Peaky Blinders Series 5 Trailer - BBC

  • Published: 30 July 2019
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    The brand new series of Peaky Blinders, coming soon exclusively to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

    Crime boss Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) begins his new role as a Member of Parliament in Series 5 of Peaky Blinders. The highly anticipated new series is expected to air later this year on BBC One. The drama has received universal acclaim, including for Series 4 the BAFTA award for Best Drama Series.

    Peaky Blinders | Series 5 Trailer | BBC

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Comments • 4 837

  • BBC
    BBC   1 months back

    It's back on Sunday 25th August at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. We're so excited!

    • Ramesh Krishnan
      Ramesh Krishnan  6 days back

      The islamisation of Birmingham the fall of England

    • d7zx
      d7zx  4 weeks back

      Mick Barbieri hbd

    • Ryan
      Ryan  4 weeks back

      Esta temporada sera a ultima ?

    • Thorne Hill
      Thorne Hill  4 weeks back

      Yaaaaaaaayayyyyya!! I kept opening up bbciplayer just to be teased hard by seeing Peaky Blinders in “My Next Episode” only to find out the first vid was a poem and being so disappointed no offence but the poem was terrible

  • Kit kat
    Kit kat  20 hours back

    Must watch this now

    • PhEOniX _
      PhEOniX _  22 hours back


      • William Spooner
        William Spooner  1 days back

        “Sometimes death is kindness”gives me shivers

        • zeeshan aftab
          zeeshan aftab  3 days back

          Does anyone know the name of that song which plays during the recape of every episode in season 5 that music is amazing

          • maximus Maxwell
            maximus Maxwell  3 days back

            must say so far the portrayal of the billy boys is crap and fake scottish accents and i laughed when it said Glasgow showing lovely green countryside what about the infamous tenaments were the only pets are rats the billy boys were never that powerful not a gun between them just a rangers razor gang but the band walking with them whats all that surely this series will pick up

            • random boi
              random boi  3 days back

              I loved Adrien Brody's Luca a lot. He really did bring that Italian heat with him as Luca particularly the body language and mannerisms of a quintessential Italian gangster. He showed that Italian gangsters were no less dangerous or stylish when compared to their British counterparts.
              Keep rocking Adrien!

              • kickinghighify
                kickinghighify  3 days back

                Season 6 - peaky commies outsmart hitler and save the king!

                • Wade Sharp
                  Wade Sharp  4 days back

                  What is this about? Is it worth watching the series on netflix..Im not sure but would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

                  • Wade Sharp
                    Wade Sharp  1 days back

                    Kaya B thanks! Are u a pommy? Im a kiwi

                  • Kaya B
                    Kaya B  2 days back

                    It's really worth it! At first wasn't interested at all but gave in and was hooked on the 1st ep!

                  • Wade Sharp
                    Wade Sharp  3 days back

                    BBQ Wings ok thank you so much i appreciate your reply

                  • BBQ Wings
                    BBQ Wings  3 days back

                    Gang leader Tommy Shelby bringing his Birmingham family from rags to riches, set in 1919-1928 if u want to binge a show watch this no question just do it

                • Adam Lambert
                  Adam Lambert  5 days back

                  Arther is dead 😢

                  • Lil Cindy
                    Lil Cindy  6 days back

                    I’m in love 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
                    Also can someone’s tell me the song ???

                  • Lara Almasri96
                    Lara Almasri96  6 days back

                    Shelby is rising but his end is near 😢 this show is getting better

                    • Sean S
                      Sean S  6 days back

                      Season 5... FOREFRONT:socialists, interracial relationships, irrational feminist barking... COULDN'T FIT BREXIT IN? You must feel terrible... #getwokegobroke I'm done.

                      • Alice Lu
                        Alice Lu  6 days back

                        this isn’t england... this is germans

                        • MEcapture
                          MEcapture  6 days back

                          Tomas is a whisper actor

                          • rupin kanet
                            rupin kanet  6 days back

                            Why does this show looks like it's set in 1800s when it almost ww2 time?

                            • rupin kanet
                              rupin kanet  1 days back

                              @Kaya B it's almost 1935

                            • Kaya B
                              Kaya B  2 days back

                              Was set after WW1. 1920s.

                          • Good Man
                            Good Man  7 days back

                            I hope cigarettes still play the major role 😁

                            • Hassan Wasim
                              Hassan Wasim  7 days back

                              When it will be published on Netflix any idea?

                              • Kaya B
                                Kaya B  2 days back

                                On Oct or Nov.

                            • David Stevenson
                              David Stevenson  1 weeks back

                              PB slow gang walk..... 2 men and 3 bloody women lol. People would be shitting themselves. What are the women going to do.. wash their enemies dishes for them vigorously?

                              • Noc Noc
                                Noc Noc  1 weeks back

                                viva peaky blinders carajoooo

                                • Victor Hugo
                                  Victor Hugo  1 weeks back

                                  Malditos Peaky Blinders!

                                  • Big Rider
                                    Big Rider  1 weeks back

                                    S5 E4

                                    This is for those that haven't watched it btw. Don't type in comments. Just type rip

                                  • Gustavo Roger
                                    Gustavo Roger  1 weeks back


                                    • CRIESLIKEGOD
                                      CRIESLIKEGOD  1 weeks back


                                      • Red Squirrel
                                        Red Squirrel  1 weeks back

                                        Watching this series it beats me how these people lived past the age of about 30. They smoke like chimneys, drink like fish, and shag each other senseless. Sounds fun actually.

                                        • Kick I_best06
                                          Kick I_best06  1 weeks back

                                          anybody knows the song that played in season 5 episode 4 (previously)0:01

                                          • Фильмы 2019
                                            Фильмы 2019  1 weeks back

                                            Здесь уже добавили 4,5 серию в хорошем качестве

                                            • Nandit Plays
                                              Nandit Plays  1 weeks back

                                              When it will come on netflix Eh?

                                            • PeakyBlinders GreekSupporters

                                     peaky blinders wall street crash

                                              • David Stevenson
                                                David Stevenson  1 weeks back

                                                PB has become full of feminist/misandric nonsense and left wing political messages sadly. Shame as Season 1 was superb.
                                                Watch a good series like the Italian crime series Gomorrah (the series, not the movie)..... It is amazing and untainted by feminist/SJW rubbish as it isn't made by idiots like BBC or Hollywood.

                                                • David Stevenson
                                                  David Stevenson  1 weeks back

                                                  @Helen Trope they will. It's great.

                                                • Helen Trope
                                                  Helen Trope  1 weeks back

                                                  So women won't be watching Gomorrah then.

                                              • David Stevenson
                                                David Stevenson  1 weeks back

                                                The first couple of seasons of Peaky Blinders were very good due to being realistic to the times. Don't bother after season 2 as sadly the director has from then on increasingly put in more and more cringey "feminist" and other "PC" /SJW drivel...... eg more black people in political roles or in gangs.... despite the fact that no Birmingham (or any other city's) gangs in the 1920s /30s (or 40s, 50s etc) would have even wanted a black or other ethnic minority in them in that era. Even worse is the cringe that is the women being in the PB board, or having any say on anything at all..... women were women in that era.... they did what men told them, and were housewives. Seeing them not "honour and obey" their husbands is embarrassing...... But its the BBC so I knew that they would allow a couple of seasons of reality to try to hook male viewers in, before spouting out the trash, as is the tactic these days.
                                                Sadly a lot of shows do this, and not just by the BBC (though it is the most misandric by far).... Eg Spartacus (superb season 1, season 2 not great, Season 3.... pretty blondes and black girl beating muscley men up all over the show 🙄)
                                                Of course Game Of Thrones..... season 1... Brilliantly realistic. Season 2 good. But with each season after that it got worse and worse (again girls beating up men they would be backhanded to death by with 1 slap in real life, and of course girls bossing men about /leading! (not realistic for the time it was meant to be set in)... But I guess if you can have zombies and dragons, then "strong girls" could be just as unrealistic.
                                                I've watched 3 episodes of Season 5 of PB and it is absolute rubbish. I advise any sensible folks to boycott it. Don't watch it.
                                                Or download it on pirate bay instead so BBC lose out. And just fast-forward through the shit parts.

                                                If you want to watch a truly brilliant crime series without any political messages or feminist shit etc, I recommend Gomorrah (the series, not the movie) ....... it is an Italian series (so Italian subtitles) and has 4 seasons so far. It is very realistic and brilliantly written and acted and untouched by the sort of nonsense that PB and so many series and movies made in the UK and USA sadly are.
                                                Watch a couple of Utube clips of Gomorrah.... Just of the first season otherwise spoilers might ruin it if you watch season 2 clips.

                                                • Mia Baker
                                                  Mia Baker  1 weeks back

                                                  Hopefully, they'll kill of the leader of the Billy Boys sooner or later. His accent isn't very good. But it'll not stop me from watching this series when it comes out on DVD. I still love the series regardless. 😄

                                                  • Gnostic Warrior
                                                    Gnostic Warrior  1 weeks back

                                                    Why has the Billy boys leader got the worst Scottish accent I've ever heard, could have got a scot to play him.

                                                    • Red Squirrel
                                                      Red Squirrel  1 weeks back

                                                      Agreed. I'm still trying to fathom out what the accent is supposed to be. It changes from scene to scene.

                                                  • Clit Yeastwood
                                                    Clit Yeastwood  1 weeks back

                                                    I miss John

                                                    • Clit Yeastwood
                                                      Clit Yeastwood  1 weeks back

                                                      Johnny Dogs and Finn should be in this trailer!! Not the fookin women

                                                    • Abdulaziz Ahmed
                                                      Abdulaziz Ahmed  2 weeks back

                                                      Oh my goodness!
                                                      I can't wait 😍

                                                      • Bakir Imad
                                                        Bakir Imad  2 weeks back

                                                        Stay a LEGEND 😘💪💪💪💪

                                                        • ツTVx Drops
                                                          ツTVx Drops  2 weeks back

                                                          Arthur might die this season boys.. just have that feeling

                                                          • ツTVx Drops
                                                            ツTVx Drops  1 weeks back

                                                            El Anon trust me arthur wouldn’t do that also she tried to kill him

                                                          • El Anon
                                                            El Anon  1 weeks back

                                                            After Episode 4 I think he's going to turn his back on Tommy and the others

                                                        • katherine dragieva
                                                          katherine dragieva  2 weeks back

                                                          For one week I've watched all the episodes and I can't wait for more! <3

                                                          • İrem
                                                            İrem  2 weeks back

                                                            THAT'S AWESOME!!

                                                            • Foued 29
                                                              Foued 29  2 weeks back

                                                              Watch this it's nice👏👏❤❤

                                                              • Divyash Kumar Sherwal
                                                                Divyash Kumar Sherwal  2 weeks back

                                                                Season 5 episode 1 : Arthur dies
                                                                Fans : Left the chat

                                                                • Mikey Condry
                                                                  Mikey Condry  2 weeks back

                                                                  Mosley >

                                                                  • Daniel
                                                                    Daniel  2 weeks back

                                                                    they kill and torture people
                                                                    but they cant stand racism and sexism in a 1920's England.
                                                                    wew. such progressive gangsters

                                                                    • Helen Trope
                                                                      Helen Trope  1 weeks back

                                                                      Makes a nice change doesn't it?

                                                                    • David Stevenson
                                                                      David Stevenson  1 weeks back

                                                                      Yeah, PB has turned to shit. Typical BBC with its feminist/misandrist left wing rubbish

                                                                  • Simon furina
                                                                    Simon furina  2 weeks back

                                                                    The peaky fookin blinders

                                                                    • Srinjoy Kumar Saha
                                                                      Srinjoy Kumar Saha  2 weeks back

                                                                      **Thomas Shelby drinks whisky from a glass.**
                                                                      Polly: Be careful, you'll break it.
                                                                      Tommy: *Already Broken*

                                                                      • Garrá Lapala
                                                                        Garrá Lapala  2 weeks back

                                                                        Cuando sañe?

                                                                        • Jayesh Sharma
                                                                          Jayesh Sharma  2 weeks back

                                                                          *by the order of peaky fookin blinders*

                                                                          *this show is amazing*