World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King All Cinematics in Chronological Order

  • Published: 24 September 2018
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Comments • 18

  • Adam The Wolf
    Adam The Wolf  17 hours back

    There all ways be a lich king !

    • Thuran
      Thuran  2 days back

      Not exactly chronological when you have ulduar trailer before wrathgate cinematic and before intro cinematic...

      • The legend gamer
        The legend gamer  5 days back

        In shadowland all the soul what the litch king captured does that mean they could retune

        • Nickolay Vlachkov
          Nickolay Vlachkov  5 days back

          The souls arthas captured were in frostmourne, they were released after he died and went to the shadowlands.

      • Ivan Markoski
        Ivan Markoski  7 days back

        Ahh the nostalgia is strong

        • William Pabon
          William Pabon  1 weeks back

          Had to see this after watching that disgusting shadowlands....broke the crown wtf

          • sylvos
            sylvos  2 days back

            @MACFERNY arthas will not return

          • MACFERNY
            MACFERNY  7 days back

            Same haha,keep calm arthas will return

        • Pecoliky
          Pecoliky  2 weeks back

          3.2 is the worst patch to ever come to this game. 6.1 right after

          • HellsBellsHa
            HellsBellsHa  3 weeks back

            Love the music for wrath of the Lich King such a good story

            • Manuel Filipczyk
              Manuel Filipczyk  3 months back

              where is 11:35?

              • Rado Milchev
                Rado Milchev  1 months back

                This is the cinematic after complete "Veteran of the Wrathgate" achievement in Dragonblight.

            • Xarga
              Xarga  3 months back

              The order is not chronological, the Ulduar cinematic takes place after the Wraith Gate.

              • Minigamer911
                Minigamer911  1 weeks back

                @Domores2 As one can see during the events of the Wrathgate, both sides, the Alliance and the Horde, are betrayed by the Forsaken. However, while the Forsaken are acting independently under Grand Apothecary Putress, they are still part of the Horde. This is why the Battle for the Undercity sees both factions invading. The Alliance to take vengeance for Bolvar, and the Horde to kill Varimathras. Varian declares war on the Horde shortly after this, hence why the Alliance and Horde are killing each other while scaling Icecrown. Varian doesn't stop blaming the Horde for allowing Putress to have enough resources to orchestrate the ambush until around the time we scale Icecrown. This is why he puts so much emphasis on "partnership" during the Ulduar trailer, he is directly referring to Putress and the men that Varian lost to him. If Ulduar took place before Wrathgate, there would be little reason for Varian to refuse without looking like an incompetent and overly proud leader, which we know he is not. Also, the way Varian refers to the Wrathgate in the cinematic makes little sense if it is ongoing, as you claim. He very clearly says, "killed." Were the siege ongoing, he would say it's (referring to the siege or partnership) killing his men, or something more indicative of an ongoing campaign.

                TLDR: Varian blames the Horde for allowing Putress enough power to deploy the plague.

              • Domores2
                Domores2  1 weeks back

                Minigamer911 because the siege of the gate was in place for a long time
                Why would he say that the horde killed more than the scurge when in the cinematic they teamed up

              • Minigamer911
                Minigamer911  3 weeks back

                @kade Considering Varian literally references the events of the Wrath Gate in the Ulduar cinematic, I would think it safe to say the Ulduar cinematic is chronologically after the Wrath Gate cinematic. Both lore-wise and as it appeared in the game.

              • kade
                kade  2 months back

                Not lore-wise... As it appeared in-game, yes

            • IamYour Nemesis
              IamYour Nemesis  10 months back

              Nice vid