The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

  • Published: 15 June 2019
  • Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink dish on bonding over disobedience while filming Stranger Things, and they summarize Season 3 in one word.
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    The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

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  • Аделина Гусманова

    Жалко я ничего не поняла

    • LulluNatic
      LulluNatic  Il y a heure

      I'm curious, how old are people here ?

      • LulluNatic
        LulluNatic  Il y a heure

        I would go for "darker" to describe Season 3.

        • Chewy Suarez
          Chewy Suarez  Il y a heure

          Posted on my birthday

          • P.S.Keelin *
            P.S.Keelin *  Il y a 2 heures

            4:23 your welcome

            • priyatam17
              priyatam17  Il y a 4 heures

              L 11 is so beautiful..

              • Jieke Xie
                Jieke Xie  Il y a 7 heures


                • and i oop-
                  and i oop-  Il y a 8 heures

                  Noah and Millie were so cute when they just bursted into laughter together after Gaten said “bigger” 😂😂 Time Stamp : 7:11

                  • N chan
                    N chan  Il y a 10 heures

                    Gaten is so cute

                    • l MxL l
                      l MxL l  Il y a 12 heures

                      Luca looks like he is 10 in the series and 20 in real life🔥

                      • Tejaswini Geddam
                        Tejaswini Geddam  Il y a 16 heures

                        I'm trying to find that part of this interview where Jimmy actually had an idea about what's happening!

                        • Shama Nissie
                          Shama Nissie  Il y a 20 heures

                          If you are looking for this part thank me the song 4:22

                          • Ashley Clanton
                            Ashley Clanton  Il y a 22 heures

                            I wish I looked like those girls

                            • catsrule5687
                              catsrule5687  Il y a jour

                              somebody actually did die in that mall they filmed in

                              • Potterheads like me
                                Potterheads like me  Il y a jour

                                I finally got a like and its true. But Why is my like button blue

                                • Lucie Heriche
                                  Lucie Heriche  Il y a jour

                                  I’m in love with Finn’s hair, that’s it.

                                  • The Reaper's Files
                                    The Reaper's Files  Il y a jour

                                    Caleb has a good singing voice

                                    • Amit Chotara
                                      Amit Chotara  Il y a jour

                                      *Millie* Or *Sadie*

                                      • Florence Ichkhan
                                        Florence Ichkhan  Il y a jour

                                        jimmy: by the way millie has you tell....? finn: wAit whAT? caleb: HHAHAHABAHAHAHABAHAHA

                                        • Emma Kilbane
                                          Emma Kilbane  Il y a jour

                                          Gatens laugh is the best thing

                                          • Elen Doci
                                            Elen Doci  Il y a jour

                                            who saw sadie’s face when noah and millie were laughing at gaten’s description (when he said bigger) 7:13

                                            • Davide Feston
                                              Davide Feston  Il y a jour

                                              Joyce Byers Season 1: “WHERE IS MY BOYYYY?!?” Season 2: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BOYYY!?!!” Season 3: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MAGNETSSSSSSS!?!?!?”

                                              • Jannatun Ridy
                                                Jannatun Ridy  Il y a jour

                                                Season 4: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!!?"

                                                • Nicx
                                                  Nicx  Il y a jour

                                                  millieeee is soooo quiet like im not used to it i miss her interrupting people self

                                                  • Lauren Kingsman
                                                    Lauren Kingsman  Il y a jour

                                                    max:loud,destructive,badass sadie:quiet,mom figure, shy

                                                    • Dhivakar Sathyamurthy
                                                      Dhivakar Sathyamurthy  Il y a jour

                                                      Wait, isn't Sadie Sink vegan?

                                                      • Pubg lol
                                                        Pubg lol  Il y a jour

                                                        Lol is there S 4

                                                        • Waterisagod A
                                                          Waterisagod A  Il y a jour

                                                          If you guys didn’t know in the mall someone was killed that’s why some people call it haunted

                                                          • Asma Syed
                                                            Asma Syed  Il y a jour

                                                            0:18 did anyone else think that the look Noah and Sadie shared was extremely cute

                                                            • Zuzanna Skalska
                                                              Zuzanna Skalska  Il y a jour

                                                              my birthday 😘🐸

                                                              • Flash Gamer
                                                                Flash Gamer  Il y a jour

                                                                Necesitaria esta entrevista en español :v

                                                                • Gaming Gigglingpotato
                                                                  Gaming Gigglingpotato  Il y a jour

                                                                  *someone dies* Will: can we play d&d now?!

                                                                  • blkey
                                                                    blkey  Il y a jour

                                                                    A month after watching season 3.... I don't understand Millie's "spreading" answer.

                                                                    • Joan Mitra
                                                                      Joan Mitra  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                      They weren't acting on Stranger Things. It's literally themselves except for Millie. She's twice as cool as Elle.

                                                                      • May Gillespie
                                                                        May Gillespie  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                        *my favourite characters are max and Eleven* *edit: that's a little boring so "CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP" Gatin wasn't having it 😂*

                                                                        • Buri_buri_zaemon
                                                                          Buri_buri_zaemon  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                          I think everyone forgetting #Suzi who gave us a goosebumps song nin middle of action scene 🤔🤔🤔

                                                                          • Superior clips
                                                                            Superior clips  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                            I swear Noah is sooooo cringey🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Also like if you think Finn and Millie are a cute couple💏

                                                                            • FuckLoveItAintNeeded
                                                                              FuckLoveItAintNeeded  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                              omg in love with millie her shoes

                                                                              • Twelveclicks
                                                                                Twelveclicks  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                                Noah looks like that friend I would approach first in a new school.

                                                                                • lm fao
                                                                                  lm fao  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                                  Dustin is same on screen and off screen

                                                                                  • D_BREZZY Haha
                                                                                    D_BREZZY Haha  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                                    They aren’t dislikes the likes from the upside down🙃

                                                                                    • Kayla Jayy
                                                                                      Kayla Jayy  Il y a 2 jours

                                                                                      I loveeee Finn😂

                                                                                      • Kayla Jayy
                                                                                        Kayla Jayy  Il y a 2 jours


                                                                                        • Shawn Guron
                                                                                          Shawn Guron  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                          They look like tiny adults

                                                                                          • Basit Khan
                                                                                            Basit Khan  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                            when did season 4 coming

                                                                                            • Eliza Eliza
                                                                                              Eliza Eliza  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                              Mike is like emo

                                                                                              • ciara fitzgerald
                                                                                                ciara fitzgerald  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                The amount of Cringe comments looking for pointless likes 😂

                                                                                                • Sr.Giménez
                                                                                                  Sr.Giménez  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                  Noah es gay se le nota mucho,espero que muera en la 4 termporada

                                                                                                  • Alexandra Lynn
                                                                                                    Alexandra Lynn  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                    Am I really the only one who noticed how much of a bitch Millie was to Caleb? :/

                                                                                                    • Kirtijyoti Senapati
                                                                                                      Kirtijyoti Senapati  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                      Sadie Sink is so beautiful ❤️

                                                                                                      • Valentina Câşlariu
                                                                                                        Valentina Câşlariu  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                        7:11 Gaten:Bigger Noah: Millie: Noah and Millie:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                                                        • ItsFats X
                                                                                                          ItsFats X  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                          Is it just me or did Sadie and Noah seem real close?🤨

                                                                                                          • нoneyвee. coм
                                                                                                            нoneyвee. coм  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                            *Can we play d&d now?*

                                                                                                            • purple_ wdwfan
                                                                                                              purple_ wdwfan  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                              Gaten: bigger. Millie and Noah:😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Gaten: You're four!!

                                                                                                              • Juju Mamirez
                                                                                                                Juju Mamirez  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                Jimmy singing along to chicken noodle soup is me singing any song

                                                                                                                • roman s
                                                                                                                  roman s  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                  Starts sining ratings drop

                                                                                                                  • soft sink
                                                                                                                    soft sink  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                    sadie's voice is so soft,I love her with so much.

                                                                                                                    • Savage Unicorn
                                                                                                                      Savage Unicorn  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                      Bro I wanna know the lyrics to this chicken noodle soup song 😂

                                                                                                                      • Mery ricci
                                                                                                                        Mery ricci  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                        Sono bellissimi

                                                                                                                        • Randy andy
                                                                                                                          Randy andy  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                          The first season was amazing, the second was ok and the third just too weird and cheesy with all the relationship stuff. On that rate the fourth season will be awful ...

                                                                                                                          • Cameron Kovas
                                                                                                                            Cameron Kovas  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                            can suzie and dustin sing never ending story

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous Ldoe Vids
                                                                                                                              Anonymous Ldoe Vids  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                              They put a cone BUT WE MOVED THE CONE 🤯🤯🤯

                                                                                                                              • Mariyahhh Rahman
                                                                                                                                Mariyahhh Rahman  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                                I love fadie 😫💓

                                                                                                                                • alexandra marrero
                                                                                                                                  alexandra marrero  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                  Keith UrBan

                                                                                                                                  • Nat Huang
                                                                                                                                    Nat Huang  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                    They are so cute together 🥰

                                                                                                                                    • Ebru ilsen Ceren
                                                                                                                                      Ebru ilsen Ceren  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                      Millie and noah

                                                                                                                                      • Clíodhna Monaghan
                                                                                                                                        Clíodhna Monaghan  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                        LeTs AlL wEaR sOmEtHiNg BlAcK aNd nOt TeLl NoAh 😂 Jk ly Noah ❤️

                                                                                                                                        • young blood
                                                                                                                                          young blood  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                          will is very good looking

                                                                                                                                          • Audra Gatties
                                                                                                                                            Audra Gatties  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                            I love this. I finished all the seasons

                                                                                                                                            • Bruh Bruh
                                                                                                                                              Bruh Bruh  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                              Dustin has the cutest smile of them all I'll argue everyone for that 😍😂

                                                                                                                                              • Bruh Bruh
                                                                                                                                                Bruh Bruh  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                Yoooooo is Dustin's teeth real or just some "pearls"?

                                                                                                                                                • just yasmine!
                                                                                                                                                  just yasmine!  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                  When they actully sang chicken noodle soup! 4:25

                                                                                                                                                  • Adventures with Lala
                                                                                                                                                    Adventures with Lala  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                    Gaten and Finn are just like *please save me*

                                                                                                                                                    • Kaylee Riverdale
                                                                                                                                                      Kaylee Riverdale  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                      calebs voice is AMAZING

                                                                                                                                                      • Valentine's Channel
                                                                                                                                                        Valentine's Channel  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                        5:54 No one: Jimmy: *iM LiKe oOp-* 👁👄👁

                                                                                                                                                        • Arianna Stochl
                                                                                                                                                          Arianna Stochl  Il y a 4 jours

                                                                                                                                                          Lol Noah and Millie totally like each other lol. And Gaten is totally different person lol

                                                                                                                                                          • Blooded Paradox
                                                                                                                                                            Blooded Paradox  Il y a 3 jours

                                                                                                                                                            Sadly there just best friends lol