Hitler vs Vader 3. Epic Rap Battles of History

  • Published: 07 October 2013
  • Hitler & Vader square off in this rematch to end all rematches! This is Epic Rap Battles of History. Who won? You decide!
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    ▼ CAST ▼
    Darth Vader, Abraham Lincoln & Stephen Hawking: Nice Peter

    Adolf Hitler: EpicLLOYD

    Boba Fett voiced by: Ray William Johnson

    Boba Fett acted by: Atul Singh & Brian Neunhoffer

    Lando Calrissian: KassemG

    ▼ CREW ▼
    Executive Producers:
    Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

    Created by:
    Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist

    Directed by:
    Jackson Adams

    Written by:
    Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

    Staff Writer:
    Dante Cimadamore

    Staff Writer: Mike Betette

    Beat Produced by:

    Song Produced by:
    Nice Peter & Jose "Choco" Reynoso

    Song Mixed by:
    Jose "Choco" Reynoso

    Edited by:
    Nice Peter, Joseph Shahood & Andrew Sherman

    VFX Compositor:
    Andrew Sherman

    Director of Photography:
    Jon Na

    Arthur Hong

    Yev Beliliovsky

    Music Supervisor & Playback:
    Dante Cimadamore

    Production Coordinator:
    Atul Singh

    Assistant Editor:
    Ryan Moulton

    Assistant Editor:
    Marc Chester

    Office PA:
    Shaun Lewin

    Jose Mendoza

    Costume Designer:
    Sulai Lopez

    Department Head Make Up:
    Ashlyn Melancon

    Prop Maker:
    Morgan Christensen

    Amanda Hosler

    Boba Fett Costume by:
    Brian Neunhoffer

    Art Director:
    Andrew Bofinger

    Eli Macias

    On Set Dresser:
    Remington Brimmer

    ERB BTS by:
    Logan Burdick and EpicLLOYD

    Produced by:
    Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios

    ▼ LINKS ▼
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Comments • 260 934

  • ERB
    ERB   9 months back

    ERB Season 6 will begin in Spring 2019. There are no plans for a fourth Vader/Hitler battle. But if you could get one rematch from any of the current set of 70 other ERB videos which characters would you want to see battle a second time?

    TCG LORD  11 hours back

    1:20 best line in this video

    • 4ndR05 V1qZ
      4ndR05 V1qZ  11 hours back

      Vader!!! fired up

      • Einheimischer mit Migrationshintergrund

        Vader lost the rap battle.

        This enraged his father who punished Vader severely !

        • Vampuffin
          Vampuffin  2 days back

          Imagine trying to get a job and putting i played hitler on your cv

          • TeamPlayer 2003
            TeamPlayer 2003  3 days back

            1. Vader
            2. Hitler
            3. Hitler

            • Junior Morales
              Junior Morales  3 days back

              The entire trilogy of Hitler vs Vader is one big Star Wars reference

              • Hitlerslayer101
                Hitlerslayer101  3 days back

                Vader won

                • Christian Phexberger
                  Christian Phexberger  3 days back

                  After the Third Battle i count 2:1 for Hitler.
                  In my opinion Hitler owned in one and two but vader fried his ass in three.

                  • Dimitri Mavromatis
                    Dimitri Mavromatis  3 days back

                    Fuck these jewz

                    • Itachi Uchiha
                      Itachi Uchiha  3 days back

                      *Brain toss your ass in the air yahtzee*

                      • Aerotale 666
                        Aerotale 666  3 days back

                        So is Hitler a part of Disney lol ??🐌

                        • Vincent Trudel
                          Vincent Trudel  4 days back

                          1:42 I fucking love Vader headbanging in the background and then getting scared when Boba gets shot, my sides are gone

                          • petar david
                            petar david  5 days back

                            More like shitler

                            • Keston Franklin
                              Keston Franklin  5 days back

                              Best one of the 3

                              • EvanDemon 101
                                EvanDemon 101  5 days back

                                PlayStation = Hitler
                                PC = Vader <---- winner

                                • Ro- Cotterill
                                  Ro- Cotterill  6 days back

                                  Boba fett vs Voldemort from harry potter

                                  • di. mythios
                                    di. mythios  6 days back

                                    1st meeting Vader won. 2nd meeting Hitler won. 3rd meeting Both had great lines Hitler barely wins due do default. Though some will say it is a draw.
                                    1. Vader not finsih the rap battle and gave it over to Bobba Fett
                                    2. Fett Getting killed by Hitler.
                                    This is truly a Epic Rap Battle and not a tag team wrestling match. I call for another rap battle between the two and throw this one out!

                                    • Wizzy Snahkay
                                      Wizzy Snahkay  7 days back

                                      God dammit Ray... x’D

                                      • Кагыр Маур Дыффин аэп Кеаллах

                                        Only after sex years I’ve realised that there is a mistake you did - there were no clones in the stormtroopers’ squads expect the 501st Legion.

                                        • Clogged Cord
                                          Clogged Cord  7 days back

                                          Vader won this battle for sure. But his first 8 bars were the only thing he had going for him. I don’t think people give hitler enough credit in this battle 😂

                                          • Ahura Angra
                                            Ahura Angra  7 days back

                                            Jews are bad, not every Jew individually but what they do for the humanity.

                                            • SubArtists
                                              SubArtists  7 days back

                                              Vader won this one, gotta fire it up.

                                              • Ciaran Timothy
                                                Ciaran Timothy  1 weeks back

                                                I got a possible suggestion:
                                                Jerry Springer Vs Jeremy Kyle?

                                                • Logan Sylvester
                                                  Logan Sylvester  1 weeks back

                                                  Vader was a sore loser...but then again Hitler fell off the rap train

                                                  • connor byrne
                                                    connor byrne  1 weeks back

                                                    Bobba fett had more lines in 5 seconds of this battle then he did in the whole star wars trilogy

                                                    • Samuel Hallam
                                                      Samuel Hallam  1 weeks back

                                                      1:27 when your friend gets you killed in a game

                                                    • gaming Nerd
                                                      gaming Nerd  1 weeks back

                                                      WE NEED PART 4

                                                      • anthony rowan
                                                        anthony rowan  1 weeks back

                                                        Hitler, just because he is a historical figure while Vader is a meme

                                                        • 1000 Subscribers ForTuberSimulator

                                                          After 3 battles Vadee finally won and man was it a genocide..


                                                          • Matthew vlogs
                                                            Matthew vlogs  1 weeks back

                                                            Vader won because Hitler verse was wasted

                                                            • SuperKamiGuru 97
                                                              SuperKamiGuru 97  1 weeks back

                                                              Please just give us one more of these I’m begging

                                                              • XxBLACKICE89xX
                                                                XxBLACKICE89xX  1 weeks back

                                                                Fucking epic

                                                                • Dog with Sunglasses
                                                                  Dog with Sunglasses  1 weeks back

                                                                  That 4 lines Spit from Darth Vader is just legendary

                                                                  • mentor397
                                                                    mentor397  1 weeks back

                                                                    You should do Tyrion Lannister vs. Willow Ufgood.

                                                                    • jack byrne
                                                                      jack byrne  1 weeks back

                                                                      roses are red viloets are blue hiler won the battle,like to undo

                                                                      • One Buffalo
                                                                        One Buffalo  1 weeks back

                                                                        I think the ERB guys felt awkward about letting hitler win the first 2 (and by such a wide margin) that they nerfed him to make sure he'd lose #3 lol

                                                                        • michael kasper
                                                                          michael kasper  1 weeks back

                                                                          1:40 B O B A F E T

                                                                          • Infinity Mixtapes
                                                                            Infinity Mixtapes  2 weeks back

                                                                            1:13 appropriate that the fire alarms went off cuz Vader lit Hitler's ass into flames

                                                                            • Slavic Dose Of Slavness

                                                                              "The trilogy comes to an end"

                                                                              • Adamantium 1001
                                                                                Adamantium 1001  2 weeks back

                                                                                Wouldn't it be great if both killed each other? I mean, I loved seeing Hitler die, but if Hitler shot Vader just after getting sliced, it would have been a dramatic ending, still leaving viewers to decide who won. Just a thought...

                                                                                • Rafay Malik
                                                                                  Rafay Malik  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Earth Vader for sure because that “you put a gun in your mouth and fired up” was his ultimate strike

                                                                                  • Parsa Hakimian
                                                                                    Parsa Hakimian  2 weeks back

                                                                                    this trilogy has been so good so far that you actually should make a forth episode

                                                                                    • sniperXD1235
                                                                                      sniperXD1235  2 weeks back

                                                                                      vadar 2 wins hitler 1. best 2/3 vadar kills shit

                                                                                      • Diego Margy
                                                                                        Diego Margy  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Keep it up please

                                                                                        • Zach Huss
                                                                                          Zach Huss  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Who thinks they should re vamp the Hitler and Vader in 2019

                                                                                          • Archie Vlogs
                                                                                            Archie Vlogs  2 weeks back

                                                                                            First battle: Darth Vader won. The battle is very close, but this fucking verse. (You rhyme against the dark side of the force, why even bother? So many dudes been with your mom, you even don't know if I'm your father.) The lyrics in that verse could be wrong sorry. But, realtalk. THAT'S FREAKING AWESOMEEE~

                                                                                            Second: Adolf Hitler won, I'm very speechless.

                                                                                            Third: Tied. Hitler had many verses that is very LIT. Like... (I put the germ, into Germany, I'm sick on this mic.) Darth Vader, the Fired Up verse is very good! But, Hitler has many verses so. Tied...

                                                                                            But, in this case. Hitler won, because of his second fight.

                                                                                            • Hunter Phoenix
                                                                                              Hunter Phoenix  2 weeks back

                                                                                              The best rap battle