Halsey - Eyes Closed (Audio)

  • Published: 04 May 2017
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    Music video by Halsey performing Eyes Closed. (C) 2017 Astralwerks

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Comments • 8 208

  • Humphrey Wolf
    Humphrey Wolf  2 days back

    I had no Idea this song was from Halsey

    • once_blink melanie
      once_blink melanie  2 days back

      Such a pretty song

      • invisible
        invisible  5 days back

        I didn't know the weeknd helped write this melody but I can hear it now 😍 knew this was my fave Halsey song for a reason..

        • Zahraa Zaman
          Zahraa Zaman  5 days back

          Came here from Rosè’s cover 👀❤️ anyone else??

          • Pharaoh God
            Pharaoh God  1 weeks back

            I love, love this Song💜💎💜

            • Snehal Naid
              Snehal Naid  1 weeks back

              Just saying there's a reason why people hate most k pop fans.

              • minju’s heart
                minju’s heart  2 weeks back

                blinks shut it please, no one cares who you came for, shut up and enjoy the song zz world doesn’t revolve around kpop

                • Army-L blink bitches
                  Army-L blink bitches  2 weeks back


                  • Army-L blink bitches
                    Army-L blink bitches  2 weeks back

                    #FeatWithRose please 💙💙💙

                    • Lee Grace
                      Lee Grace  3 weeks back

                      whenever i listen to halsey i keep my eyes closed and think

                      • hue hue
                        hue hue  3 weeks back

                        I’m here for halsey and not for rosé

                        • afi 20
                          afi 20  3 weeks back

                          Why everyone keeps talking about that plastic. This is halsey's song

                          • Aj A
                            Aj A  1 weeks back

                            afi 20 plastic? No one in BlackPink do plastic surgery honey don’t cry

                        • msp_ smyycllk
                          msp_ smyycllk  4 weeks back

                          I think blackpink rose says more beautiful

                          • VanlentinPark e
                            VanlentinPark e  4 weeks back

                            Vengo por Rosita 💕💕

                            • Gian Santos
                              Gian Santos  4 weeks back


                              • Inaya Said
                                Inaya Said  1 months back

                                stripped version is better

                                • Jungkook A.R.M.Y
                                  Jungkook A.R.M.Y  1 months back

                                  Rosé has joined the chat 🌹🌹

                                  • Psithurism
                                    Psithurism  1 months back

                                    Predictably pretentious.

                                    • audreyxuan
                                      audreyxuan  1 months back

                                      After learning the Weeknd co-wrote this I want a remix with him and Halsey

                                      • Hania Hazem
                                        Hania Hazem  1 months back

                                        Who the hell is Rose? We came here for Halsey

                                        • 1 Minutes Football Vids
                                          1 Minutes Football Vids  1 months back


                                          90% about Rosé cover

                                          10% Halsey and Rosé should make a song together

                                          • salah mayo
                                            salah mayo  1 months back

                                            its a godly song
                                            sooooooooo deeep

                                            • Nicholas Windham
                                              Nicholas Windham  1 months back

                                              This is a good song to listen to when the wind is blowing through your hair, and if your sad and need a little indie music.

                                              • Naty Angel
                                                Naty Angel  1 months back

                                                Voz hermosas arte

                                                • Bojan Aleksic
                                                  Bojan Aleksic  1 months back

                                                  Big Life Is Strange vibes 💙🦋

                                                  • karla correa
                                                    karla correa  2 months back

                                                    This makes me think that Halsey should make a song with the Weeknd

                                                    • Angel Girl
                                                      Angel Girl  2 months back

                                                      Because of rosé

                                                      • K
                                                        K  2 months back

                                                        the production is so unique and haunting like a movie soundtrack really amazing and I love the acoustic version as much.

                                                        • shooters for bangtan
                                                          shooters for bangtan  2 months back

                                                          I felt the "EYE~~~~" in my soul

                                                          • Julian Kennicott
                                                            Julian Kennicott  2 months back

                                                            Was anyone besides me here before rose.

                                                            • Emerson 2k19
                                                              Emerson 2k19  2 months back

                                                              cade os BR BR BR BR BR BR?

                                                              • Ashlee Flores Toloza
                                                                Ashlee Flores Toloza  2 months back


                                                                • Zachary Garcia
                                                                  Zachary Garcia  2 months back

                                                                  This is an amazing song 😍❤️😎👍

                                                                  • Elise Mark
                                                                    Elise Mark  2 months back

                                                                    I love this song so much!! And I think she sings with a lot of emotion...I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I listened to the rose cover, and I felt literally nothing.....

                                                                    • Ale Mora
                                                                      Ale Mora  2 months back


                                                                      • ashley
                                                                        ashley  2 months back


                                                                        • ashley
                                                                          ashley  2 months back


                                                                          • Elif Uğur
                                                                            Elif Uğur  2 months back

                                                                            TÜRK YOK MU 🇹🇷🇹🇷

                                                                            • Lazy Unicorn 59
                                                                              Lazy Unicorn 59  2 months back

                                                                              She did a cover of rosés lol

                                                                              • Lazy Unicorn 59
                                                                                Lazy Unicorn 59  2 months back

                                                                                I kinda like rosés better NO OFFENSE i like a lot of ur songs.

                                                                                • Ro ARMY
                                                                                  Ro ARMY  3 months back

                                                                                  Nobody cares if you're here because of bp.

                                                                                  • Abigail McClymont
                                                                                    Abigail McClymont  3 months back

                                                                                    Honestly know one here for halsey cares about rose's cover. We came here for halsey, not rose. So can you all just stop talking about her. If you wanna talk about her go to her cover.

                                                                                    • CuteLittleSavage
                                                                                      CuteLittleSavage  3 months back

                                                                                      Who came here after our cute chipmunk ROSÉ's cover???

                                                                                      • ᅝ nana ᅝLOOΠΔ's
                                                                                        ᅝ nana ᅝLOOΠΔ's  3 months back

                                                                                        im tired of seeing the whole comment section about someone who made a cover of this song like... we don't care

                                                                                        • S V
                                                                                          S V  3 months back



                                                                                          • Purple Anaïs
                                                                                            Purple Anaïs  3 months back

                                                                                            Her voice is so sweet 😍💕 I love her ❤️

                                                                                            • AriArt
                                                                                              AriArt  3 months back

                                                                                              Man I've been a fan of Halsey for forever, it's kinda sad people only come to her music if someone else makes a dope cover. People should be here for the artist that put their raw emotions and their bleeding heart on to paper, not the person that read the paper. Be here for Halsey, who has gone through more hardships than most of us can imagine, and who wrote this song as an extension of herself.

                                                                                              • crystaldiamondheart1
                                                                                                crystaldiamondheart1  3 months back

                                                                                                YASS HALSEY! GO MY GIRL!!!