Yelawolf - Whiskey In A Bottle (Lyric Video)

  • Published: 24 February 2015
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  • Allthewayinthebackofthefoodstampline


    • Clint Cooper
      Clint Cooper  1 years back

      stupid as fuck

      • Rainey Worline
        Rainey Worline  1 years back

        who else is here 2018 La LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA

        • Tayngle HonyR
          Tayngle HonyR  2 years back

          Chilly bowl kool, I look up to u and your music, I wonder what the woods look like out in Alabama, thank for bring me to tears, making me snarl and always rubbing my chin sorry if these words find who ever reads them in the moment feelings are like the lotto longing to attract someone with my artisan''s mating call idk might even through the that D-: on that nas I tra idk fuck typing type feeling 😳🎶😼😿😾♌️✝☪⚛🚹

          • Tayngle HonyR
            Tayngle HonyR  2 years back


            • Theonly Ones
              Theonly Ones  3 years back


              • Angela Armageddon
                Angela Armageddon  4 years back

                Love the actual video with lyrics awesome job thanks!!

                • brian ramesar
                  brian ramesar  5 years back

                  WHAT TYPE OF HARLEY IS THAT????

                  • Chrystal Goodrich
                    Chrystal Goodrich  5 years back

                    Thanks atha

                    • alexander white
                      alexander white  5 years back

                      Goddamnit this isn't fair

                      • Darsey Parsons
                        Darsey Parsons  5 years back

                        Need ice?

                        • Ronald Lyles
                          Ronald Lyles  5 years back

                          I love this song !

                          • oneswtwld
                            oneswtwld  5 years back

                            hot ass drum beat

                            • kelly stone
                              kelly stone  5 years back

                              Job 34:29 when u dont say anything about what's wrong who can help? And when u make a man so wrong he has to hide how can he speak?

                              • Tyler
                                Tyler  5 years back

                                Yelawolf's got a sick flow

                                • ZiGi
                                  ZiGi  5 years back

                                  Lyrical geniusness! It simply doesn't get any better than this!
                                  It has come to a point where I find Yelawolf making better music than Em' himself!

                                • Matthew Daugherty
                                  Matthew Daugherty  5 years back

                                  this sounds like something id imagine trevor from GTA 5 would listen to. i like it.

                                  • Oh Kay
                                    Oh Kay  5 years back

                                    I fucking love this track

                                    • Ogre SMASH!
                                      Ogre SMASH!  5 years back

                                      This is by far the worst rapping he has ever done.

                                      • Ronald King
                                        Ronald King  5 years back

                                        Lol is it me or did he just lip sync his entire song? Lol

                                        • Brent Kagel
                                          Brent Kagel  5 years back

                                          Good Shit Yela

                                          • Joan Salisbury
                                            Joan Salisbury  5 years back

                                            my fav yela song

                                            • Андрей Балконский

                                              HEy, I'm from Russia. His music is brighten up my car .
                                              PS LA LA LA LA  I'm whiskey in a bottle now

                                              • Dragosh
                                                Dragosh  5 years back

                                                @Андрей Балуков tell mr Putin...the whole world is about to fuck his bitch

                                            • Marvin Campos
                                              Marvin Campos  5 years back

                                              @bboystone86 @wabammoneymaker @THEHIPHOPMENSA Yea exactly, maybe not the sound but the message. He's embracing who he is and knows what everyone is saying about his people, SIMILAR to the blacker the berry. 

                                              • jtwiztidbagz
                                                jtwiztidbagz  5 years back

                                                sucks...sounds like his flow on creek water which I didn't like

                                                • Kimberly Whitney Perez
                                                  Kimberly Whitney Perez  5 years back

                                                  My Bad its your Ass Right? Or Fefe is Suicidal and Killed herself, ? If she was a Wolf Animal spirit why would she do that? It must be her saying she cut your ass off!! I say finish the album laughing your ass off!!! Maybe she thinks you're a Hyena, don't Tripp she called you that or you called her that? She was laughing her ass off? Ohhh shy girl get it right , your ass is selling that's the content .... A wolfs ass!
                                                  Is it a hall pass? She gave you or you gave her Gages from the Alabama Pines!! Are they made from actually bones?
                                                  Went to the witch doctor & what she say you're tragic fate is looking so Bad ! Like a Bad moon on the rise!!! Is Chicano lingo that's my Hyena is like a nice way of saying that my ass!! Or a homeboys Lady.....

                                                  • Matt H
                                                    Matt H  5 years back

                                                    Man... this song woukd have been DOPE on SOA too..

                                                    • Matt H
                                                      Matt H  5 years back

                                                      "Fuck the cops, take an L ... FUCK IT, take M N O P, learn how to spell" ........ dude... god dam!

                                                      • The Fallen
                                                        The Fallen  5 years back

                                                        Yela's music is different but it isn't garbage, it's unique and clever

                                                        • Kanty
                                                          Kanty  5 years back

                                                          One of the most underrated.
                                                          One of the best.

                                                          • KingSmerk
                                                            KingSmerk  5 years back


                                                            • Poetboxer
                                                              Poetboxer  5 years back

                                                              not even 100k in nearly a week. I know it is still a lot of views, but he ain't really competing popularity wise with some of these people he'd be rapping in the league of. 

                                                              • Poetboxer
                                                                Poetboxer  5 years back

                                                                being said he's my no.1 most played artist :p with lyn skin n P-Jam motherfuckers

                                                            • paulish22
                                                              paulish22  5 years back

                                                              He still sucks.....yep.

                                                              • MrRobbo303
                                                                MrRobbo303  5 years back

                                                                im loving this latest carnation of yelawolf. Probably my favourite of his music he's done so far, so if love stories like this its all good 

                                                                • UnderGroundBooking UGB
                                                                  UnderGroundBooking UGB  5 years back

                                                                  To the 37 people who did liked this ur fking tards,ha! An the 1k who liked it Wt uP SLUMS! #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANSTREETTEAM

                                                                  • David Yale
                                                                    David Yale  5 years back

                                                                    The rap rock southern country style done right, yela does it better than kid rock

                                                                    • Apawk
                                                                      Apawk  5 years back

                                                                      Not happy about this song. . . the previous 2 were amazing. This sounds off

                                                                      • Michelle McIntyre
                                                                        Michelle McIntyre  5 years back

                                                                        U think u too good y I say yello

                                                                        • Bizzy Bonez
                                                                          Bizzy Bonez  5 years back

                                                                          Printers Alley 615

                                                                          • Jeff Henly
                                                                            Jeff Henly  5 years back

                                                                            Yelawolf is the fucking bomb shit

                                                                            • David Giles
                                                                              David Giles  5 years back

                                                                              I pray the release date is official.

                                                                              • Mandy Johnson
                                                                                Mandy Johnson  5 years back


                                                                                • megvettemawinrart
                                                                                  megvettemawinrart  5 years back

                                                                                   Love Story drops on 4.21.15. So we'll have two days of celebration in a row... :D 

                                                                                  • megvettemawinrart
                                                                                    megvettemawinrart  5 years back

                                                                                    We gotta save some. There's nothing better than listening to hot new music while blazin!

                                                                                  • Poetboxer
                                                                                    Poetboxer  5 years back

                                                                                    hope to have left overs to listen to the album with

                                                                                • Prowlerintruder
                                                                                  Prowlerintruder  5 years back

                                                                                  Haha I'm sorry , but this is some shit that only true mid westerners in butt fuck America would really be Into

                                                                                  • Avant-R
                                                                                    Avant-R  5 years back

                                                                                    His verse's flows are not good. But the Hook is flawless!

                                                                                    • Hal K
                                                                                      Hal K  5 years back

                                                                                      Wsup Gelurr, u mustve liked that Christina Gagulera song.

                                                                                      • Edwin
                                                                                        Edwin  5 years back

                                                                                        First box Chevy 5, then till its gone, now whiskey in a bottle... it just keeps getting better. Can't wait for love story.

                                                                                        • Edwin
                                                                                          Edwin  4 years back

                                                                                          Update: Just like I was expecting, Love Story is a great album! Exceeded my expectations...

                                                                                        • Casper
                                                                                          Casper  4 years back

                                                                                          fo sho

                                                                                        • Liquidmetal702
                                                                                          Liquidmetal702  4 years back

                                                                                          @Casper Rage A tip of my hat goodsir

                                                                                        • Casper
                                                                                          Casper  4 years back

                                                                                          @Liquidmetal702 It was on SHADY XV and it's just "Down"

                                                                                        • Liquidmetal702
                                                                                          Liquidmetal702  5 years back

                                                                                          @Varekeh Corlon Going Down's my shit! 

                                                                                      • Joe Hess
                                                                                        Joe Hess  5 years back

                                                                                        Damn you sound aggressive