Why Pluto went from Planet to Dwarf Planet

  • Published: 05 April 2014
  • Why has Pluto has gone from being a planet to a dwarf planet? This video explains why as well as the definition of planets and dwarf planets, a includes details about the dwarf planets in our solar system. The change came about when in 2005 Eris, an object with similar dimensions but around 25% more mass than Pluto, was discovered in a similar orbit to Pluto, in what's now called the Kuiper Belt. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union created firm definitions for planets and dwarf planets. A similar thing happened in the 1800s when between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter was discovered Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas. They were then called planets until many more objects were discovered in the same orbit and they were all demoted to asteroids and the Asteroid Belt. Now Pluto, Eris, Ceres, Makemake and Huamea are all classified as dwarf planets.

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  • NOOKEY69 Hard!!
    NOOKEY69 Hard!!  3 weeks back

    RIMSTARORG.. You have all these Pluto fanfags butthurt!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      NITYA LOVES  2 months back

      In My Planetary study about this Pluto planet, I came accross my facts & even realities...!
      First of all this planet is quite dark planet, an underworld mysterious body! Mentally it effects humans & even each livibg being likewise same goes with planetary transits & where ever it stays it brings out tge truths, tge reality & all hidden things! But the impact is small or dwarf because sometimes bad or negative things all explodes💥making a huge noise, so basically this planet is quite noisy & loud, like time bomb machine...! #pluto

      • necati şahin
        necati şahin  2 months back

        terbiyesizlik yapmayın lan plüton gezegendir o kadar.cüce müce bilmem,Clyde Tombaugh bunu bulana kadar kıçını yırttı geceler boyu

        • Cyber
          Cyber  3 months back

          Dwarf is an adjective for planet so it's still a planet. This is a silly term. They should rename Pluto as a Kupoid, the same way as how Ceres was renamed as Asteroid.

          • vikas chelimela
            vikas chelimela  3 months back

            Are there chances that Pluto may collide with Neptune as it come closer to sun sometimes?

            • Mable Lee
              Mable Lee  3 months back

              i wish pluto is still planet

              • Mable Lee
                Mable Lee  3 months back

                I wish to produce

                • Rashmi E
                  Rashmi E  3 months back

                  Pluto ur still planet for me dear ... Thanks for sharing the details like it very much ...

                  • Daniel Noble
                    Daniel Noble  4 months back

                    Space Joke:

                    God loved Saturn so much that he put a ring on it.

                    • Derpy Phox
                      Derpy Phox  3 months back

                      Daniel Noble I’m guessing you liked ur own comment

                  • balu mahendra
                    balu mahendra  4 months back

                    Pluto is life

                    • Roberto Peixoto Veras
                      Roberto Peixoto Veras  5 months back

                      Pluto's diameter is 2.368 km and Eris' diameter is 2.366 km

                      • Francisco Santoyo
                        Francisco Santoyo  5 months back

                        You whiny losers crying that "Pluto is a planet, there are still 9 planets", SHUT THE FUCK UP. The "dwarf planet" classification just proves that our vision of the solar system is still far from being completed or accurate; and that it is more complex and mysterious than we ever thought of. Go read about CERES, it went from being a planet to an asteroid, and I didn't see any of you complaining about that; and thanks to the dwarf planet category it recovered part of its lost dignity. Get over "the 9 planets" bullshit you learnt in pre-school, you idiots.

                        • FaZe Legand Ocks
                          FaZe Legand Ocks  5 months back

                          Pluto is such a good planet WHY DID THEY MAKE IT A DWARF PLANET

                          • Francisco Santoyo
                            Francisco Santoyo  5 months back

                            Because the dwarf planet category enrichens our vision of our cosmic neighborhood. Go read about Ceres, and you'll see Pluto had it easier.

                        • Jim Inverness
                          Jim Inverness  6 months back

                          Pluto is NOT no longer a planet. The IAU's 3rd criterion is stupid and nonsensical.

                        • marvette wilson
                          marvette wilson  6 months back

                          do things on black holes

                          • Still Cringey
                            Still Cringey  6 months back

                            Pluto is still a planet in my opinion

                            • SCOREFIVE
                              SCOREFIVE  7 months back

                              pluto is a planet!!!! pluto cant convert that easy :D

                              • Tayo Bradshaw
                                Tayo Bradshaw  7 months back


                                • Rasmus gaming
                                  Rasmus gaming  7 months back

                                  Pluto is biggest dwarf planet but eris is 27% more massive than pluto.

                                  • Brett Kavanaugh
                                    Brett Kavanaugh  6 months back

                                    You're confused kid massive and biggest mean the same thing.. Eris is the largest one

                                • Mercy-jo Mills
                                  Mercy-jo Mills  7 months back

                                  I say Pluto is a planet because it only got changed to a name called a dwarf planet so please try to speak to NASA it is my favourite PLANET by the way did you know that in billions and trillions of years the sun is not going to be a star it will grow closer to mercury then go really small and go to a dwarf planet called the white dwarf and at the moment the sun can fit each planet 600 times each in side of it if you tryed so ha I no mutch more about planets than you do haha haha

                                  • Erin Brown
                                    Erin Brown  8 months back

                                    WHAT ABOUT Charon the dwarf planet

                                    • RimstarOrg
                                      RimstarOrg   7 months back

                                      Oops... here's a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charon_(moon)#Classification

                                    • RimstarOrg
                                      RimstarOrg   7 months back

                                      I hadn't realized Charon was even being considered as a dwarf planet until you mentioned it but it looks like it isn't according to the IAU.

                                    • Mercy-jo Mills
                                      Mercy-jo Mills  7 months back

                                      There is no dwarf planet called charon

                                  • Deana Luisa Cabanayan
                                    Deana Luisa Cabanayan  8 months back

                                    Poor pluto i wish your a planet

                                    • MarkYuri PH
                                      MarkYuri PH  8 months back

                                      i was born when the pluto is a planet

                                      • gaming and animation/only animation

                                        Pluto it's and will be a planet

                                        • senja girl YT
                                          senja girl YT  8 months back

                                          plutos revenge video is coming soon join to wach it

                                          • JK - 05CM - Sir Isaac Brock PS (1417)

                                            me:Hey pluto!why are you not a planet anymore
                                            pluto:ugh not that question again!*Pluto cry's*
                                            me:aww poor Pluto i wish i can do something
                                            *Pluto crys more*
                                            me*getting evil*:i will ask NASA to make Pluto a plane or else i will kill emt*i ask NASA *
                                            NASA:NO! sorry
                                            me:hmmm or i will kill you!
                                            NASA:ok ok
                                            NASA:Pluto is now known as a planet!
                                            (this is all a fake story)

                                            • Connor Roberts
                                              Connor Roberts  9 months back

                                              I miss pluto

                                              • Michelle Freis
                                                Michelle Freis  9 months back

                                                neptine is rude just becase she is a planet dosent mean she owns evrybody

                                                • mrkinla
                                                  mrkinla  10 months back

                                                  It took me a few videos to understand the "clearing the neighborhood". At first I thought it meant "escaping", but I see now they mean absorbing what's around it or repelling it. Thank you for the clarification!

                                                  • hai kheang
                                                    hai kheang  10 months back

                                                    Pluto​is​cute okay

                                                    • BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237

                                                      clearing the neighborhood is pretty hard for dwarf planets, but pluto is not a planet anymore.

                                                      • NoahJKPlays
                                                        NoahJKPlays  11 months back

                                                        NO YOUR NOT A PLANET!

                                                        • *_OceanaKaye_* Gachas
                                                          *_OceanaKaye_* Gachas  11 months back

                                                          guys Pluto isn't a really planet now!
                                                          (sorry for bad English)

                                                          Pluto is a dog now!!!

                                                        • Don Thursby
                                                          Don Thursby  12 months back

                                                          Hey, by definition, Neptune isn't a planet either, having failed to clear it's orbit. Now we are down to 7. BTW, the IAU is comprised of morons.

                                                          • ZODIAC
                                                            ZODIAC  12 months back

                                                            When pluto is still in the solar system..it is 9th Coldest planet than the neptune

                                                            • Irfan Halimi
                                                              Irfan Halimi  12 months back

                                                              There's no real scientific evidence that proves that Pluto orbits around the sun. Astronomers state that it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit around the sun. And we've only being observing Pluto for 88 years to date.

                                                            • Dano1947
                                                              Dano1947  12 months back

                                                              The asteroid belt could have been a planet that was struck and reduced in size do to impact. Does the asteroid belt have enough matter that this may have been the case? We know venus, mars and uranus were struck.

                                                              • Dano1947
                                                                Dano1947  12 months back

                                                                A dwarf planet is still a planet but don't call it a dwarf, it's a size challenged planet

                                                                • Dano1947
                                                                  Dano1947  12 months back

                                                                  A big ball of ice, maybe a moon of one of the gas giants that broke away.

                                                                  • ajeetnegi Negi
                                                                    ajeetnegi Negi  12 months back

                                                                    Posts elation is small pelation

                                                                    • Collin Reynolds
                                                                      Collin Reynolds  1 years back

                                                                      Pluto is was a planet

                                                                      • Dr. Vijayalakshmi
                                                                        Dr. Vijayalakshmi  1 years back

                                                                        Ganymede and titan are new planets

                                                                        • Jillian Goldberg
                                                                          Jillian Goldberg  1 years back

                                                                          Pluto is a planet now but it's still a dwarf planet

                                                                          • Space Explorer
                                                                            Space Explorer  1 years back

                                                                            There are three more dwarf planets

                                                                            • Senbis
                                                                              Senbis  1 years back

                                                                              100% real!

                                                                              • Jeb Extra
                                                                                Jeb Extra  1 years back

                                                                                Actually Pluto is the leader of the dwarf planets!
                                                                                Now I know Pluto isn’t the biggest dwarf planet but it started this!
                                                                                It’s was the planet the orbited the sun BY Neptune so technically Pluto creates its own system like the sun owns the solar system though the6 don’t orbit Pluto Pluto has a belt which is weaker than a system but it’s not someth8ng any other planet has!

                                                                                • Cyber
                                                                                  Cyber  3 months back

                                                                                  Ceres started this and not Pluto. Pluto should be called Kupoid just like Ceres is called Asteroid.

                                                                              • Benjamin
                                                                                Benjamin  1 years back

                                                                                Brown's classification system is incredibly problematic, and needs to be completely revised. Another issue with his methodology is that from his vague descriptions Earth can be disqualified and demoted from planet status because of the Lagrangian points and the asteroids we share our own orbit with. Brown is smart and has made many discoveries, but he really let his own personal ambition get the best of him on this issue. Demoting Pluto because there are objects far smaller than it that are also beyond Neptune is an absolutely ridiculous notion.

                                                                                • Mario and FNAF fan 991777 Youtube

                                                                                  he's back