We Tried The 'Rumble' Boxing Workout That Justin Bieber Swears By

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • Rumble boxing is a celebrity-favorite workout. The 45-minute class is a mix of boxing and strength training. Rumble is taking the group-fitness trend by storm, and we were eager to see what the hype is about.
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    We Tried The 'Rumble' Boxing Workout That Justin Bieber Swears By

Comments • 55

  • Mehdi MJ
    Mehdi MJ  2 개월 전

    hahahaha lol

    • Dhika Wikibi
      Dhika Wikibi  2 개월 전

      If you pay for the hype yes its overprice. Doing martial art class that you need for inner self and physique development is cheaper with almost same or better result

      • Scar Obviously
        Scar Obviously  2 개월 전

        Justin Bieber es un bicho palo esmirriao' y no va a haber NADA que cambie eso

        • John Robichaud
          John Robichaud  2 개월 전

          Justin Bieber you better call Lenny Loggins because you're in the DANGER ZONE! In all seriousness why of all the people in Hollywood would you pick a fight with Tom Cruise he is such a nice guy and if you like to fight nice guys I dare you to challenge Keanu Reeves

          • Vrinda Gagat
            Vrinda Gagat  2 개월 전

            So true!

            • shell company
              shell company  2 개월 전

              Sounds gay

              • Teddy Cristian
                Teddy Cristian  2 개월 전

                36$ per class, you mean 36$ per a single session?

                • Ngangam Haolai
                  Ngangam Haolai  2 개월 전

                  Can that guy even punch?

                  • Jason Blake
                    Jason Blake  2 개월 전

                    Cruise just tweeted out: I don't hit girls

                    • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

                      Thumbnail got me here lol

                      • Underhay Mediaworks
                        Underhay Mediaworks  2 개월 전

                        This video could be summed up in about 30s: Bieber invested in a new cross-fit and wants you to go to increase his share-price.

                        • ElimRem
                          ElimRem  2 개월 전

                          If you go to a 24 hour gym that has a heavy bag. It's 4$ per session.

                          • Edwin Dungdung
                            Edwin Dungdung  2 개월 전

                            Ah i see trying monetise on the hot new topic from a couple a days ago.

                            • Nasty McJackass
                              Nasty McJackass  2 개월 전

                              $36 pr class??? I`ll go do burpees in the forrest, FOR FREE!!...$36...Suck my ass.

                              • Nick Nick
                                Nick Nick  2 개월 전

                                You are doing Justin Bieber's workout routine ? . You are screwed 🤣

                                • Itsuki Nakamura
                                  Itsuki Nakamura  개월 전

                                  Dumb america

                                  • Daniel Coe
                                    Daniel Coe  2 개월 전

                                    Typical idiotic comment

                                    • Naye
                                      Naye  2 개월 전

                                      finally early!

                                      • Germán Rauda
                                        Germán Rauda  2 개월 전

                                        I just came to see him shirtless.... well

                                        • Ngangam Haolai
                                          Ngangam Haolai  2 개월 전


                                          • ImagineDragons Fan
                                            ImagineDragons Fan  2 개월 전

                                            Woah 35th

                                            • Mihika Kumbharkar
                                              Mihika Kumbharkar  2 개월 전

                                              Whoa!!!! Anyone else before 1000 views?!?!?! 🤓🤓

                                              • doomOTP ?
                                                doomOTP ?  2 개월 전

                                                999 others

                                                • sketchyj
                                                  sketchyj  2 개월 전

                                                  Justin is still trying to prove his manhood after the embarrassing challenge to fight the paparazzi. He knows Tom Cruise is a well known action star so he beliebs this is his ticket to masculinity. When learning the art of self defense one should learn from a mature adult. I think Justin has been training with Cobra Kai.

                                                  • SoulPhoenixMC
                                                    SoulPhoenixMC  2 개월 전

                                                    As a boxer I feel that people should just visit a normal boxing gym where sparring takes place, they might be more worn down but your getting 100% authenticity and the coaches there will have more experience teaching people how to throw punches with proper technique, these kinds of gyms are just pretty that’s all.

                                                    • Loftt Far
                                                      Loftt Far  2 개월 전

                                                      £175 for personal session, my broke ass is just gonna go on a run for free

                                                      • Daniel
                                                        Daniel  2 개월 전

                                                        great comparison 🤦 supervised training with a professional vs running alone

                                                        • Itsuki Gacha
                                                          Itsuki Gacha  2 개월 전

                                                          Im early.... I think

                                                          • Nina vlogs and lifestyle
                                                            Nina vlogs and lifestyle  2 개월 전

                                                            INSIDER notification squad 😎😛👍

                                                            • Azora Lee
                                                              Azora Lee  2 개월 전


                                                              • Hukambeer T
                                                                Hukambeer T  2 개월 전

                                                                And this Justin dick head is challenging someone who is 30 years older than him..

                                                                • Travel Shoukeen
                                                                  Travel Shoukeen  2 개월 전

                                                                  love to join the class

                                                                  • kola bear
                                                                    kola bear  2 개월 전


                                                                    • Breezeme105
                                                                      Breezeme105  2 개월 전

                                                                      *Justin if you lose u better sing ‘I’M SORRY’ to Tom cruise!*

                                                                      • Vrinda Gagat
                                                                        Vrinda Gagat  2 개월 전

                                                                        I want to know where Justin lost his brain....why did he challenge someone like Tom cruise?? (I am a belieber)

                                                                        • ganga bhavani
                                                                          ganga bhavani  2 개월 전

                                                                          Why don't u guys understand jokes? 😡🙄

                                                                          • rocket guardian of the galaxy


                                                                            • The Fickle Dragon
                                                                              The Fickle Dragon  2 개월 전

                                                                              All I see here is people punching black huge rubber water droplets vigorously, shouldn’t it be like boxing or something or am I just getting confused here

                                                                              • SoulPhoenixMC
                                                                                SoulPhoenixMC  2 개월 전

                                                                                The Fickle Dragon those are called aqua bags, it’s filled with water compared to a normal heavy bag which is filled with sand.

                                                                                • Deadly dodger
                                                                                  Deadly dodger  2 개월 전

                                                                                  ÝÒÙŔ MÒM WÌĹĹ ÑÈVÈŔ ĎÌÈ 🔥💹 👇(ĹÌĶE AND SUB TO ACTAVATE)🎁

                                                                                  • ganga bhavani
                                                                                    ganga bhavani  2 개월 전

                                                                                    *Any beliebers!!!!!*

                                                                                    • rocket guardian of the galaxy

                                                                                      Im cruiser

                                                                                      • baby baby
                                                                                        baby baby  2 개월 전


                                                                                        • Scientific buddy
                                                                                          Scientific buddy  2 개월 전

                                                                                          Have a sweet and great life ♥️ May God bless you and your family 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Wishing you best of your luck💕 Best regards from the small youtuber 😥💕

                                                                                          • leila matani
                                                                                            leila matani  2 개월 전

                                                                                            Yassssss notification squad where you attttt💕💕

                                                                                            • Christian McBee
                                                                                              Christian McBee  2 개월 전

                                                                                              F for him

                                                                                              • SWEET PANDA FAN
                                                                                                SWEET PANDA FAN  2 개월 전


                                                                                                • BTS X ARMY FOREVER
                                                                                                  BTS X ARMY FOREVER  2 개월 전

                                                                                                  JUSTIN BIEBER :I DONT CARE

                                                                                                  • Julia Dias James
                                                                                                    Julia Dias James  2 개월 전

                                                                                                    Lmao i’ve neverrrr been so early🥰🥰

                                                                                                    • diogo teixeira
                                                                                                      diogo teixeira  2 개월 전


                                                                                                      • exposing_ someteasis
                                                                                                        exposing_ someteasis  2 개월 전


                                                                                                        • Kanchi Sharma
                                                                                                          Kanchi Sharma  2 개월 전


                                                                                                          • Aurora Elvestad
                                                                                                            Aurora Elvestad  2 개월 전


                                                                                                            • ツdanu
                                                                                                              ツdanu  2 개월 전

                                                                                                              1 st