• Published: 08 October 2019
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  • Ricky Kwidama0mkii6r2dd544řr44řķ3e

    " L2 on Ps Controller "
    " Lt on Xbox controller " 👌
    BIG FAN..!! ❤🔥

    • Michal Šedo
      Michal Šedo  3 weeks back

      Hello Ovy, what do you have on button R1?

      • garoto x mega gotos
        garoto x mega gotos  3 weeks back

        O dono do you tube e um lix9

        • garoto x mega gotos
          garoto x mega gotos  3 weeks back

          Vai toma no cu you tube

          • Kacik
            Kacik  1 months back

            I smashed and dropped unlike button for double like begging...

            • Kamariah Ali
              Kamariah Ali  1 months back

              U a king in FIFA wow 😀

              • Kiabuin Eric
                Kiabuin Eric  1 months back

                Tell EA to make the career mode Real!

                • Young Bull
                  Young Bull  1 months back

                  L2 is PlayStation not LT

                  • none
                    none  1 months back

                    02:02 REALY !!! Dude it was free goal if pass again... Why did you pass to the left...

                    • none
                      none  1 months back

                      @MICHAEL Amuquandoh yeah probably

                    • MICHAEL Amuquandoh
                      MICHAEL Amuquandoh  1 months back

                      Maybe he did it for the sake of the tutorial even though it's not the best choice

                    • none
                      none  1 months back

                      @MICHAEL Amuquandoh This choice is better ?

                    • MICHAEL Amuquandoh
                      MICHAEL Amuquandoh  1 months back

                      Wing play😊

                  • Abdullah Latif
                    Abdullah Latif  1 months back

                    Thank you for making this video cos I easily get to the flanks but have no end product

                    • sopes247
                      sopes247  1 months back

                      How can you do any of these moves even on a counter the AI of my opponents team is blocking all passing lanes so it’s slow mow your way up the field and then you’ve got to find your way through 8 players camped out in the box, playing on line now is like playing legendary on squad battles and is fun as going to work with overtime

                      • m_adam09 9
                        m_adam09 9  1 months back

                        As always Ovvy helps records from being destroyed 😂

                        • Darius Ciuculescu
                          Darius Ciuculescu  1 months back

                          Bine ovy

                          • RusuCT
                            RusuCT  1 months back

                            Ia sa vedem

                            • tomzi
                              tomzi  1 months back

                              hey ovvy, are you using alternate or classic configuration

                            • jashan deep
                              jashan deep  1 months back

                              Can you please not pause the video for too long while speaking?

                              • Shadrach 25
                                Shadrach 25  1 months back

                                Wow thanks i love this channel a lot of videos help me now im a professional fifa player thabk you so much keep helping us
                                hi guys i create a channel for patches check it out

                              • P Andrei
                                P Andrei  1 months back

                                How can i put the power bar above players like in video?

                                • Oliver Berrisford
                                  Oliver Berrisford  1 months back

                                  What are the most effective formations this year?

                                  • Cory Williams
                                    Cory Williams  1 months back

                                    Slowly working on these skills in squad battles and it's really paying off. Thanks Coach Ovvy! What kind of glasses do you have?

                                  • Laur Laurențiu
                                    Laur Laurențiu  1 months back

                                    Frate nu inteleg pe bune acum nu toti stim engleza si macar daca scrii in engleza muta maneta in alt colț sa vedem pe ce apesi, ca tu pui scrisu pe maneta si nu se vede ce drq

                                    • cy l
                                      cy l  1 months back

                                      Would you consider adding the controller demonstrationin in your fut champion episodes as well? Just want to try learning your techniques.

                                      Thanks man really enjoy your videos :)

                                      • Shadow X077
                                        Shadow X077  1 months back

                                        Hello enjoying your vids as i'm 100% new to football/fifa what settings do you use to see the power over your player?

                                      • catalin rosu
                                        catalin rosu  1 months back


                                        • Kendrick Prasad
                                          Kendrick Prasad  1 months back

                                          Nice ovvy..keep it up

                                          • RobFut 99
                                            RobFut 99  1 months back

                                            Nice! Can you do a through ball tutorial for going through the middle of a defense please? 🤹🏻‍♂️

                                            • Ball is life
                                              Ball is life  1 months back

                                              through ball is ALL about timing.

                                            • rambo jonez
                                              rambo jonez  1 months back

                                              U cant becuae drop bk 1 depth but lb+ a will be ur best friend if u wanna 1 2 up the pitch

                                          • Ryze
                                            Ryze  1 months back

                                            nice video <3

                                            • Vladimir Positiv
                                              Vladimir Positiv  1 months back

                                              Ovy, how to score corners every time?

                                              • Victor Cucoaneş
                                                Victor Cucoaneş  1 months back

                                                He has a video about that made yesterday or a couple of days ago.

                                            • Hai Caspi
                                              Hai Caspi  1 months back

                                              love u ovvy

                                              • David Andrei Barsan
                                                David Andrei Barsan  1 months back

                                                Hello ovyy

                                                • Mr Fake News
                                                  Mr Fake News  1 months back

                                                  Dope video

                                                  • Barcan Mihai Adrian
                                                    Barcan Mihai Adrian  1 months back

                                                    Mersi mult! Sigur o sa ma ajute. Esti grozav si continua tot asa .

                                                    • Ahmed Ibrahim
                                                      Ahmed Ibrahim  1 months back

                                                      ovvy, you make those tutorials and you dont even use them, not the new skills or crossing/corners. even we cant use the tutorial, gameplay suck, i cant score good goals! u must smash the shot button near post.

                                                      • homasas
                                                        homasas  1 months back

                                                        You either haven't good formation or simply suck at this game. The gameplay is far better than fifa 19. You can definitely score nice goals, infact most of the goal need to be properly constructed. No more straighed run with two croquetas and a time finishing outside the box

                                                    • DEEPROT
                                                      DEEPROT  1 months back

                                                      big up!

                                                      • Stefan Elicoperul
                                                        Stefan Elicoperul  1 months back

                                                        Ca încerc să înțeleg si eu

                                                        • Stefan Elicoperul
                                                          Stefan Elicoperul  1 months back

                                                          Salut ovi crezi ca poti atunci când explici, maneta poate fi si de la xbox

                                                        • jack aviation
                                                          jack aviation  1 months back

                                                          love u ovy but i hate the game :D

                                                          • Iustin Jucan
                                                            Iustin Jucan  1 months back

                                                            I love you ovvy

                                                            • NEXUS Florin
                                                              NEXUS Florin  1 months back

                                                              Te salut și te respect