UFC 238: Marlon Moraes full media day at UFC HQ

  • Published: 04 April 2019
  • UFC 238: Marlon Moraes full media day at UFC HQ

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Comments • 24

  • Dorin Radut
    Dorin Radut  5 months back

    Killer Elite...gonna make magic!
    Cejudo you should tremble in your sheets...

    • Neville Longbottom
      Neville Longbottom  3 months back

      @ErikVincent Ruiz it wasn't easy but he got it

    • ErikVincent Ruiz
      ErikVincent Ruiz  5 months back

      He don't want that smoke 🇲🇽 over everything Henry Got It Easy

  • The B.S. Show
    The B.S. Show  6 months back

    I made a video on the marlon moreas vs Henry cejudo fight, it would mean a lot to me if anyone could show it some love.

    • LeGrant Nielsen
      LeGrant Nielsen  6 months back

      This man is a beast

      • Adrian Mejia
        Adrian Mejia  6 months back

        Yo Cejudo is going to take out this clown krillin!

        • Bassam Aldhahiry
          Bassam Aldhahiry  6 months back

          Well spoken English

          • C Wel
            C Wel  6 months back

            Marlon round 1 TKO.

            • alex M
              alex M  6 months back

              Juicy juices juiced to the gills

              • OG Jin Bling
                OG Jin Bling  6 months back

                Derrick Lewis: "Shiiiiiiit."

                Marlon Moraes: "Sheeeet."

                • Mango Fresco
                  Mango Fresco  6 months back

                  Calliou lookinass

                  • Mr. Lo
                    Mr. Lo  5 months back


                  • JK96
                    JK96  6 months back


                  • Jay
                    Jay  6 months back


                • Jack Attack
                  Jack Attack  6 months back

                  Marlon "sheet" Moraes

                  • ORV Entertaiment
                    ORV Entertaiment  6 months back

                    why does marlon defend tj using steroids? I don't get it.

                    • Ofon
                      Ofon  6 months back

                      @iron2max Yes he is...but he's also implying that he doesn't care in the least bit if TJ is taking or took peds. He's pretty suspect from that alone

                    • iron2max
                      iron2max  6 months back

                      He's saying TJ is talented, regardless if he's taking something or not.

                    • It is what it is
                      It is what it is  6 months back

                      He doesn't believe PEDs help much.

                    • Ofon
                      Ofon  6 months back

                      @S Saxman Plenty of people have criticized PED users in the past, only to eventually be caught themselves. But yeah I'm pretty sure this Moraes guy is on some shit himself, especially from the way he says he doesn't care if people are on roids. I'd say its close to what Nate said years ago

                    • Timothy Schule
                      Timothy Schule  6 months back

                      Respect amongst peers

                  • Aleksandr Levochkin
                    Aleksandr Levochkin  6 months back

                    It's Krillin from DBZ