• Published: 26 January 2019
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  • Enzio
    Enzio  10 months back

    Your are the best love your channels

    • [MSL] Boss
      [MSL] Boss  10 months back

      I watch you on your main channel all the time I just found out that you have a second chanelle and just subbed all the love

      • ovwvevwevwevvwe ovwvwevw osas

        next time make a football player (skills and goals) reaction (please make marcelo reaction)

        • Boomerang Pro
          Boomerang Pro  10 months back

          I feel so uncomfortable by hearing "what's up brothers" 😂 than "what's up my ninjas"😢💗

          • Boomerang Pro
            Boomerang Pro  10 months back

            @Euro Guy We will keep on supporting you :) Keep entertaining us - Cheers😊

          • Euro Guy
            Euro Guy   10 months back

            yeah man..i know i`m a bit cringy for most of my onel mobile subs..hope is not THAT bad :)

        • Babu S
          Babu S  10 months back

          Hi Onel when is your next fifa mobile video
          Nice investment video👏👏👍👍

          • Jan Hung
            Jan Hung  10 months back

            Literally same title with kitchen sink

            • Euro Guy
              Euro Guy   10 months back

              I`ll be honest..i got the idea of making this channel from his channel. However as you can see i`m kinda doing the total opposite and i`m giving my European thoughts on the North American sports :)

          • Dope Guy
            Dope Guy  10 months back

            Dope! Can you give shoutout please ?

          • Anis
            Anis  10 months back

            Hi man do you watch basketball onel?

            • Euro Guy
              Euro Guy   10 months back

              not on a regular basis, but i`ll start watching more for sure