4 Signs that a Man LOVES you and Adores You (number 2 may surprise you)

  • Published: 21 January 2018
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  • Immaculata Tagha
    Immaculata Tagha  11 hours back

    This is mind blowing. Thanks for creating such awareness.

    • Hi Blue
      Hi Blue  2 days back

      Your are speaking of highly educated and morally taught man. Unfortunately we don't have lots of that sort of man around. Those that are good are already married.

      • Rabbit Face
        Rabbit Face  2 days back

        So I’m in 5th grade and when my class goes outside my boyfriend runs up behind me and hugs me I love him <3

        • Padma Kumari
          Padma Kumari  5 days back

          waiting for a man like you in any birth

          • BLAQ BEAUTY
            BLAQ BEAUTY  5 days back

            Well he definitely found me ❤️❤️❤️.. he says stuff like u make my toes tingle, makes me wanna be a better me 😘, he never wanna go home either we sit outside for hours even when he's tired.. and when we kiss it's like fireworks.. ❤️❤️ we have sooooo much together the laughter is awesome... It's like these 10yrs we've been fbf I've known him all those yrs.. he said I was in love lol I'm like you too 🤣

            • Shiva Mordhaus
              Shiva Mordhaus  7 days back

              Ok one the guy in this video is kinda hot... Two after me and master get done with a scene the after care is great I know that's probably TMI but it's almost the same thing this guy said for number 4

              • tinamariarandez
                tinamariarandez  1 weeks back

                You are superman in action! Thanks for the insight!!

                • dolly rama
                  dolly rama  1 weeks back

                  U r so dead on...I agree with all of it

                  • dolly rama
                    dolly rama  1 weeks back

                    Have not experienced all of this. Does this mean nobody ever loved me?

                    • Hoili Swu
                      Hoili Swu  1 weeks back

                      Thank you high value guy really needed remind

                      • Hoili Swu
                        Hoili Swu  1 weeks back


                        • E. T.
                          E. T.  1 weeks back

                          You're great in talking!

                          • Lola Cookie
                            Lola Cookie  1 weeks back

                            I was telling a guy friend about a man who got sexually aggressive with me and my friend said "thats why you need a strong man, I would have killed him". So #2 also pertains to male friends, that urge to protect women is wired in their DNA, doesn't mean he loves you lol

                            • Missy Carvallo
                              Missy Carvallo  2 weeks back

                              Fuck that love shit. Nothing but lies, lies and more lies.

                              • AMIRA IBRAHEM
                                AMIRA IBRAHEM  2 weeks back

                                want to know if he really loves you ? hire 2 men to hold a gun in your face while you are with him and they can shoot him if he ran away . if not he is all yours

                                • Trish Hart
                                  Trish Hart  2 weeks back

                                  I think there needs to be more teaching on how women should treat a good man. We don't need to speek most of the billion thoughts per second that we have. lol

                                  • Trish Hart
                                    Trish Hart  2 weeks back

                                    "Mission Complete?" lol. Sweet honesty. That's why we call you Manimals. (term of endearment) for the good ones. lol

                                    • Admiralty Islandjewel
                                      Admiralty Islandjewel  2 weeks back

                                      I wish I cn find a guy like my dad. He really loved my mom. On his sick before taking his last breath, he once remind my sister and I to take care of our mom when he is gone.

                                      • Kristina Jansson
                                        Kristina Jansson  2 weeks back

                                        So true those four points! Thank you also for the words “Always behave like the high value woman you are”🙏🏻😍 Really needed to be reminded of that😌🥰

                                        • Jc Ramos
                                          Jc Ramos  2 weeks back

                                          Thank you for your wisdom and helpful messages, Brian. God bless you.

                                          • Honey Vasquez
                                            Honey Vasquez  2 weeks back

                                            He doesn't say " i love you " to me, but i'm special to him.

                                            • RetroSongHits
                                              RetroSongHits  2 weeks back

                                              Just from my experience personally about the love between a guy and girl, since I'm an individual and unique in many ways just as the guy is too, a relationship is different for everyone. Two people were raised differently and gone through things that shaped their character. The ways 2 people express, love, like, etc...will not be some generalized thing applying to everyone. I know a man and woman have differences, of course, but I prefer not to put labels, rules or stigmas on people seeing a man inky doing certain things and a woman only doing certain things. Firstly, we're both just human beings first and we both have the same feelings basically. Separating a man from a woman and pigeon-holing set behavior that applies only to a man and woman is just not so, at least in how I think. What Joe Schmoe does to show love to his girlfriend is unique to their own personal relationship with all the history and quirks. To make a long story short, having experienced not only love but a confident "knowing" in my heart that he's the one and he feels the same is I want to be with him, period. I don't care and never did about monetary things or the games people play and surface jazz. For me, if all me and him had was our health and just a cardboard box underneath a freeway overpass, as long as we are together, laughing, having fun and only care about each other, all the trappings of the material world are ignored. It's just real simple and no work at the "relationship" which is something I never agreed with. If you really want to be together then it doesn't require any work but what you have to first get straight is the foundation you build your relationship on.
                                              Liking someone is far more important than love to me. There will be no doubt or need to ask others their advice about whether or not he/she likes/loves you because the two people attracted to each other already know and when I say know, I mean that inner feeling you get that tells you inside you are meant to be together. Look at it this way...say a guy and girl were the only 2 people on earth besides God above and you lived on an uninhabited island, just being together is good enough. It's a kinship you feel. You'll know!

                                              • Mael-Strom
                                                Mael-Strom  3 weeks back

                                                A toxic relationship is based on control and manipulation. It may appear the abuser is getting away with the negative behavior but if you think clearly about the situation you soon notice you are not getting out of the way.

                                                • Trish Raniszewska
                                                  Trish Raniszewska  3 weeks back

                                                  Brian, what does it mean when you describe a man's behavior and it sounds a lot like me? We can't be that different!
                                                  Thank u either way, everything you said is TOTALLY applies to most of my relationships. You certainly know what you're talking about!

                                                  • Yun Yun
                                                    Yun Yun  3 weeks back


                                                    • Sahaya and Cesar TV
                                                      Sahaya and Cesar TV  3 weeks back

                                                      Well I need to brake up with my boyfriend.

                                                      • m.b kay
                                                        m.b kay  4 weeks back

                                                        My x do all this to me I think I have found love we date fr 4 years he purpose to me we fix date fr our wedding that should be on January 2020 I never know he was a pretender he makes me feel like a queen he makes me his profile all over his social platform i was already drawn in to a ocean's only God saved me from a devil in a human form unknowing to me that he has also purpose to 3 other ladies when they ask why u always using this lady pictures all over media he said she is my younger sister our last born so they ladies believed him,only 4 months left fr our wedding so I started praying nd fasting secretly the prayers i always say is God if I am the missing ribs of this guy then join us together but if not separate us finally my God answer me one day he post I comment I use the same profile with him so directly the first lady pv me say hi hw re u wow am happy to meet you your brother told me about u I was shocked I asked her which brother she call my feance name so I called the lady directly nd ask to know much she explained everything to me I also explained to her the second one again pv me hi ........I have ask ur brother to introduce me to u but he refused I just saw ur comment so I decided to chat with u I said rely she said yes I was jus crying nd speechless the nex day the third one she told me the same I called him directly he came I ask him he denied I called the ladies one by one in front of him nd my friends I put the phone on speaker the lady ask him so u lie to me that this lady is ur sister I do the same thing to all the ladies then he accepted nd started begging crying I just called his parent nd explain to them i change my number and block him on social media i stop him to see me my friends were crying fr me,too much pain what should I tell my parents about the wedding after all the uge money we have invested everything go zero he always gives me stories about hw he use our money but I give up my life is more precious than money I break up with him I talk to my mother to talk to father that I have cancelled the weeding so I don't think if real love exists and I will never trust no man on earth again never in my life he makes me hate men

                                                        • Annita Teck
                                                          Annita Teck  4 weeks back

                                                          Wow! really love this one.

                                                          • selam G
                                                            selam G  4 weeks back

                                                            What do I do when he is a great man with all these signs but a different nationality( my parents wouldn't like that) :(((((

                                                            • puteri maharani Ray
                                                              puteri maharani Ray  4 weeks back

                                                              He do the 1 to 2 but 3 sometimes and sometimes not.. and lately not.... and 4... he aud he cant say he love me? :) what does that means it drives me nut

                                                              • CHARLENEWARDTV
                                                                CHARLENEWARDTV  4 weeks back

                                                                What and not put our love threw the firer!!!

                                                                • Neha Parte
                                                                  Neha Parte  1 months back

                                                                  Great job dear

                                                                  • Kate Kaur
                                                                    Kate Kaur  1 months back

                                                                    Wow...that is my man...

                                                                    • Helena GG
                                                                      Helena GG  1 months back

                                                                      I have dated a manipulative guy who faked most of these.

                                                                      • Helena GG
                                                                        Helena GG  4 weeks back

                                                                        @Mochi ChimChim dear, I am happy that you are coming to sensible conclusions with this. A good relationship is one which lifts you up, rather than draining you. So he does not respect your boundary of needing time for studying. If you do not fix a relationship problem now, it sticks with you and keeps on repeating itself in your life for as long as you do not take action in correcting it. Playing the fixer role in the relationship is a classic mistake that even adults in their 50's make. It never works. I wish the best for you. Also it seems like you are an empath like me. You can also watch some videos on setting boundaries for yourself as an empath so that you would not get consumed and drained so much by other people's negative emotions or problems.

                                                                      • Mochi ChimChim
                                                                        Mochi ChimChim  4 weeks back

                                                                        @Helena GG Well I'm actually older than him by months and we're on the same class. I can't keep secrets from my parents because when I did do that before, my life sent upside down. So I try to be as open as much as possible. In terms of changing him, well he said we'll grow together but idk how I'll benefit from him, when all I get in him is stress from comforting him everyday and assuring him that he should have more hope in life. I couldn't even study properly these past few days because it's our exams week. He would complain and start talking a lot about his problems to the point where he would consume my time in studying. I'm very grade conscious and him doing that really makes me irritated but I try to be understanding. I just...I don't know anymore. I can't trust him more now that I've seen or known what he might become in the future. I'll just talk it out with my parents maybe nextweek? I'll start reading that book on our semester break. Thanks for everything!💕 I know I keep saying thank you but I just can't help it😂

                                                                      • Helena GG
                                                                        Helena GG  4 weeks back

                                                                        @Mochi ChimChim well, it seems like you are yourself getting a little bit amused by his games. Regarding his changing for you, he might be actually. The ex I told you about was also trying to change for me. But it was mostly a game for him to keep on giving me hope by that. People might change over time, but, as approved by psychology, the character of people never changes. Psychology says that psychopathic and narcissistic personality disordered people never get any better. They only become more manipulative as they age and gain more experience. Anyway, it is your decision. I am not pushing you towards that. Still, if he is by multiple years older than you, be very cautious because someone older than you typically has more emotional dominance for manipulating a high school student. And that is why the relationship between adults and teenagers are illegal and considered child sexual abuse or even rape. Also, it is in your best interest if you do not hide the relationship or what is going on in it from your parents, your friends, or teachers at school. You might think that they don't understand and you are just experimenting things for yourself; but you might be wrong. All relationships fall into a limited set of stereotypical patterns and you are not the only person in the world whose relationship dynamics are like this. My own first language is not English either. I wish you come up with the right conclusions for yourself. Being the fixer of your partner or any attempt at changing them never works. It is yet another classic form of dynamics that all relationship therapists equivocally advise against. I hope you decide speaking about this to other people whom you know and truly trust that they care about you. Abusers usually manipulate the victim to get isolated from their support network so that the victim would not receive any kind of information that would make them realise there is something wrong, or the victim would have no one to get help from for getting out. The abuser might tell you that "others do not understand our love" or "others are jeulous of what we have and want to ruin it" or "others are unfairly judgemental or nosy or close minded" or they might smear other people to you or vice versa. This way, they create this dynamic that you do not trust the people around you and others would not believe you or you see them as intruders or enemies. So the abuser succeeds in gaining more control and power over your life and eventually becoming the most important person in it. They brainwash you in this way because you have no one else to talk to who points out and shines a light on all the wrong things that happen to you in the relationship. You can find the book on AnyBooks, an android application.

                                                                      • Mochi ChimChim
                                                                        Mochi ChimChim  4 weeks back

                                                                        @Helena GG Hi! Sorry I just got home. Thank you for opening my eyes🥺 I'd definitely read that book you recommended. Where can I read it? I'll go find the right time to end things with him. For now, my family is busy teasing me to him(is that even a correct grammar? HAHAH sorry english isn't my first language) and I don't know what to do. I mean my parents are definitely not very supportive of us since they think I'm not really at the right age to have a relationship, and I also think this too. I'm scared to continue what we have right now because of the possibility that he might just use me. I just can't help thinking about how my friends and his friends saying he changed. He changed in a good way for me. I don't want to judge him too quickly since we haven't known each other for that long, but the thought that he only thinks of himself still eats up my mind. Idk my mind is just a jumble right now. I know I should follow your advice to protect myself. I just don't know how. This is all so new to me. Sorry for bothering you with my problem, I hope I'm not much of a nuisance...😔 Also thanks for being open minded I really needed someone to talk to about this...the people around me doesn't seem to have a good advice or I may be just ignorant of what might come to me. If that makes sense 😂

                                                                      • Helena GG
                                                                        Helena GG  4 weeks back

                                                                        @Mochi ChimChim dear, your age does not affect the way I see your situation at all, since I have witnessed many middle aged people making the same mistakes as you and going through the same things. But let me tell you that there is nothing to be learnt from a selfish manipulator. They might fake sophistication to keep you interested. But it is just lies and manipulation. I would not have been able to relate to your situation so much if I had not been through the same thing. I highly recommend reading the book "psychopath free" by Jackson MacKenzie. There is nothing to learn from the relationship with a selfish narcissistic person. It just gets darker and more sinister as the relationship progresses while they're constantly gaining more experience and skills in spotting and manipulating your weaknesses to tighten their grip over your life and cold heartedly use you for their own pleasure and gains. You need to Google psychopathic and narcissistic abuse. You are getting gaslighted and manipulated by threats , guilt, and coercive abuse to stay in the situation. I used to be in the exact same place. When you are in the relationship, you think it is your own choice but it is not. It is deception and manipulation actually that keeps you there. Once you get out and a year passes and you dessolve the cognitive dessonase and confusion of wondering whether he was good or not, you start seeing things clearly from the hindsight and when looking back you would see it as something even much more darker and sinister than what you were perceiving while still being with him. Just get out timely before you get burnt. If you report to authorities or adults and you witness with your own eyes that he is using every dirty trick to twist it and have the upper hand, despite all his lies about loving you and your being the end and meaning to his life, you would see what I am talking about. He doesn't love you. He loves manipulating and using you.

                                                                    • Wolf M
                                                                      Wolf M  1 months back

                                                                      Lol seems like in these times women are the ones protecting men in the dark alley...

                                                                      • Millionaire Mind
                                                                        Millionaire Mind  1 months back

                                                                        Thank you so much for this wonderful video.just subscribe

                                                                        • Stephanie Rogers
                                                                          Stephanie Rogers  1 months back

                                                                          I just have had chronic issues around this because of being raised by two narcissistic parents. They are notorious for their fake love. They’d say they loved me ya know, but they’d also abuse me and try to control me and cut me and they’d call this “love.”

                                                                          I’m kind of involved with this guy now and I’m seeing some of this in him that you mentioned about a guy really caring for you sincerely and yet I find it a struggle to just relax and really believe it’s true. I’ve spent my whole life running away from anything that looked or remotely felt like love from a man, because I’d fear it was always fake. I wouldn’t fear them leaving me. I’d just fear it was all a giant sham or that even if it wasn’t, I’d be hurt by them anyways. And yes. I had sort of a man phobia I think. Like all men. Didn’t trust a one of them really—and this was a subconscious thing. Like I dated and I thought yeah I want a husband and all etc. But I would just often find myself running away tho or hiding out to avoid exposure or being too vulnerable. This guy is really giving me a run for my money tho. He just won’t seem to ever give up on me. Lol. I have had to work a whole lot on my overall perspective tho. To not be paranoid and suspicious and look for what all could possibly signal insincerity. To start thinking the worst about the guy (he’s prob just another psycho) or the overall relationship (such as it won’t work. It never works for me etc). I have to say that I don’t think he’s bad tho. Like we have both grown over the course of it (about 6 months). This is prob about the longest run I’ve ever had with anyone I cared this much for tho. It’s running like a well oiled machine and still I find myself having doubts—or worries—tho I have to say that they are a lot less frequent and intense than they used to be at least.

                                                                          • Zealot Zealot
                                                                            Zealot Zealot  1 months back

                                                                            Instead of looking for The One, why not just BE The One?

                                                                            • Karen AKML
                                                                              Karen AKML  1 months back

                                                                              Thank you!

                                                                              • Chidi Okadigbo
                                                                                Chidi Okadigbo  1 months back

                                                                                Very true thanks a million, women be wise

                                                                                • Roxanne Randle
                                                                                  Roxanne Randle  1 months back


                                                                                  • Sneha Shirasagi
                                                                                    Sneha Shirasagi  1 months back

                                                                                    @brainnox can you please let me know, why would a guy gives an explanation of something even without me asking for it? I don't understand at all

                                                                                    • Nancy Morogo
                                                                                      Nancy Morogo  1 months back

                                                                                      My crush ticks all the boxes. Oh well, he loves me then. 😍

                                                                                      • Joshua MAC
                                                                                        Joshua MAC  1 months back

                                                                                        I did all of this. I was invested. My time, energy, effort snd financially. I have my own life and career. I made compromises as well. And it wasnt enough. This was my high school sweatheart. 😔 I protected her. I took punches and kicks for her. Multiple times.

                                                                                        • Joshua MAC
                                                                                          Joshua MAC  2 weeks back

                                                                                          @Alaze Williams I hope so. Just recently started dating a girl that I believe adores me. Its the way she looks at me. 😊 She makes me happy as well. Cant wait to see her again!

                                                                                        • Alaze Williams
                                                                                          Alaze Williams  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Joshua MAC You will find a woman that will ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU!!

                                                                                      • Mother. Vs Son
                                                                                        Mother. Vs Son  1 months back

                                                                                        I'm attracted the wrong guy

                                                                                        • Mother. Vs Son
                                                                                          Mother. Vs Son  1 months back

                                                                                          He doesn't put effort to be around me

                                                                                          • tika feng
                                                                                            tika feng  1 months back

                                                                                            So many videos, God I don't know what men really want anymore 😧

                                                                                            • Merina J
                                                                                              Merina J  1 months back

                                                                                              Awww! Telling stories for her to sleep when she's sick .....