Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project (Charlamagne Tha God Interview)

  • Published: 28 May 2019
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  • Daniel Strickland
    Daniel Strickland  3 weeks back


    • psruk
      psruk  4 weeks back

      Love this album Ed well-done mate. :-)

      • Angelica Greaves
        Angelica Greaves  4 weeks back

        Ed's trees in his tree house

        • Rupert Griffen
          Rupert Griffen  2 months back

          Black African man talking with a White English guy with respect for each other
          Imagine if people 200 years ago could see this?

          • Kaiserclan
            Kaiserclan  2 months back

            How can you dislike Ed... Like seriously

            • Clarky01473
              Clarky01473  2 months back

              How about Damian Rice?........ Yes Ed??....

              • XL Leona
                XL Leona  2 months back

                Veronica M : thank you for the explanation!

              • Veronica M
                Veronica M  2 months back

                Ed has mentioned Damien Rice in 2 songs and interviews over the years and he even has tattoo of Damien's autograph he signed for Ed when he was a young teen but Damien has never once acknowledged Ed, to even say he is happy he inspired him to become a songwriter. Van Morrison, Elton John,Paul McCartney, and Eric Clapton have acknowledged Ed and he was influenced by them when growing up with their music

              • XL Leona
                XL Leona  2 months back

                Clarky01473 : what has Damian Rice to do with this project?

            • Miss highter
              Miss highter  2 months back

              Where is the rest of this???

              • Miss highter
                Miss highter  2 months back

                @Veronica M went there's nothing.

              • Veronica M
                Veronica M  2 months back

                it's on Ed's youtube channel

            • Ross Evrett
              Ross Evrett  2 months back

              "I don't see genres, I just see heart." Ed, you and I would get along really well. Let's write a song together!

              • Johnny Mac
                Johnny Mac  2 months back

                Ed: "I haven't done any collaborations since then"

                Pharell Williams: "Am I a joke to you?"

                • Veronica M
                  Veronica M  2 months back

                  Ed has worked with producers/songwriters ie Pharrell but they aren't a proper feature on his solo albums. Ed has featured on some songs with other artists like N.E.R.D, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, FuseODG and Taylor Swift. :)

              • Tom Fitzpatrick
                Tom Fitzpatrick  2 months back

                Who's that interviewing ed?

                • Veronica M
                  Veronica M  2 months back

                  Charlamagne Tha God , he has a radio show in New York

              • Claire Blackmore
                Claire Blackmore  2 months back

                Love these interviews.

                • gabriela draghici
                  gabriela draghici  3 months back

                  Bestial..nu am mai auzit ceva atat de .....wow!

                  • Pirmada Hutahaean
                    Pirmada Hutahaean  3 months back

                    Gosh! Never put a 'like' on an interview vid before but this chat was certainly worth to listened to.
                    Another proof of how heart-work music can be so effin good and that definitely deserves a Grammy, IMHO. And how genuine & sincere Ed can be, just as a musician who wants to put his good music out there. #respect

                    • olli2591
                      olli2591  3 months back

                      So basically, Bruno didn't want to collab with Bieber, that's the story here lol.

                      • Ethan Muneton
                        Ethan Muneton  3 months back

                        with blow we confirmed that this guy is very unpredictable

                        • My Email
                          My Email  3 months back

                          Slow down on the botox Charlemagne. Dude can barely speak and move his mouth.

                          • ACE 6210
                            ACE 6210  3 months back

                            I love Ed Sheeran <3
                            And he treated Charlamagne, so sweet.

                            • Farhana Afroz
                              Farhana Afroz  3 months back

                              the way he talk he reminds me of Robert Pattinson.. their voice is soo mane and their talking is also

                              • Chhfkuewfh Fehfuhrwl
                                Chhfkuewfh Fehfuhrwl  3 months back

                                I’m still waiting for a collab with Taylor

                                • Big smokes Order
                                  Big smokes Order  3 months back

                                  As if charlamagne has been to Suffolk wtf

                                  • Veronica M
                                    Veronica M  3 months back

                                    yes he was at Ed's house

                                • CC in Austria
                                  CC in Austria  3 months back

                                  This is crazy good. A perfect new album after divide <3

                                  • María José Z
                                    María José Z  3 months back

                                    i loveeeeeee ED! im glad that he got all this talent to delight us with<3 this album is next level!!!

                                    • EnigmaYT
                                      EnigmaYT  3 months back

                                      Holly shit... Stormzy was next door to me 😂

                                      • Vincent Donkor
                                        Vincent Donkor  3 months back

                                        Message is for artists to expand have fun

                                        • Lone Wolf Nae Eli
                                          Lone Wolf Nae Eli  3 months back

                                          Ed, I hoped this would be your view. 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩
                                          I love that you’re so raw and real about it all... I love that.
                                          I totally understand what you where trying to Petray.
                                          Thank you 🙏🏽
                                          Love the album.
                                          Impressed but not surprised. You’re a gifted soul 💯🖤
                                          I’m so grateful for the last track, because without it, I would have had so many questions in my brain 😂
                                          You explained it divinely.

                                          Your an amazing human Ed. Kept being REAL. Always ✌🏽

                                          love from 🇦🇺
                                          Nae Eli 🖤

                                          • Karolina Knepaite
                                            Karolina Knepaite  3 months back

                                            Lol and you won’t show you guys hanging out after??? Not cool haha

                                            • Calison Vartz
                                              Calison Vartz  3 months back

                                              Did he just say "Taylor's been here"?omg💗💗💗

                                              • Weng Chu Con
                                                Weng Chu Con  3 months back

                                                I'll be damn if he collab with Maroon 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                • Josh Paredez
                                                  Josh Paredez  3 months back

                                                  I love that Charlemagne is an ed Sheeran fanboy lol

                                                  • Awo Mbrou
                                                    Awo Mbrou  3 months back

                                                    Probably one of the most versatile artists of this time 🔥

                                                    • Taneen Lewis
                                                      Taneen Lewis  3 months back

                                                      No Reggae Ed?

                                                      • Amanda B
                                                        Amanda B  3 months back

                                                        I want an Ed x Harry Styles collaboration ☹️

                                                        • Raymond Der Alcatraz
                                                          Raymond Der Alcatraz  3 months back


                                                          • Heather Gonzalez
                                                            Heather Gonzalez  3 months back

                                                            Ok but no one is mentioning how Ed causally mentions he has a TREEHOUSE. Lol. The ending bit made me smile so wide. Ed seems like such a genuine soul.

                                                            I loved the Collaborations No. 6 album! Keep up the brilliant work Ed.

                                                            • Charlie
                                                              Charlie  3 months back

                                                              Love to see him collaborate with ADELE, Coldplay and BTS!

                                                              • Veronica M
                                                                Veronica M  3 months back

                                                                yeah Ed did co-wrote Make It Right for BTS and has performed with Chris from Coldplay a couple of times but songs with proper features would be great. Ed is old friends with Adele, and introduced Adele to her husband (now -ex)

                                                            • Clotilde A.
                                                              Clotilde A.  3 months back

                                                              1:50 "i don't see it as the next stage of my career" actually that's what i was thinking too before No.6 collaborations dropped, but now that i've listened to it !!! I must admit that i didn't expect much from this project at first, but actually, i was very pleaseantly surprised of how good it is !!!

                                                              • Human Person
                                                                Human Person  3 months back

                                                                "This man is rich"
                                                                He is Ed Sheeran, DUH!

                                                                • Isabella Simoes
                                                                  Isabella Simoes  3 months back

                                                                  Damn, wish he could have collabed with Hayley Williams 🥰

                                                                • Sengmeng Sun
                                                                  Sengmeng Sun  3 months back

                                                                  still waiting for collab with adele

                                                                  • Veronica M
                                                                    Veronica M  3 months back

                                                                    maybe one day or for some charity or tribute? Ed is old friends with Adele, and introduced Adele to her husband (now -ex)

                                                                • KrookT
                                                                  KrookT  3 months back

                                                                  6:42 "Personality. Because what else can you do if you're an unattractive ginger kid with glasses?"
                                                                  Damn Ed, I'm no ginger kid but that really cracked me up haha never knew Ed was buillied because of that :/

                                                                  • Natalia Huerta Magallanes
                                                                    Natalia Huerta Magallanes  3 months back

                                                                    I was waiting a comment like that. Ed, you better realize that you're attractive and talented and such a great artist in general. Can believe he just said that.

                                                                • Muzungchim r
                                                                  Muzungchim r  3 months back

                                                                  Love to see him collaborate with Post malon

                                                                  • Veronica M
                                                                    Veronica M  3 months back

                                                                    yeah Ed and Post like each others music, so maybe one day :)

                                                                • NNEOMA OGBONNA
                                                                  NNEOMA OGBONNA  3 months back

                                                                  When Charlamagne said 'Who the fuck said you're likeable?!"😂

                                                                  • NNEOMA OGBONNA
                                                                    NNEOMA OGBONNA  3 months back

                                                                    I could listen to EdSheeran talk ALL DAY!!!!

                                                                    • Negrety
                                                                      Negrety  3 months back

                                                                      Es Sheeran FT Martin Garrix

                                                                      • Marie Eiram
                                                                        Marie Eiram  3 months back

                                                                        Can we have another Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift collaboration please?

                                                                      • gabo producciones
                                                                        gabo producciones  3 months back

                                                                        Ed Sheeran y Paulo londra

                                                                        • Paula Closs
                                                                          Paula Closs  3 months back

                                                                          🇨🇦 just watched this again. I love your comments on basically loving all forms of music. Really in life we limit ourselves by labelling everything. Putting it in a category. People say we should all think outside the box. There is no box. Can’t wait for midnight Cheers! 🥃

                                                                          • Mahbub Ellahi
                                                                            Mahbub Ellahi  3 months back

                                                                            dude i gotta say ed was very dull at promoting the no.5 collaboration project cause i am a hardcore ed fan, and there was no way i could miss that album so badly. and to be honest after listening to no. 5 collaboration project i feel like that album had better songs than of no.6 collaboration project. every single song was dope lyrically and musically.

                                                                            • Veronica M
                                                                              Veronica M  3 months back

                                                                              Ed was an independent artist when No.5 CP was released in 2010 featuring UK rappers/grime artists, it's been on his spotify (and youtube) channel for years, so fans do know about it :)