Yelawolf - Love Story Release At Rough Trade NYC

  • Published: 29 April 2015
  • "Love Story" is now available on iTunes:
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  • Relentless
    Relentless  4 years back

    Best Set of Songs ive ever heard. I Love Love Story

    • Thepomafame
      Thepomafame  4 years back

      I wish him the best, he deserves it. Aso he's an incredibly guy. Hope we get to listen more songs with Shady.

      • Ruby Cesar
        Ruby Cesar  4 years back


        • rhuezo504
          rhuezo504  4 years back

          This album is truly amazing it shows a versatility that most artist don't have. I can honestly say this album will probably be in my top 2 or 3 for the entire year. I fucking love this album!

          • RANDY BROWN
            RANDY BROWN  4 years back

            CHATTOWN TENN MAY 5TH  TRACK 29 ! I'M READY ! !

            • Brody Mack
              Brody Mack  4 years back

              @RANDY BROWN Right on. Hopefully i will be there in Nashville in June.

          • ROWDY1inc
            ROWDY1inc  4 years back

            CHATTOWN TENN MAY 5TH ! I'M READY ! !

            • Heidi Elliott
              Heidi Elliott  4 years back

              dope posted this on the @YELAWOLFPACK page on facebook

              • thirdstrike4
                thirdstrike4  4 years back

                0:07 damn that bitches voice is deeper than mine.

                • Seb
                  Seb  4 years back

                  Please come to Sweden Yela! :D

                  • Johnny Quid
                    Johnny Quid  4 years back

                    Great Album!

                    • Sean V
                      Sean V  4 years back

                      Amazing album. Album of 2015 definitely !

                      • Hoar Frost
                        Hoar Frost  4 years back

                        @Brandon Green ''yeah,well thats just like..your opinion man...''
                        -Big Lebowski

                      • Brody Mack
                        Brody Mack  4 years back

                        @Sean V Not even close talent wise.

                    • Hayden G3
                      Hayden G3  4 years back

                      Fucking awesome album. Easily tops Radioactive, and I say it topped Trunk Muzik

                      • mcbreedo
                        mcbreedo  4 years back

                        Shit man when you get to Knoxville In June... I was in the hospital last time. Blackstock Ave. The International!

                        • AmethystJadeFox
                          AmethystJadeFox  4 years back

                          You rock! !!!!

                          • MJJSmoothCriminal
                            MJJSmoothCriminal  4 years back


                            • Hayden G3
                              Hayden G3  4 years back


                            • shea manning
                              shea manning  4 years back

                              I wish I could meet yela wolf

                              • Clever1er
                                Clever1er  4 years back

                                THANK YOU catfish billy.
                                the album is amazing!

                                • BrennenBurleson219
                                  BrennenBurleson219  4 years back