How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER Without Games

  • Published: 21 November 2018
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    Have you ever asked yourself "How to make a guy chase you?”, "How to make a guy jealous or fear losing you?" or “how to make him afraid to lose you?” "how to make your boyfriend afraid of losing you?" "How to make a guy fall for you?" and "How to make a guy want you?"

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    A dating advice question I get asked a lot by women is "How do I make him scared to leave?” “How can I get him to want me more?” "How can you make a guy chase you?" "Can you make him fear losing you?" and "how to makea guy fall for you?". Today, I’m talking about How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER!

    In today's video I touch on a hot topic at the moment of being able to make a guy "afraid" of losing you. This is a topic that a lot of YouTubers in the relationship space have been discussing over the past few months and I want to bring a unique perspective on this topic of how to make a guy fear losing you or how to make him afraid to lose you.

    I like to take a different approach to teaching you how to make a guy afraid to lose you. It doesn't involve any mind games or cheap tricks like you might expect, but instead flips the switch and I show you how to make him fear losing you FOR YOU. There's no reason your man should ever want to leave if you are doing everything you can to be the highest value woman you can. When it comes to making a guy fall for you, it's all about YOU. The same thing goes for making him afraid to lose you. He should be afraid of losing you because of your amazing personality and who you are, rather than any attempt you might make to get him "scared to leave".

    If you really want to make your boyfriend afriad of losing you, then I suggest listening to the steps I've outline in this video on How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER. I'm giving you practical dating tips and relationship advice that will steer you in the right direction when approaching how to make a guy chase you forever and fear losing you.

    In this video I cover my thoughts on the right way to go about making him fear losing you and how to make him afraid of losing you.

    Creating a video for you on How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. When it comes to your relationship, you should never feel like you need to make your partner afraid to leave. That shows you are not in a secure frame of mind yourself. Instead look at improving yourself and making yourself the best version of you, that way the right person for you would never even dream of losing you.

    In this dating advice video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationship coach), am talking about How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER. You’ll understand exactly what to do when you start wondering, "How to make him worry about losing you?".

    When a woman comes to me asking "Mark, how can I make my boyfriend afriad of losing me?” or “Mark, how to make him fear losing you?” and even “how to make a guy fall for you?”. My first thought is "GREAT questions. This woman really cares for her partner and doesn't ever want to lose them.

    Watch this video on How To Make Him FEAR Losing You | Make A Guy Chase You FOREVER - It’s my guide to how to make a guy fear losing you and how to make yourself the best version of you.

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    Enjoy the video guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours!
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    Mark Rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire.

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  • Mark Rosenfeld
    Mark Rosenfeld   10 months back

    Not gonna lie - I was really annoyed at some of the gamey advice in other videos with this title... so this one was a bit of a rebuttal. Come discuss the new vid with me in the Facebook group! All good if you don't have Facey, I'm also on insta @makehimyours


    • Sal Blasker
      Sal Blasker  2 months back

      I don't like videos like this as I feel they're teaching women to be fake and put on a mask with men. If you value yourself, you will never chase after a man if he doesn't recognise your value. I don't want to put on an act to get a man. I have lived a decent and honest life. If he doesn't recognise my value, he is not worth having anyway.

    • My Happy Family's
      My Happy Family's  2 months back

      Ang gwapo mo..

  • Jane Harris
    Jane Harris  1 days back


    • lord language
      lord language  3 days back

      Your videos are helping me a lot. Thank you so much! 😊

      • Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

        I have bought my baby flowers twice already !! He was a little scared the first time, because no women ever bought him any gifts, unless it was a GF or family member on a specific day like a birthday/holiday.
        Wish he would realize that we didn’t need to spend every moment together. That’s a serious issue we are currently working on. He doesn’t want me to have a social life or do the chatting with anyone😳
        I am still growing my social skills though, he will come along at some point and realize how amazing I am and hopefully feel as you stated.
        Ahh we do exercise together and it actually has given us some great quality time together.
        LOL ~ improve your mind.. if he didn’t always want to be right, we may have more discussions about the things I learn everyday.
        I am keeping my standards, but I compromise when it’s healthy for us both. This is something he still needs to work on. Always needing to be right, believe his way is the only way.. ugh not healthy !

        • Raúl Vilma Alvarez
          Raúl Vilma Alvarez  5 days back

          good tips ✌🏻

          • Bevon 2023
            Bevon 2023  6 days back

            I'm really inspired

            • Kaylynn Myles
              Kaylynn Myles  1 weeks back

              Basically... have your own life.

              • Emokiriemi Abednego
                Emokiriemi Abednego  1 weeks back

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                • E M
                  E M  1 weeks back

                  OK Look..... a woman not leaving an abusive partner does not devalue her in any way and does not make her a low quality woman. This implication has so much that needs to be addressed.
                  First off, women in abusive relationships are often KILLED when they leave. So, please do not toss your advice around flippantly further eroding women’s self esteem.
                  Secondly, women have various reasons for staying.... one being economical as often men make more money and or have better health insurance.
                  Little males who abuse women are LOW QUALITY « MEN » and their behavior does not impact the value of a woman in ANY way.
                  Men, take responsibility for your violence towards women. Those men need to be on youtube watching self help videos until they stop hurting women.
                  Good luck to the human race. Because without woman’s survival there is no future. So kind of short sighted on the part of men to blame women for men’s domination of what society doles out to women 🙄.
                  ✌️ ☮️out 🤘

                  • Ariya Salamuddee
                    Ariya Salamuddee  1 weeks back

                    Be yourself that my plan😁

                    • Dawn Trottman
                      Dawn Trottman  2 weeks back

                      A comment on #2- I ended a relationship after 2 weeks because this man actually wanted, almost demanded, that I check in very often. Yes, he is insecure. I'm far too independent to do so. I felt I was on a short leash. I could not give in to his insecurities.

                      • Jessica Roland
                        Jessica Roland  2 weeks back

                        I never saw a chapter from a book I could read... How come poor people can't learn too?

                        • Holly Miller
                          Holly Miller  2 weeks back

                          One of my favorite videos from you to date!

                          • Susan Prator
                            Susan Prator  2 weeks back

                            All good points!

                            • Natali Cvijeticanin
                              Natali Cvijeticanin  2 weeks back

                              This guy is freaking hot

                              • Lara Van Liere
                                Lara Van Liere  2 weeks back

                                Love it! 💕 Thank you.

                                • Markeisha Latham
                                  Markeisha Latham  3 weeks back

                                  I love you are teaching authenticity

                                  • Barrios M
                                    Barrios M  3 weeks back

                                    I am sorry Mark, I believe in freedom. I dont want my partner nor I to have "fear" of loosing me or viceversa. Life is so much more than having a partner and happiness comes from within. I said to my husband that perhaps I cant ask him for eternal love, but he can always be sincere with me and if he wants to leave me, he should respect me enough to tell me the truth and dont lie. I am gonna be perfectly fine and so will he.

                                    • Anything Under The Sun
                                      Anything Under The Sun  3 weeks back

                                      In the matters of the heart i hope and wish there is no rules. Just love and reciprocate very simple. If not reciprocated moved out 😊. Life is really simple. There should be no forcing, or trying harder of both. Equanimity.

                                      • Anything Under The Sun
                                        Anything Under The Sun  3 weeks back

                                        @Mark Rosenfeld welcome.. My pleasure MR.. Be well you have an amazing channel. Keep it up especially the different styles in ------- hahaha!!! Enjoy life 😊👍

                                      • Mark Rosenfeld
                                        Mark Rosenfeld   3 weeks back

                                        Such an important message there Anything Under The Sun. Thanks for sharing our thoughts xx

                                    • Divya Sonar
                                      Divya Sonar  3 weeks back

                                      Hey mark! I want to draw your attention here.. My boyfrnd has cheated on me for several times.. N everytimes he wants to come back n he behaves rudely to me.. He is very insensitive and very does not care.. What shall i do ? I dont want to loose him😑

                                      • D3m3 C00k
                                        D3m3 C00k  4 weeks back

                                        Love it!

                                      • D Hair&Beauty
                                        D Hair&Beauty  4 weeks back

                                        I loved it!thanks 😉

                                      • EmpreszJey
                                        EmpreszJey  4 weeks back

                                        Haha so im three minutes into this video and ive already tried both. I wait to text sometimes and I just thought the other day to do the fake flower thing. Desperate times, desperate measures.

                                        • Patrice Joseph
                                          Patrice Joseph  4 weeks back

                                          well said

                                          • Diana Quintero
                                            Diana Quintero  4 weeks back

                                            He’s hot.. goodness where are my manners? You’re so handsome!

                                            • Mark Rosenfeld
                                              Mark Rosenfeld   4 weeks back

                                              Oh you. Too charming. Thanks Diana Quintero xx

                                          • Belz ebub
                                            Belz ebub  4 weeks back

                                            be yourself always...:)

                                          • Lamia Al
                                            Lamia Al  4 weeks back

                                            Am gonna make him fear losing me by watching your videos 😂

                                          • Jeanne Strauss
                                            Jeanne Strauss  4 weeks back

                                            When I was single I loved buying flowers. My boyfriend took note & brought me my favorite flowers. I was so touched & surprised that he noticed!

                                          • Susan Marie
                                            Susan Marie  1 months back

                                            what about make a guy chase you in a long distance relationship...

                                            • martinbm74
                                              martinbm74  1 months back

                                              Loved hearing the lorikeets in the background. Miss Aussie birds. it's so sweet to see an Aussie bloke giving such loving advise to women. I am working hard on myself to love myself so much that someone else is just a bonus

                                              • Kohinoor Akhter
                                                Kohinoor Akhter  1 months back

                                                Love to listen him😍😍😘😘

                                                • Simply Marilyn
                                                  Simply Marilyn  1 months back

                                                  That was great, Mark! When you love yourself, he loves you more💕

                                                • Noesha Diamond
                                                  Noesha Diamond  1 months back

                                                  Great advice to follow 💯❤

                                                • Da louL aziz
                                                  Da louL aziz  1 months back

                                                  HELP i was in a relationship for two months then he pulled away i got mad when he one day got out to the beach and didnt tell me , he told me i was with the guys whats wrong with you !! he made me feel like im needy and im the bad one , after his words i pulled my self with out argument and didnt contact him now its been two weeks almost should i continue or what to do please help

                                                  • Truthseeker
                                                    Truthseeker  1 months back

                                                    Absolutely loved this advice. Thank you

                                                  • Benedicta Alfonso
                                                    Benedicta Alfonso  1 months back

                                                    I love your show

                                                    • Melissa Vetor
                                                      Melissa Vetor  1 months back

                                                      Very nice video

                                                      • Claude Leto
                                                        Claude Leto  1 months back

                                                        Mark, I need to ask you. After having been several years on my own, completely focused on business and at last seeing success. Now that I've met someone who seems also interested in me, and we are both acutely aware of the chemistry. He wants to kiss me but... I feel I'd like us to get to know each other a bit better. I figure to him it could be just a kiss; for me is something special. (He was very understanding) I should add we don't live in the same country, so this is quite a challenge. How long should I wait for that kiss, I'm afraid if I wait too long the sparks will vanish on both sides, plus... I'm a coward... There I said! I much rather go bangy jumping or face the angry bull in the arena (done both) but my knees grow weak when we get together. When I go on business to his city, make no mistake, I keep busy just so I don't think too much about him and when we meet is is so much fun and comfortable. I simply don't want bread crumbs.

                                                        • Joanna Bickford
                                                          Joanna Bickford  1 months back

                                                          thank you for your video l just found out lm a high value woman :)

                                                          • Mark Rosenfeld
                                                            Mark Rosenfeld   1 months back

                                                            That's so lovely Joanna Bickford- really glad to hear the way you've empowered yourself. Thanks so much for supporting me with what I do. Mark xx

                                                        • Tina Stacy
                                                          Tina Stacy  2 months back

                                                          I am 53 years old

                                                          • tracib
                                                            tracib  2 months back

                                                            I don't have any friends I have 5 sisters. I just keep to myself naturally. I don't have female friends just have my boyfriend and family. If I try doing the social bug thing it would be fake

                                                            • Eneida De Leon
                                                              Eneida De Leon  2 months back

                                                              Wow! This is so beautiful, I love how different you are from all the other men who make these kinds of unique videos. You actually gave me the hope I lost while watching other videos on how to keep men attracted. Thank You!

                                                              • Mark Rosenfeld
                                                                Mark Rosenfeld   2 months back

                                                                Arrrw thank you Eneida De Leon- that's such a beautiful comment. Made my day xx

                                                            • Gina
                                                              Gina  2 months back

                                                              Spot on

                                                              • Everything Left Turns
                                                                Everything Left Turns  2 months back

                                                                Y’all are creepy af w what ur saying about him lol

                                                                • Amy Liddle
                                                                  Amy Liddle  2 months back

                                                                  Hahaha fck that I'm me he will like me for being me or do one, I got bpd and he will have to deal with me being hard work. Tough

                                                                  • Amy Liddle
                                                                    Amy Liddle  2 months back

                                                                    Oh dear I'm not this strong independent woman, i hate socalising lol, I'm old fashioned I like to feel looked after.

                                                                    • Sal Blasker
                                                                      Sal Blasker  2 months back

                                                                      This is a good video. I just think that women should be able to figure this out for themselves.

                                                                    • Karen Fleming
                                                                      Karen Fleming  2 months back

                                                                      I just want to say thank u for answering that question for me and helping me to see myself as a high quality women thats deserving of the same level of love and trust thats given from my end!