11 Life Saving DIY Hacks for Summer! Life Hacks, Crafts, Pranks and More

  • Published: 24 July 2019
  • Looking forward to getting a tan? Look no further with our new sunscreen patch of summer hacks!
    Learn how to fix up your inflatable pool ring or create a completely new noodle floater instead. Discover how to design a towel cloak, prank your besties with sunscreen tattoos, and make homemade ice cream. Stay tuned for all that and much more!

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    00:04 Pool Noodle Floater
    00:54 Easy Inflatable Pool Ring Fix
    01:44 Beach Towel Cloak Redesign
    02:58 Smiley Sunscreen Tan Prank
    04:05 Homemade Coffee Icecream
    04:53 Bicycle Soda Opener
    05:09 DIY Watermelon Coaster
    06:27 Water Balloon Refreshment
    07:34 Take Photos From Distance
    08:13 Custom Logo Paint Outline
    09:28 Zoom in Photos with Magnifying Glass
    10:03 Thorn Leggings Fix

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  • Crafty Panda
    Crafty Panda   3 months back

    Hey, Summer Pandas! 🐼✈🏔️
    Not sure about you, but I'm pretty much spending most of my time in the pool!🍹😎☂️
    Stay away from sunburns with my new set of summer hacks! 🌊🏊‍♂️
    Let me know which of these beach crafts you’ll be trying out next?! 🍧🏄🌞
    Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟
    Much Love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

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