How Modern Dating Culture Stops Him from Taking You Seriously (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

  • Published: 21 April 2019
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    Do you feel like you have “dating burnout”? Like modern single life is a treadmill of flaky guys, false hope and meaningless hookups?

    Well, you’re not alone.

    It’s easy in 2019 to feel like we’re in the worst possible time to be single.

    Dating apps make people feel like they have endless choices. Men and women seem to both be seeking unrealistic levels of perfection.

    You may feel like just to even hold a guy’s attention you have to drop your standards for his behavior and accept second-best treatment.

    This. Has. To. Stop.

    If you’re still interested in finding real, deep, meaningful commitment in modern dating (yes, it does exist), I need you to stop what you’re doing and watch this video now.

    This is the first step to finally get the relationship you deserve...

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Comments • 4 087

  • Marina F
    Marina F  18 hours back

    Dating fun? Mmmmm no.... who enjoys going to a date and then never get texted again because u didnt want to smash?

    • Jonathan Penduka
      Jonathan Penduka  1 days back

      Men never want to tell women the painful truth... I feel like he clothed the truth for her. They are not trying to get with her for other reasons other than her drive

      • Dale Greer
        Dale Greer  2 days back

        13:00 is totally me. I don't get out much, so I don't often meet women who are overtly interested in me, but I met this girl recently who looked at me like, like that meme about "Find yourself someone who looks at you the way this person looks at that person." Then the next time we got together, she was all nervous and giggly, and she laughed at all my jokes, even the ones that were only worth a chuckle. So naturally I went crazy for her, because I have this feeling of scarcity. And then instead of it getting easier and easier to see her, it's become harder and harder, so obviously it's not going anywhere. On the other hand, moving into her friendzone has paradoxically led me into meeting more women, of whom plenty seem to have at least some interest in me, so once I get over this heartbreak I think it will be a net positive.

        • Nathan Higgins
          Nathan Higgins  3 days back

          I really don't get the first woman's statement on "he needs to respect my strength." Yeah I get that with co-workers, but in a relationship I want her to take care of me and I to take care of her. We don't need to "respect each others strength" but rather accept each other's shortcomings and help each other through it.

          • Offhisrocker
            Offhisrocker  4 days back

            I see attractive women every day on my way to work; many of the same ones. They never look up (oh for a second to think about the next line of text-maybe) They never look at me. Problem? They have their faces up their iPhone A rtificial S ocial S ystem. I guess that is the status symbol world they inhabit.

            • StarSkull_Cyborg
              StarSkull_Cyborg  4 days back

              The last girl i dated was sweet and kind and affectionate. Gave me the most intimacy ive probably ever had, she sent me txt messages often we spent 8 or 9 hours together a day...and then she cheated on me, and told me she didnt feel like we were making a connection and that we were just friends....and im here lost thinking that she actually cared for me after all the stuff we did together... OH and i have never cheated on a girl before in my life, but karma keeps sending these assholes in my direction?

              • john gentile
                john gentile  4 days back

                A man becomes a doctor....will date a waitress and give her a house,boat,kids,and everything he has.
                A woman becomes a doctor and she will refuse to date you or do ANYTHING good for you because she is BETTER than YOU. I think this goes to show the WHY Of why dating sucks. BECAUSE WOMEN SUCK!!!!!!!!

                • volcanic red
                  volcanic red  5 days back

                  i love smart women; what i don't love are women who think they're smart but aren't.

                  • Eunice Yanez
                    Eunice Yanez  5 days back

                    No offense meant but I am wondering what men would think or what are their thoughts on these kinds of videos? I am curious. I wanna hear their thoughts....

                    • StarSkull_Cyborg
                      StarSkull_Cyborg  4 days back

                      Women have a list of demands, on top of that the guys gotta make them feel that spark....then this UNICORN needs to live within a 15 miles radius?....Holy fucking shit how stupid are you.... its no wonder i keep seeing 35 year old babes fucking single still...your personality is shit or you have unrealistic expectations. For me i have 4 rules, take care of your body, accept me for who i am, communicate your true feelings, be kind....not looking for a unicorn

                  • Fabio Valdes Araneda
                    Fabio Valdes Araneda  5 days back

                    womans pay for this crap LOL

                    • Claire
                      Claire  6 days back

                      This woman didnt actually mean smart as in general intelligence. "You are too smart so men know they cant get ome over on you." Meaning shes too street smart in the dating world so she actually notices red flags and doesn't keep entertaining time wasters like a lit of women do.

                      If you are a half way decent looking woman there are always men willing to smash but finding a man that doesn't make your life harder because hes in it with lies, cheating, leeching, manipulation, and projection of insecurities is much more difficult.

                      • Marc Wareham
                        Marc Wareham  6 days back

                        You only have to look on Instagram at all the 5s taking photos with the weak beta males liking and commenting on how beautiful they are! They’re not! And men are not intimidated by intelligence. It’s not attractive, it’s boring.

                        • ENG
                          ENG  6 days back

                          i cant tell if dating sucks i cant get one lol .

                          • Do The Shingaling
                            Do The Shingaling  7 days back

                            I wanted to give this guy a chance, and I actually liked a couple of his other videos... But this was total garbage. She asked a very specific question, and even reiterated it, and he did the exact "politician" thing he mentioned the other guy did. He completely did not answer her question AT ALL. Then, he derailed the question, put words in her mouth and unrelated ideas in her head... and then reframed another question because he just couldn't answer her question. When he said "I don't know what you're asking me"... I think it was very clear what she was asking. In the end, he gave her extreeeemely generic, I would even say ignorant, non-specific, basic, and B.S. advice. (one of those answer people give when they don't know an answer).... Just keep going on dates, putting yourself out there, you might meet someone or just become friends... just keep doing that. WHAT?? In each of those scenarios you are Bound to face all of the other issues he's addressed in other videos.... So where is the part where he specifically address her issue/question? It honestly felt kind of manipulative... he tried to make her feel dumb at one point by acting smarter than her answer.... His videos might be ok, but this tells me that his live shows would not be worth attending, when he has to think of answers on the fly.

                            • El Kabongg
                              El Kabongg  1 weeks back

                              Guys as soon as you hear the words "I am a strong independent woman" walk the other way. This tells you she has swallowed the feminist pill and will devote her time to validating the ideology by demonstrating her superior status through undermining yours. Otherwise you will have to choose between a subservient relationship or a battlefield.

                              • Darth Insidious
                                Darth Insidious  1 weeks back

                                So what I'm seeing is while incels are hung up on how they can't get sex, the female equivalent is hung up on how they can't get relationships.

                                • StarSkull_Cyborg
                                  StarSkull_Cyborg  4 days back

                                  There fucking the guy, then complaining that there not Dating material...

                              • agentdark64
                                agentdark64  1 weeks back

                                I see women as lower value in that they choose men by their perceived abundance. I see guys who have nothing to offer, play hard to get and the women flock to them like crazy. Women only notice worth in a man by their emotions and not logic.

                                • Kiana Dresse
                                  Kiana Dresse  1 weeks back

                                  Bold of you to assume I’ve even dated

                                  • Phil Sangster
                                    Phil Sangster  1 weeks back

                                    *One man's point of view:*
                                    Intelligence itself does not add or subtract from the desirability of a woman. It multiplies. I don't care if a woman is intelligent. I care if she is kind hearted and healthy. I care if she is a nice person to spend time with.

                                    If she is kind she will likely be a good partner to raise a family with. If she is healthy she is inherently attractive physically, and more likely to be an active contributor to daily life over the long term. Instinct also tells me that her health is an indication of her potential children's health. Most importantly though, if she is a nice person to spend time with that is the strongest indicator of what life may be like by her side.

                                    Intelligence multiplies the sum of her other characteristics. Intelligent, selfish and arrogant is highly undesirable. But Intelligent, kind and healthy are highly desirable.

                                    • stefano tommarelli
                                      stefano tommarelli  1 weeks back

                                      ghosting, mixed signals, living that

                                      • Donn Jeferson Atienza
                                        Donn Jeferson Atienza  1 weeks back

                                        Hypergamy. There, fixed it

                                        • Khemistry IBMOR
                                          Khemistry IBMOR  1 weeks back

                                          1. Give up the alpha female persona.
                                          2. Lower your standards.

                                        • eidiazcas
                                          eidiazcas  1 weeks back

                                          this Lannister is right

                                          • amanda lynne
                                            amanda lynne  1 weeks back

                                            Nah I'm sick of being ghosted, rather be single than led on by a bunch of ghosts.

                                            • jon powell
                                              jon powell  1 weeks back

                                              people like you make me sick! if you're gonna talk the online talk than you should walk the real world walk, put you overly-optimistic ass out there in the real world and genuinely help the people you shoot your mouth off to all the time to actually meet somebody instead of hiding behind your chicken-shit phoney lies and spouting out bullshit optimistic scapegoats! i'm tired of people like you being all optimistic mouth and no reality based muscle with these things!

                                              • Audrey Flett
                                                Audrey Flett  1 weeks back

                                                I wonder if we missed her point. She was saying that people are telling her to be less intelligent, less outspoken, to be weaker. To me that sound like she’s asking for help and she didn’t get it.

                                                • Sebastien Roux
                                                  Sebastien Roux  2 weeks back

                                                  You're not supposed to look for a partner who will give you the life you want. You're supposed to look for the person you would give up your life to be with. Is your husband/boyfriend your ATM or the person you'd sell your luxuries for to spend time with? Are you in a relationship for the "experience" (to get treated and taken out for dinner) or for the person (focusing on keep the person happy because you love that person)? If you're not in it for that person then you are toxic, honestly you're probably a psychopath at that point. If that materialistic person is you, you're part of the reason many people are anxious and depressed. A plague to society.

                                                  But now we have a small problem. If you need to give it your all but the other person doesn't, what then? Drop the luxuries. Budget your necessities so you can see if the person is invested in your necessities. If you consider luxuries as necessities then you will never be happy with the effort your partner puts in. Few weeks ago we went to buy food. Saw a couple in torn clothes walking with a loaf of bread as happy as can be. Meanwhile we are complaining about so many things that doesn't matter and being upset while we clearly have lots of luxuries.

                                                  Bottom line: be there for the person not for the benefits. Focus on necessities, if you value any luxuries over your partner... your partner deserves better.

                                                  • Redfox
                                                    Redfox  2 weeks back

                                                    translation. matthew husssey doesnt understand sexual market value. shes entitled, demanding, and getting older. most young men with their shit together can do better than her.

                                                    thats the key difference between men and women in dating. most men understand they have to give to get something or self improve to get another partner. women go to their hugboxes where betas like matt sell them comforting lies and plattitudes and thus these women expect their disney princess fairy tales and their millionaire brad pitt boyfriends will do all the work, pay all the bills. and will come out of the ether and wife her up.

                                                    the truth of the matter is, the women who get the hot well to do husbands know what men want, and adjust accordingly.

                                                    finding a decent man and keeping him is easy. dont be a bitch, dont get fat, dont dress like a slob or like a slut in front of his peers, feed him and keep his balls empty and everything else will fall into place. and western women cant even keep themselves from becoming ham planets, and they still expect chad to wife her. lol

                                                    • ALAIN BELLEMARE
                                                      ALAIN BELLEMARE  2 weeks back

                                                      get a dog

                                                      • RGPankO
                                                        RGPankO  2 weeks back

                                                        I am a guy and I loved you video.
                                                        Thanks for posting.

                                                        • Sam Obispo
                                                          Sam Obispo  2 weeks back

                                                          This guy has making of living by pandering to women. He's a cute, cuddly panda bear...a pander-bear.

                                                          • Sam Obispo
                                                            Sam Obispo  2 weeks back

                                                            Dating doesn't suck for women. It is a major transfer of wealth from women to men.

                                                            • JoeNoobie
                                                              JoeNoobie  2 weeks back

                                                              Aww man, I thought this was going to be some funny comedy routine. Thumbs down.

                                                              • Aeroluster
                                                                Aeroluster  2 weeks back

                                                                I actually prefer having 2 super serious relationships that didn't go well than having 10 casual relationships that failed and leaving not feeling anything. I fantasize about having female childhood friends, etc. Having a super strong bond with a partner is something I'm really interested in; though I'm just a teenager. Maybe it's because I'm young? I'm in a relationship right now and we've been together almost a whole year now, and I met her online.

                                                                • oblivious108
                                                                  oblivious108  2 weeks back

                                                                  I think I've just had it looking for any girl because I know that what I want does not exist and is impossible to get. And knowing that really hurts.

                                                                  • TehCacti
                                                                    TehCacti  2 weeks back

                                                                    you can tell the woman is an actor and they rehearsed the question beforehand

                                                                    • tucker baskit
                                                                      tucker baskit  2 weeks back

                                                                      don't stop socializing just stop... realize there is no perfect person or say we don't know who the perfect person is? the perfect person is latterly the person you can sit down and have a comfortable time with... I was in love and it was going great but, I had to break up, it is the situation, when two are constancy getting separated, more and more until the bridge is a thin layer of ice, it may be really hard to say good bye but, it's better than letting the other hang. these situations happen too and that just means it's time to let go. it can be just as hard to let go as it is to start something and hang on. people need to realize we don't control love, love just happens and when it does, we need to notice it, when it is happening. also speak up, if you say i love you and don't get one back, you are obviously going in the wrong direction, the one that says it back is the one you should take, just listen.

                                                                      • 野村ERIK
                                                                        野村ERIK  2 weeks back

                                                                        I actually met this guy in New Orleans.

                                                                        • How Zany's Strategies
                                                                          How Zany's Strategies  2 weeks back

                                                                          Honestly though, your advice can be applied to both men and women regarding their dating relationships and their outlooks. I'm a guy and I watched this and it has helped me a lot more than your typical PUA bullshit.

                                                                          • Leo Enlightened
                                                                            Leo Enlightened  2 weeks back

                                                                            You've come along way bro, you low key told these hypergamous strong IndEpeNdAnt WhaMens that they have too high of standards and need to stop being delusional, no man cares how damn smart and career driven you are girl, do you respect men like a person who has thoughts, feelings and desires like you or is it just about how much of a chad 10/10 looks, money and status he has and screw any man who is less and end up alone with cats in your 40s with no children, or the poor beta male you trapped when you realized chad wasn't going to happen then divorce raped, not to mention you girls are all about your feelings and always want more, face it girls you have no personality and your the most shallow privileged creature to walk the earth, and you need a man to lead you but you cant admit it and you think your a damn victim but your not, men are the victims, damn parasites, go mgtow men.

                                                                            • Some Dule
                                                                              Some Dule  2 weeks back

                                                                              Damn this guy should work for Jehova service hotline

                                                                              • Gbob Zburner
                                                                                Gbob Zburner  2 weeks back

                                                                                This guy is awesome, getting that money from all those women. They'll keep throwing money at him as long as he doesn't tell them that they are the problem.

                                                                                • Cully Schmetterling
                                                                                  Cully Schmetterling  2 weeks back

                                                                                  I did give up on women.
                                                                                  I experienced one heartbreak too many and one rejection too many. Every man has a limit to how much pain he can bear.
                                                                                  I have been a celibate MGTOW monk for the past 19 years.
                                                                                  Women want the sociopathic shitbag bad boys, which I am not.
                                                                                  I set out looking for someone to love and make my wife. Women soon beat that out of me.
                                                                                  Women and the shitbag bad boys whom they crave can have each other. They deserve one another.

                                                                                  • royalrexford
                                                                                    royalrexford  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Guy said a whole lotta nothing.

                                                                                    • Ippo Makunouchi
                                                                                      Ippo Makunouchi  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Women who f*cked more than 2 or 3 men have low capacity of getting attached to a man. It's true y'all know it.
                                                                                      All that's left for girls at this point is going hypergamous... Until 35 yo or around that (laughs)

                                                                                      • Michael Angelo
                                                                                        Michael Angelo  2 weeks back

                                                                                        yup. women in the past before birth control, sexual rev., feminism. would only end up with 1 man or if she was a widow she could remarry. the women who didn't were prostitutes. nowadays women make yesteryears prostitutes blush by how many dudes they suck and fuck. crazy I know women with over 100 body count atleast.

                                                                                    • David Kaminski
                                                                                      David Kaminski  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Who is this character? He talked in circles, spoke with cliches and threw in some profanity to make it "edgey". You need to provide real solutions not just call out the problems. The clip you showed is not helping your brand/product. You tried to BS your way to an answer and then gave up at the end and finished with a "I dont understand your question". Take this fellow at face value. One of the many more modern day snake oil salesman.

                                                                                      • Kori Jenkins
                                                                                        Kori Jenkins  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Casual dating isn't the problem. Lack of quality is the problem. Which is pretty apparent in 2019. Especially in women.... There's a ton of fish in the ocean, but very very very few worth keeping. 99.999% of them you throw back into the ocean...

                                                                                        • Rosalie Sullivan
                                                                                          Rosalie Sullivan  2 weeks back

                                                                                          The guy I dated for a month & only new for 3 months asked me to be in an exclusive dating relationship.He said that he wants to take it slow because he wants us to work out & be together. It's his last attempt to be in a relationship with someone. He was resigned to being single until I came into his life. We didn't causally date 1st. We both came out of abusive marriages where our spouses were the abusive. He was like a mirror image of myself & similar situation with what I was through. We clicked well together. He even said himself we make a good team. He's been raising his teenage daughters on his own. He had pretty much all the qualities that I was looking for in a partner. He's the 1st guy I dated that was respectful & a true gentleman. He told me that I'm a great catch, worth it, he liked my intellect, I'm a terrific person, was blessed to have me in his life, & I treated him like he always wanted to be treated. I'm a very emotional person, wear my heart on my sleeve, very forward with my emotions. He told me that he liked where this was going & get close to leaning towards being in a committed relationship with me. He would send me songs to express his feelings for me.If I would do the same & express my feelings for him, he'd tell me to chill. He had sent me the song "Can't Hold Back". One of the lyrics say going to do my best to make the story line come true for you. On our 1 month anniversary, I texted him Happy 1st month Anniversary. Hope the months turn into years. I could tell by his response that it bothered him. He called me that night didn't talk about my text. The next day he was better, texting throughout the day but 1 thing was different, no 😘 anymore. The next day he sent me a good morning text. I asked him to call me later on in the day because he had stated that he wanted to see me more, at least once during the week. We live an hour away from each other. Every time we were suppose to meet up during the week, he'd cancel. He 1st asked me to meet him to talk when I asked him to call me. Then that afternoon he called & said that he has to get it off his chest & just talk. We wouldn't be meeting.He also told me he cares deeply about me & Ive been always supportive of him when he friend zoned me!😨 How can I be all that to him & yet still be friend zoned?! I don't understand why he would! I haven't dated since I was a teenager. This dating as an adult is a whole new world for me! Shm!🙄😒 I'm left disappointed, somewhat sad, & missing him. We'd talk everyday. I was just getting comfortable & use to him being in my life. And in an instant he's no longer there. He wants to still be friends, text & call each other. A week after he friend zoned me he texted me in the morning to say hi & see how I was doing. I waited until the evening to respond with a text. 3 minutes after I sent my text he called me. Neither of us has contacted each other since. It's been over a week. I need time to heal.
                                                                                          Thanks for this video! I think & feel that the #4 reason is why he did what he did. When he called to talk to me he said that he's ghosting others & he didn't want to do that to me. I deserve better than that.