The most desperate thing women do | The biggest dating mistake you can make + Giveaway

  • Published: 12 June 2019
  • The most desperate thing women do.
    The worst dating mistake you can make.
    5 ways women make themselves look desperate | 5 major turnoffs | Dating mistakes
    Know a woman’s worth. Be a high value woman. Do a woman’s work!
    I keep meeting women who think they can bait a man who doesn’t want them with laying down . It doesn’t work. If you’re going to have cheap love in un established relationships do so because that’s who you are and what you like to do. I understand some women have high libidos, voracious sexual appetites, and thirst for variety. They may not see their bodies as temples but as tools... for pleasure. I’m not talking to them.
    I’m talking to women who find themselves attached after encounters with a man. Women who hope for more. Never lay down to convince a man to like you. Or see you as valuable. Don’t so to fabricate a connection. It doesn’t work. Men connect to your spirit energy and essence not your body.
    You could be a bedroom pro and a man you’re putting all your best moves on will still choose a woman that makes him feel like a better, more capable person. A woman who inspires him. Not through sex but through spirit and intellect.
    Out of pure desperation many women lay down as if they are paying a man for his time or giving him some kind of advance on a relationship. Like a down payment or a deposit on a commitment. Some women are so busy and in such a hurry trying to hook a man with sex they’ve hidden the real qualities they possess that would actually hook him

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