• Published: 05 March 2013
  • YelaWolf gives a behind the scenes look to the making of his latest record F.A.S.T. RIDE.

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  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris  6 years back


    • Matthias Aaron Pedersen

      It's awesome

        MANDYLAINEHOBBS  7 years back

        twerkin' :16 lmao!!

          YOUNG KRAKA CALI  7 years back


          • 8ballrhymes
            8ballrhymes  7 years back

            Best new white rapper out there fuck macklemore, mgk, and mac miller

            • Tyler Davis
              Tyler Davis  7 years back

              Long live yelawolf this rapper is better than anyone youbcould think of

              • Slumerican Shitizen
                Slumerican Shitizen  7 years back

                Ya'll go LIKE ~~~>>Slumerican Wolfpack<<~~~ on Facebook!!!

                • WORMBEATZ PHISHBONE
                  WORMBEATZ PHISHBONE  7 years back

                  lookin like Bocephus Billy with that beard. Dope shit.

                  • EMPIRE
                    EMPIRE  7 years back

                    You're poor, stop lying to yourself :). "American idiot" lmao, I see your a follower. Only sheep use that stereotype. They can't come up with any of their own.

                    • Josh DeCoster
                      Josh DeCoster  7 years back

                      Check out my drum cover to this song on my channel please! It'll be worth I I promise! Thanks

                      • Azad0der0Bozz
                        Azad0der0Bozz  7 years back

                        im german we cant be poor sorry. Fucking american idiot...

                        • EMPIRE
                          EMPIRE  7 years back

                          That's 'cause your poor ass hasn't listened to this track on a pounding sound system. Shit blows your mind.

                          • TJBEATS97
                            TJBEATS97  7 years back

                            FUNKY ASS SHIT TO RIDE TO

                            • PDog615
                              PDog615  7 years back

                              FREE STRUGGLE!!

                              • Pwn Business
                                Pwn Business  7 years back

                                i wonder how long it'l take till yella wolf develops cancer from smoking cigs when he has enough money to afford smokeless cigs.

                                • Jessica Gofron
                                  Jessica Gofron  7 years back

                                  I want to get the huge yelawolf tattoo across my ass cheek covered up! I still like yelawolf and his music but wtf I can't believe I did that. :/

                                  • Azad0der0Bozz
                                    Azad0der0Bozz  7 years back

                                    i dont like this song :D and yelawolf shave your face bro !

                                    • Tasty Food France
                                      Tasty Food France  7 years back

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                                      • JV TV
                                        JV TV  7 years back

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                                        • JV TV
                                          JV TV  7 years back

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                                          • hitchminsey
                                            hitchminsey  7 years back

                                            Fuck eminem !

                                            • Heidi Elliott
                                              Heidi Elliott  7 years back

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                                              • Specter187
                                                Specter187  7 years back

                                                Can't wait for the 14th!

                                                • Fortuitous Designs (4D)

                                                  looks like its gonna be great!

                                                  • Isaac Perez
                                                    Isaac Perez  7 years back


                                                    • Elaine -Sellsin-Saseve X

                                                      Beard or no Beard he's still hella sexy lyka mafuka dayummm Yela X!

                                                      • JV TV
                                                        JV TV  7 years back


                                                        • willka trentayocho
                                                          willka trentayocho  7 years back

                                                          beast !

                                                          • CyndiSlim
                                                            CyndiSlim  7 years back

                                                            dat beard...

                                                            • Yelawolfpack Helvetia
                                                              Yelawolfpack Helvetia  7 years back

                                                              The beard is fuckin awesome!! SLMRCN forever

                                                              • HOTBALLZ
                                                                HOTBALLZ  7 years back


                                                                • miltonsmillions
                                                                  miltonsmillions  7 years back

                                                                  I really like the beard.

                                                                  • Chekk2KAAAAAYYYYYYS!!!!

                                                                    i do it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    • Bas Van Rossum
                                                                      Bas Van Rossum  7 years back

                                                                      dont know what to expect of this video

                                                                      • kenneth gomez
                                                                        kenneth gomez  7 years back


                                                                        • Gavin Jones
                                                                          Gavin Jones  7 years back

                                                                          Hell ya, video's gonna be sick

                                                                          • Fka Lydz
                                                                            Fka Lydz  7 years back


                                                                            • OfficialSeanLove
                                                                              OfficialSeanLove  7 years back