Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth: unlike anything you’ve ever seen (or heard) before

  • Published: 13 June 2019
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Comments • 21

  • barrydubstep
    barrydubstep  Vor 3 Tage

    I'm yet to hear a decent sound out of this anywhere - has anyone got a link to some? my current opinion is that it sounds garbage.

    • Christo Roppolo
      Christo Roppolo  Vor 9 Tage

      Sounds much better . And is obviously being tuned up via firmware to actually have a definite character. Usb midi for mobile computers? iOS native? Price? It definitely needs host and slave usb as well as midi . Peace Christo 👽🐕🎶🛸☮️😉

      • Dj V-Future
        Dj V-Future  Vor Monat

        This sounds so disappointing and unnecessary

        • XSportSeeker
          XSportSeeker  Vor Monat

          How could you not play Darude Sandstorm on it?

          • Arthur Morgan
            Arthur Morgan  Vor 2 Monate

            can you use it with ableton?

            • SpaceDisco1
              SpaceDisco1  Vor Monat

              siup zium ciach No, it won‘t work.

              • Serge Leviticus
                Serge Leviticus  Vor 2 Monate

                Newest and coolest a Steam Engine!

                • Pingu20
                  Pingu20  Vor 2 Monate

                  "None of this is worth a damn if it doesn't sound good. And I'm happy to report it sounds pretty good" *LOUD BUZZING NOISES*

                  • Nitin Stark
                    Nitin Stark  Vor 2 Monate


                    • Hari M
                      Hari M  Vor 2 Monate

                      "actual boiling hot gas" lol

                      • Jerrry
                        Jerrry  Vor 2 Monate

                        Nah I’m good

                        • DJBooks1
                          DJBooks1  Vor 2 Monate

                          When I see instruments like these, I think of Timothy Mosley. I bet he would make beautiful music.

                          • Shank Adams
                            Shank Adams  Vor 2 Monate

                            Cool expo

                            • Max Patten
                              Max Patten  Vor 2 Monate

                              Trent Reznor needs to see this

                              • Quincy Stallworth
                                Quincy Stallworth  Vor 2 Monate

                                I only wish they designed with the buttons on the bottom but you can always learn to play it upside down.

                                • J
                                  J  Vor 2 Monate

                                  The buttons were on the bottom. The guy was playing it upside down in the video.

                                  • Erebos
                                    Erebos  Vor 2 Monate

                                    But... Why? Why introduce a mechanic in a fully electronical tool?

                                    • SpaceDisco1
                                      SpaceDisco1  Vor Monat

                                      Erebos To try out something new. Which is commendable. On the other hand, it just introduces so many potential breaking possibilities.

                                      • Bas de Bruin
                                        Bas de Bruin  Vor 2 Monate

                                        Many prefer the imperfections that come with analog and mechanical hardware.This is still pretty overkill tho.

                                        • Akshay Anand
                                          Akshay Anand  Vor 2 Monate

                                          I just love how weird their instruments are.

                                          • Gimin Kim
                                            Gimin Kim  Vor 2 Monate

                                            Any CV Input/Output?