as scientists trying to cure cancer and shit. Not that of a bad future if you ask me...

            • Sci_Ant
              Sci_Ant  16 hours back

              Can anyone link me to the second part to this video? Is it even out yet?

              • Pedro Fellipe
                Pedro Fellipe  19 hours back

                That's why we now have a bigger cultural demand for "natural" "man made" service.
                And even if we didn't have that in a far future where all manual labor is done by machines, there will still be jobs out there, there will still be new things to do.

                Is the simple ideia of: "why let a machine play golf if I could be playing it?"

                Even if there isn't anything that you NEED to do in your life to live well, then find something you WANT to do or you are nothing but a dead man walking (or flying... because, you know... *FuTuRe*)

                • Typed Scroll
                  Typed Scroll  1 days back

                  That's why I am learning carpenter. Good luck with paying off your student debt!

                  • winston kwan
                    winston kwan  1 days back

                    whats the name of the san francisco project management company, or wheres the source?

                    • James Neave
                      James Neave  1 days back

                      "does our future have to be this grim?"
                      _points at Amazon_
                      One 100 billionaire and employees paid nothing and fired off they sit down too long.
                      Yeah, unless we very quickly shoot the rich we're already there.

                      • Night Raven
                        Night Raven  8 hours back

                        This is why jealous losers like you always complain and whine and try to steal things that dont belong to you and things that other people have actually worked for.
                        We shpuld sens people lime you back to medivil times because you dont deserve to be in a society, how do you get so entitled.

                    • James Neave
                      James Neave  1 days back

                      Good, no more need for work.
                      We can just enjoy ourselves instead.

                      • Sha Wn
                        Sha Wn  2 days back

                        Let us just create a robot for a substitution for our work. When they work, the money will be for us.

                        TADA! A solution for people who are lazy.

                        • tenshi7angel
                          tenshi7angel  2 days back

                          It's like saying that Horses would have a new line of work once cars became a thing. Yeah, who rides a horse nowadays? This is humans if things continue.

                          • Night Raven
                            Night Raven  8 hours back

                            if most jobs are replaced by machines then humans will have to do vey little
                            but also living expenses and necessities will go down
                            since you dont pay robots

                        • Shrunyun
                          Shrunyun  2 days back


                          • Peniel Kassa
                            Peniel Kassa  2 days back

                            Anybody notice the umbrella corporation,🤔

                            • Bravo Mike
                              Bravo Mike  2 days back

                              My only hope is that when there is actually so much excessive products created due to the unprecedented 24/7 production capabilities of the machines, things don't just get expensive for us due to its excess, but rather it gets cheaper and cheaper until its virtually nonexistent and people won't even need jobs or need to get paid anymore.

                              • Night Raven
                                Night Raven  6 hours back

                                @Bravo Mike no real point in that because then they would just start losing sales, unless they had a monopoly on their specific product
                                and certain items like food you cant just store away like that.
                                no poiny in jacking up the price if no one can buy your product.

                              • Bravo Mike
                                Bravo Mike  6 hours back

                                @Night Raven Yes but here is the problem. The capitalists CEOs could just say "Holy shit, we produced too much, now our product will lose its value, we better stop its production and hide 50% of it in storage until the surpluses goes down."

                              • Night Raven
                                Night Raven  7 hours back

                                that is generally how an economy works
                                supply vs demand
                                the eaiser something is to make the cheaper it will be

                            • Chirpy XC
                              Chirpy XC  2 days back

                              Yay no more getting up and going to a job I hate

                              • BATTLETEETH
                                BATTLETEETH  3 days back

                                The machines have already taken over. The simulation is real

                                • Deathwish026
                                  Deathwish026  3 days back

                                  low wage workers (modern day slaves) are screwed :(

                                  • stuvius
                                    stuvius  3 days back

                                    This just tells us we need to decrease the amount work hours and start enjoying life instead

                                    • Nelly S
                                      Nelly S  3 days back

                                      YANG 2020 LOL

                                      • Jeremiah Grille
                                        Jeremiah Grille  3 days back

                                        Get ready for Ultron to end the age of information.

                                        • Anthony Decesare
                                          Anthony Decesare  3 days back

                                          Fuck off wang gang, let me enjoy my kurzgesagt without your idiocy please.

                                          • ZERO056789jay zaro
                                            ZERO056789jay zaro  3 days back

                                            If only there was someone that could fix these problems

                                            • Roman Jr. Reid
                                              Roman Jr. Reid  3 days back

                                              My solution: make entertainment. Art, video production (movies games TV shows) plays and more

                                              • Nxort
                                                Nxort  3 days back

                                                Too dramatic! 😌

                                                • Just Us
                                                  Just Us  4 days back

                                                  Why don’t we just *not* make any robots
                                                  *we just stop*

                                                  • Derp Herpington
                                                    Derp Herpington  2 days back

                                                    Because if a job requires less people to run it, that’s less employees the owner has to pay. Thus, making them more money. The successful business owners would probably be in favor of this and pay someone who could make this happen, and people would agree to help because they need the money to survive.

                                                • ディアスジェレミー

                                                  Me: "Toast me a bread!"
                                                  AI Toaster: "No!"
                                                  *_DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN_*

                                                  • Dusan
                                                    Dusan  4 days back

                                                    dey turk err jurbz!!!

                                                    • Ranakastrasz
                                                      Ranakastrasz  4 days back

                                                      Done by accident? Ha. The sheer number of things tracking people make it quite clear this is intentional.
                                                      Unless he meant it was originally by accident, people not realizing how much data was left behind, before machine learning started.

                                                      • Christian Malone
                                                        Christian Malone  4 days back

                                                        This dude named Marx wrote a couple books about this...

                                                        • Vortex
                                                          Vortex  4 days back

                                                          Yet Kurzgesagt makes way higher quality content than most TV channels do... Thank you :D !

                                                          • Muted Gamer
                                                            Muted Gamer  4 days back

                                                            Now art canot be made by them or love

                                                            • Reed Melicher
                                                              Reed Melicher  4 days back

                                                              socialism sucks right now but will be the only option when there are no jobs.

                                                              • Ercan Er
                                                                Ercan Er  4 days back

                                                                Live performance jobs like sports and competitions will thrive for the time being as long as the AIs won't reach the conclusion of why should we not get rid of humanity?

                                                                • MaliciousLittleCat MLC

                                                                  Hallo. I got one dumb question... Er... If all jobs (and I mean ALL jobs) have been taken over by robots... do we still need money?

                                                                  • do do do do Dodododo
                                                                    do do do do Dodododo  4 days back

                                                                    6:18 did someone notice the Umbrella Corporation?

                                                                    • imadurtbag 1
                                                                      imadurtbag 1  4 days back

                                                                      10:12 illuminati confirmed

                                                                      • MANY THINGS
                                                                        MANY THINGS  4 days back


                                                                        • priyanshu priyadrshi
                                                                          priyanshu priyadrshi  5 days back

                                                                          I some times feel all the resources are ours but still, we have to pay dollars for making different things. Even after knowing that if we don't start soon we will be extinct, we compete with each other and take different humans as our enemy instead we all should make an organization control population vs resource management so that we could go out to other planets. but we r stuck in wars and terrorism.

                                                                          • Liam Roberts
                                                                            Liam Roberts  5 days back

                                                                            How to make an episode like this. 1 talk about sciencey stuff
                                                                            2 add as many birds as possible
                                                                            3 I dunno

                                                                            • John Egbert
                                                                              John Egbert  5 days back

                                                                              "...and what we do at work"
                                                                              *Animation of someone playing solitaire*
                                                                              Hilariously relatable for employees; mildly disheartening for employers

                                                                              • Yeeterson McSkeeterson

                                                                                No stop your scaring me

                                                                                • Paulo H
                                                                                  Paulo H  5 days back

                                                                                  its very wrong to blame change in the way humans inovate as the strongest reason for why "americans" don't produce new jobs since the 60s. the truth is that it is diferent depending on country. meanwhile, since the 60's, china has been acquiring these technological inovations at enormous pace and is creating an absurd amount of new jobs every year. in the case of the US, it is pretty clear that on an effort to "globalize", companies that today are deemed "to big to fail" have been outsourcing jobs to third world, underdeveloped countries like those in south america, and specially, southern asia (even more specially, CHINA). in a business sense, everybody wins from having veryvery cheap labour producing stuff at increasignly lower costs and then exporting it overseas, the only one who loses is , well, the workers and laborers of those countries who acquired, over a century of protests and strikes, enough rights to be able to live confortably on a minimun wage, like was the case with the US before the 70's hit.

                                                                                  • Ricky107
                                                                                    Ricky107  5 days back

                                                                                    I feel like mechanics will have jobs for a while. Also Here there aren't enough people doing ict work soo

                                                                                    • Ricky107
                                                                                      Ricky107  5 days back

                                                                                      I learn more from these videos than any school lesson